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Netflix hits Xbox live

Posted on: November 19, 2008 5:59 pm

As of today all xbox live members will be able to access Netflix via their 360.  From what I understand about 16.99 a month will allow you to access over 10,000 movies for instant download.  Movie freaks like myself are now rejoicing.

But when I get home from work I'll be able to give a better review of the update itself because its not just netflix thats being added today.

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Posted on: November 20, 2008 11:06 am

Netflix hits Xbox live

Ok so the new update is extremely cool.  After I downloaded the update I was able to go to netflix on the video marketplace, downloaded a small file and then went to netflix and setup an account.  Took about 3 minutes.  So far there were about 12,000 instant choices to choose from with a bevy of those being TV shows.  I mean a lot of TV shows.  But how could I pass up watching Big trouble in little china?

But Netflix isn't even the best part about the update.  Because now you can download your game to your hard drive.  What this does is it takes less stress off the machine by storing all the info on the hard drive.

Took me about 6 minutes to download COD World @ War to my hard drive (but you still need the disc to play the game).  I have noticed that its cooler temp wise while playing now than it was before and the game is just a tad more fluid.  Unfortunately if you have the 20gb hard drive you're going to be limited in exactly what games you can download.  This move is going to save 360 consoles in the long run.  All you have to do is when you game is loaded in the xbox is go to your dashboard, then go to the game but don't launch it, instead hit the Y button (which is game details) then you'll be given the option to download to your hard drive.  COD took up about 7gb.

Aside from netflix and the awesome save game to hard drive option there were a few other updates.

The party system got a major overhaul.  You can now create an Avatar of yourself, while in the dashboard you can view your friends list and here is where you see their avatars and what if any party they are in.  Party's are not limited to ingame only as you can have up to 8 people all chatting on the same time and these 8 people don't even have to be playing the same game.  3 people could be playing uno, 3 others could be playing COD and the other 2 could be playing GoW2 and all 8 can be chatting with each other at the same time.  Conversely from the dashboard friends list you can see which of your friends is in a party and with whom they are doing so with. 

So in short the update is quite awesome.

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