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Which team tonight?

Posted on: April 18, 2008 2:27 pm

(the Braves starting will be key in the Dodger's series)

It has been crazy the past few games. You have solid pitching and poor hitting, good starting and hitting but poor bullpen work, and great hitting and horrible pitching. Other than the Mets series, last night was really the first time the Braves put it all together. Lots of power, terrific start from Smoltz, and even a good showing from the 'pen. Can we keep it up, or will the Braves revert to being a team that can only master one phase per game? We will see. This is a series of uptmost importance coming up. I hate to say it so early, but if we can't get something going soon, the Braves season could be in danger. Jeff Bennet will be starting the series opener, and if he could give 6 innings that would be a boost. Smoltz only pitched 5 last night, but innings 6-9 were low stress innings, so I'm not too worried about it. Mark Teixeira, while cold, appeared to bust ou of his slump to one extent or another last night, and if he gets hot the 3-6 of Chipper, Tex, Francoeur, and McCann will be almost impossible to pitch against.

(the bullpen may have to pitch 2+ innings in each game vs the Dodgers)

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Posted on: April 18, 2008 11:56 pm

Which team tonight?

Ha! You're SOL, Max.

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Posted on: April 18, 2008 2:52 pm

Which team tonight?

Who knows which team will show up tonite but I vote for the poor hitting, horrible pitching, poor bullpen team!

Let's go Dodgers!!!!

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