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SuperPredictions - Part 2: NL Batting Title

Posted on: July 5, 2008 4:25 pm
Here is how I believe the epic showdown for the best batting average in the National League will result...

2008 NL Batting Title: Winner: Lance Berkman..........Runner Up: Chipper Jones

Lance Berkman seems to be one of the top picks for the MVP award, second in the NL in batting average (behind Chipper), and tied for third in home runs, but his amazing season has been distracted by one of the biggest NL stories of the year: Chipper Jones is chasing .400! An feat that easily blows an MVP Campaign out of the water, no one has hit .400 in a season since Ted Williams in 1941. Someone wins the MVP award every year. With that said, it is clear that Chipper is not going to hit .400 in my mind, and although harsher than most people's beliefs, I think he will be under .350 at the end of the season. Berkman is hitting a consistent .355 right now, and it will either remain stagnant or fall very little within the next half.
Chipper Jones has one main obstacle in his way: injuries. He played only 490 games between 2004 and 2007, a somewhat small number compared to Berkman's 597, and on top of that, Berkman has played 85 to Chipper's 75 games already this year. Chipper has begun to already miss plenty of games with injury, and it seems that every time he does so, his average drops. I would like to put Albert Pujols in the top 2, but with his injuries, and Chipper's very slim odds of dropping below, it is set. Berkman will finish hitting .353, and Jones will end his season (and maybe career) hitting .347. Or I might be wrong...

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