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New Blog for me...

Posted on: March 25, 2008 11:52 am
Well, I have had a blog on myspace for quite some time now, but I haven't had one just dedicated to the sports that I love. For me, the three to four weeks between the Super Bowl and the start of Spring Training are almost unbearable. Basketball in the Southeast should have to be played outdoors...sure, it's like 20 degree, but hey, it's the South. Enjoy the outdoors! And talking about the South, why the heck do we have hockey down here? I mean, we get like three snow days in Georgia, and none in Florida. Why are there three hockey teams in Florida when they don't get below 40 EVER? It's rediculous. Honestly...
Another weird thing...why does Spring Training work in Florida but major leauge baseball teams don't? You know, besides the fact that the Rays have never had a winning season and the Marlins basic design is to win a World Series then break everything down. Oh wait, I guess I just nailed that one on the head, right?
So, the Braves are starting another year as the non-leader. Two years without a postseason. Not too fun for Braves fans right now...but consider this. The Braves have the youngest starting 8 players in the major leauges right now (even including Chipper). However, this said, they have a .500 record since two years ago. Most teams would have fallen apart by this point with this young of a team...Bobby Cox, anyone? This year we also see the return of Tom Glavine from his exile in the North. Everyone seems worried about his Spring Training numbers, but from what he has said himself is that he was trying some new pitches and some different locations that didn't work out too well. Maybe he's just screwing around with hitters in Spring Training so that he can mow then down when the season starts? Also, Smoltz is going to be out for the first few starts of the season this year. I hope that this is not a trend that will start in the starting pitching. We can't afford for the top three guys to go down for extended periods of time. If they do, then we'll be in the same situation that we were last year.
Ok, enough for now, got to get to work. Let me know what you think of my rantings...more later kids!
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