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Bruins 19 Vols 15...Reality can be a bummer.

Posted on: September 14, 2009 11:30 pm
37-10... 42-7... 52-3? I will have to say, I was quite disappointed in how, well lets see how I can put this, "delusional" my fellow Vol fans were. Lets just say Vol Nation came back down to planet earth.
Now I ate my humble pie as well. I predicted a 10 point win for the Vols, but, didnt everyone else? It was hard. For the 2nd year in a row, my team beat themselves (props to UCLA obviously, I was really impressed with the QB and physical play) against the same team, embarrassing themselves-this time at home no less. Last year I had hope, that Crompton just needed time and that Lincoln was just rusty since it was the 1st game.
This year, not so much.
Crompton is the worst QB Ive ever seen strap on a helmet.
OK, now that I got that out of the way, lets look at the remaining areas of this team:\
I thought the Oline was better than this. They were OK though. I mean, how are you expected to do well when the defense is stacking 8/9 guys in the box because they know you cant throw against them? Sullins will have to step it up. Price isnt the only decent DT they will play. I was impressed with the last drive by them, expect for that 4th and 2 play obviously.
Speaking of the 4th down play. I beleive most of us wondered why they didnt try like a toss sweep, since up the gut wasnt working so hot. But of course we wouldnt be talking about it had Hardesty scored.
I didnt exactly like the playcalling, especially the call for a pass play to open the 2nd half-which was picked. But he HAD to throw the ball at some point I guess.
And then I had to deal with something worse than a loss. Even worse than a losing season. Worthless fans. Read on a blog that was supposedly about his thoughts on the game. Instead it turned into a "told you so that Kiffin sucks" bash party. This was a UT fan now guys. The Fulmoronites make me mad, as well as any of fans that jump on the bandwagon and throw Kiffin under the bus after his 2nd game. Crompton is the Practice King, dont blame Kiffin for being deceived. He had a pretty good thing going until Crompton screwed it up. Anyway there was one part in this dbags blog that said Crompton was a big reason that Fulmer lost his job. BS. Thats when the "post a comment" section went crazy, including me. If BJ was the answer why didnt Phil play him? THats right BJ wasnt his guy. And why did he allow Crompton to throw 41 times when Foster had 7 yards per carry average? Why did the special teams NOT have a coach and screw us over time again (including that UCLA loss)? O thats right Fulmer.
OK sorry to get off track, but theres been plenty of Kiffin hate going around. Seriously guys, give him time. We are ONE count them on your fingers ONE player away from a decent squad. Instead it will look worse than it is because of Crompton.
I mean I feel real sorry for the guy. He has given it his all even with death threats and everything. He just doesnt have it. And neither does Stevens. So shut up about Kiffin.
And I dont see the Florida game being close like I had originally predicted. Not with Crompton throwing 10 picks. Not with Stevens. They will stack the box and stop the run.
So in conclusion the defense is still pretty good, we just need better play from the ends especially and LBs. The WRs might have played below par, but they were wide open several times. Hardesty is awesome and will earn every yard he gets. Brown looks nice too. Oline needs to improve but they are OK. If Crompton has a DECENT game UT will keep it to within 3 scores. It depends on when he decides to make the bad plays.
Im hopefull things will change and that Crompton hasnt went back to his old self. But Im also realistic and realize that probably isnt going to happen/be the case. It could easily be along season, but I will follow every play-including this Saturday.

Gators 37, Vols 13
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Posted on: September 14, 2009 11:39 pm

Bruins 19 Vols 15...Reality can be a bummer.

I think if the Gators dont play so well and our D comes up with some huge plays and so does our special teams, we have shot. Just not with Crompton lol.

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