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This is Our Country

Posted on: December 10, 2009 11:45 am

   A fellow message board poster started a thread entitled "Who are the REAL HEROES" that echoed his earlier comments on another thread.  As always, someone responded with their thoughts.  I read those words today; and those words moved me in such a manner, that I had to respond to that individual.  After reading what I posted, I thought for a while about the words I chose and decided to retain them here in my blog.  I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I have a great deal of respect for my country and the freedoms it offers.  Today it seems far too easy to sit back and identify the deficiencies in just about every aspect of life.  Well, I think it takes a great deal of courage to avoid being swept-up by that raging wave of conformity and stand-up for the positive things today and stop focusing on some of those trivial negative things.  Some of you may read my words and not care for them.  That's your right.  Many of you out there won't even read them, partly because they appear in my blog.  In any case these are my thoughts in my blog, retained for my benefit, my feelings, for what I believe in.

Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .


My interpretation of your response is you have little respect for the people currently guaranteeing the daily luxuries you take advantage of here in America.  I also interpret your response that you never served in your country's military; otherwise you wouldn't have posted such  negative comments about the people as you did. 

I'm happy to say that I served in my country's military.  I fully believe in this country and the freedoms we have.  If you don't live in this country, then please don't enter.  If you do live in this country and still don't like it, then by all means you're FREE to live somewhere else.  I love this country and respect the police, fire, and military for the job they do. 

There's no other country based upon freedom.  There's no other country where individual rights are not gifts from the king, parliment, congress, the president, a dictator, or from the majority of your neighbors.  Freedom is a right in this country; and is maintained by those same people who you just slandered.  If you don't like the freedoms they provide, you have the right to leave this country and go live somewhere else. 

There's many other countries where you can go.  This country was founded upon, what our forefathers called, "unalienable rights".  I'm NOT UNHAPPY with how this country was established; and I'm NOT UNHAPPY with how these rights and freedoms are preserved.   If you have a problem with today's heroes in this country and what they do, then please take your negative views and go somewhere else.  Let me live here and cherish the freedoms that these people provide by preserving this country's freedoms.

They may not be medal winning individuals, but I respect the jobs they perform on a daily basis that you and I can't do.  It doesn't take a medal to be a hero.



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Posted on: December 14, 2009 3:55 pm

This is Our Country

JimmyMc  &  Bryndle   = =

It's amazing how some people just can't grasp the concept, while to others it's as plain as the nose on their faces.  I guess that in itself is what makes the world go 'round.  It's this variety of thoughts that keeps us all sharp.    Some people like to argue, while I like to discuss.  I try to see what they think and how they approach different topics.  Quite often, I have to agree with them because I discover my thoughts are the ones that are illogical.  Swallowing ones prides keeps your mind open for fresh thoughts and points of view.

We've all been in the military and it's easy for us to see our side of things.  I, too have been in a town that disdains the military, but accepts the money.  I guess that comes from years and years of idiot military personel having been a little too self-centered and expecting to be treated nicely, even though they forgot their own respect role.  Who *really* knows.  I just try ignore the negative and and focus on building a repoir today not based upon the past.  ......  it isn't easy sometimes.

Gentlemen, I always enjoy your thoughts.....


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Posted on: December 14, 2009 1:55 pm

This is Our Country

Well by now you fellas know where I stand on this issue after the interesting time we had on the thread.  But regarding the Spanish issue I have a question..why is it just Spanish we cater to?  Why don't we hear this when we call ATT..

Press 1 to continue in English
Press 2 to continue in Spanish
Press 3 to continue in German
Press 4 to continue in French, etc., etc., etc.....

I think you get my point.  I always refer back to the shirt I have that reads, "For English, Press 1, For Spanish, move back to Mexico and Press 2"


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Posted on: December 14, 2009 9:57 am

This is Our Country

Doug, pod'na...oh and Bluezhound too..I, for one, thank ya for your service.  I won't go into this English Spanish thang but let's just say I agree with ya..course being down here in Texas we have lotz of those Hispanics and some are really, really good people and most of'em actually understand English or can speak it even those that act like they don't!!  Will add this, a few who I do know and are the best have said to know ya'lls gov't ain't the smartest and in many ways it's why so many of our kindred take advantage of it because they say WHY NOT!!  I have a hard time argue'n or debate'n that too!!  I do fully agree if anyone comes to this country speak our language don't give me that "no comprende" BS!!

In regard to those who serve our country..DOUG knows my sentiments in that!!  I don't talk about this much at all ..might sorta say things and have on here that there is more too than what I just say in words..which is my time I spent in the military..more specifically as part of the U.S. Navy but assign'd to the Defense Intellingence Agency in counterintelligence, covert/spec ops.  During that time I was part of teams on 8 missions which consisted of Seals, Rangers and Marines so I have more than just a high regard for the men I served with but the honor of serving with them.  I do know there are heroes or I couldn't be type'n this today!!

Doug keep up the good posts pard on this blog of yours and 2 both of ya I wish you and yours a merry Christmas, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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Posted on: December 14, 2009 9:27 am

This is Our Country


Good of you to drop by, read, and post your comments.  Thank You.

I started keeping a blog of my thoughts a year ago, as a place where I can vent my own thoughts and feelings...because it's not targeting anyone in particular.  It's my blog and I can state my feelings.  I started-out being very gung-ho, but soon found myself much busier with other things.  In fact, I've even removed some of my other entries just so as not to offend anyone.... 'course, not many people read my blog, so I have little fear of that   -   but I removed some anyways.

I posted this because I felt so strongly about it... and I see you do also.  Nothing riles me more than hearing telephone instructions in Spanish.  In my English speaking country, I listen to instructions in Spanish;  there seems to be something wrong with that.  Who knows, maybe over in Italy, they have to listen to instructions in English.!? 

Anyway, I fully believe we have HEROES in everyday life.  I don't believe that every police department is corrupt and, not every fire department.  The people in the military aren't there just because they get paid to do it   That's a huge insult to Pat Tilman. !!  Heroes are not just in the military.  It's like the closing comments in the movie A Few Good Men where the lawyer tells the recently discharged Marine, "you don't have to have a patch on your arm to have honor ."  Medals don't make heroes. 

I'd better stop here, and say "Thanks" for dropping by.


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Posted on: December 13, 2009 11:56 am

This is Our Country

dgm  - Nice Blog and Bluez agrees 100 % . My Family and myself included have all served this great Nation of ours as far back as the Civil War and we had participants on both sides then . My Father is a WWII Navy Veteran . Five Brothers went to WWII And Lucky for me three cam Home afterwords obviously my Father was One of Them . i Had Uncles and Cousins in Viet Nam that had to endure more turmoil after they got Home than While in the Jungle because of the Gutless Tree Huggers . I Spent 10 Years myself in the US Army and was in Desert Storm .  It Burns my Ass every time i call a place and the other end starts jabbering at me in Spanish ......THIS IS AMERICA ...WE SPEAK ENGLISH I scream back at the recording . You want to Live here then do what our Ancestors all did . They went Through Ellis Island . Learned the Language , Went to Work or Opened up there Specialty shops and raised there families and served it with Honor . Now we have illegal immigrants that dont even try to learn English and as soon as they hit American Soil they Get Benefits . Benefits that we all worked for all our lives and benefits that many Americans cant even get . . I Dont always agree with every decision they make . never have never will but Always Support our Young men & Women in Uniform . Once again dgm ..Nice Blog . I Feel better just Venting a Little on this Hungover Sunday Morning . I Exercised my freedoms and rights last night and had a little fun this Christmas Season .

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