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Election 2008: America on the rebound...

Posted on: November 5, 2008 12:38 pm

You know the term rebound right? Its that guy or girl you seem to run to immediately after a troubled relationship. A general rule of thumb is that the rebound guy or girl is usually someone easy and uncomplicated, a stark contrast to the relationship you were just in. More often than not though, the one on the rebound is usually easily persuaded and unwilling to acknowledge the obvious fatal flaws in the new catch. The rationale is always, "Well, its better than the last one."

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you America on the rebound.

Before you start whining in my general direction, let me just explain that this is not an anti-Obama rant. The facts still apply even if McCain had won. The fact that the Republican party even nominated McCain for president was in itself a rebound. McCain was the anti-Republican of Republicans. McCain was well known for alienating the party, often voting with the Democrats. Many a bill labeled "bi-partisan" by the media was nothing more than McCain and the Democrats. There was really only one area that McCain and Bush did agree on...the War on Terror. 

Obama, on the other hand, didn't need to defeat John McCain. All he had to do was present himself as the anti-Bush. Obama never addressed his opponant's voting record except in instances where he could tie McCain to Bush. How many Obama ads do you remember where McCain "voted with Bush" X% of the time? What were those bills? How did Obama vote on those same bills? It doesn't matter. The point is to put the Bush mask on McCain as tightly as you can.

Obama however is a virtual unknown. The American people didn't vote for Obama. They voted against Bush, just like the rebounder goes for an "anyone else must be better" approach. We won't know anything about this guy. We will see if he is the real populist guy he ran as. We will see if his wife can find it in her heart to love America again. There were a lot of nasty accusations thrown Obama's way also. Unfortunately, the days of running for office on one's own merits is long gone.

Even though I didn't vote for him (or McCain for that matter), I hope our President-elect succeeds in the goals he set during the election. There is a certain portion of our population that has been in need of healing for several years. I hope this is just the elixir these people need to reinvigorate their lives. Then again...its got to be the worst thing in the world for Bill Maher and Jon Stewart. Their shows have nothing left to talk about.

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