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An Interesting Statistic for the MVP Candidates.

Posted on: March 30, 2009 6:15 pm


 I understand that there has been a ton of threads created about who everyone thinks will win the MVP this year. It is a good debate and we see a new poll posted about it every three days or so and I really think it is a close race myself. I was looking at the Bulls team schedule and noticed that they list the high scorer for each game. I first counted to see how many games Ben Gordon led all scorers and the sum was 10. Then I wondered how many games the MVP candidates had led all scorers and came up with some interesting numbers. I took it a step further and counted how many of those high scoring games lead to victories for their teams and then in turn what the winning percentage was for these teams when their superstar outscored everyone else. Yes, I do need a life. Here is what I found out.

 LeBron James

     We all know that LBJ is having a great year but I was shocked to see the number of games in which he led all scores. He is 2nd in the league in scoring behind Wade at 28.4 point per game, so it is no wonder that he would lead all scorers a lot. How many games?

51 games

How many of those games were wins for the Cavaliers?

43 wins

What does this mean?

This means that the cavaliers win 85% of their games when LeBron leads all scorers. The Cavaliers winning percentage stands at about 82% for the season meaning that it looks like the Cavs are well served when LeBron James is on fire, which seems to be often.

 I understand that there is a lot more to basketball then scoring, but the thing that separates the MVPs of the NBA is their ability to score down the stretch and carry their teams to victory.

 Dwyane Wade

Second on the list is the Miami Heat's own D. Wade. At the moment he is laeding the league in scoring with 29.8 points per game. He looks to have locked up the scoring title unless LeBron James can find a way of scoring 50+ points a night until the end of the season. So how many games did Wade lead all scorers?

48 games 

How many of those games were wins for the Heat?

30 wins

What does this mean?

This means that the Heat win 63% of their games when Wade leads all scorers. Since the Heat have a total winning percentage of about 53% for the season you can really see how important it is for Miami to have Wade score often. The Heat really do not have much depth and I think this stat shows that. It also show me that Wade has to pick his team up and put them on his shoulders more then any other player in the league. Does this mean he is more valuable to his team then LBJ or Kobe are to their teams? Maybe.

 Kobe Bryant

     To me Kobe is on the outside looking in as far as the MVP goes. The Lakers are playing great team ball and the scoring bruden on Kobe has lessened. However, when you look at the top three players this season, he is clearly one of those guys. Infact, I was shocked to see just how many games that Bryant has led all scorers in spite of how balanced one whould think the Lakers are. So, how many games did Kobe lead all scorers?

45 games

How many of those games were wins for the Lakers?

37 wins

What does this mean?

It means that when Kobe leads all scorers the Lakers win 83% of thier games. The Lakers now sit with a winning percentage as a team of about 80%. To me this looks as if Kobe is a small notch below LeBron James this season statwise and much of that is due to the fact that Kobe has a real team around him. Because of the Lakers as a team being so sound, I think Kobe's chances of winning a MVP are quite slim. Fact is he would most likely win the MVP if the Lakers sucked.

A few more interesting stats I came across.

When looking at assists per game it should come to you as no surprise as to who leads the way. Here are the top three players to have the most game highs in assists.

  1. Chris Paul with a whopping 58
  2. Steve Nash with 51
  3. Deron Williams with 46

So, who had the most game highs in rebounds? Yes, Dwight Howard with 55. Crazy.

Well I hope you enjoyed the read and if you come up with different numbers then I did I apologize in advance.


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Posted on: April 2, 2009 4:55 pm

An Interesting Statistic for the MVP Candidates.


Thanks for the nice reply. I think LeBron James is the clear winner if you ask me, I just felt that there was a little bit more goig on then meets the eyes. Wade is more important to the Heat then LeBron is to the Cavaliers, but LeBron is still the better player of the two, hence the 61 wins, so he should win. Kobe Bryant is in third place. 

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Posted on: March 31, 2009 7:18 pm

An Interesting Statistic for the MVP Candidates.

very observent of you cliff. unfortunately your great find makes the my decision a litte more difficult. that is a good thing. i am a person who doesn't just look at the leading scorers when deciding the most valuable. i really liked your assessment of the statistics you gathered. i am leaning towards lbj right now but your wade argument has a lot of merit. thanks again for the ground work. i for one am glad you have a lot of free time!



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