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Breaking Down the Bulls: Solution Time.

Posted on: December 19, 2009 2:19 pm
    OK, we have been here before, have we not? It is the same thing every year for us Bulls fans. A slow start followed by trade talks, followed by a trade, and lastly a surge into the playoffs and a exit in the first round. I think Paxson has done a fine job in the draft, except for the Aldridge for Thomas fiasco, but he has had really only two solid trades. last season with the Kings for Salmons and Miller and a few season ago when we unloaded Eddy Curry to New York for 2 lottery picks that turned into Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah. The Bulls need to make a couple of bold moves this year for this team to make it to the next level and compete for the title. There are many way to do this but I will throw out one idea. So let us take a look.

    Why Wade is Wrong
. Many Bulls fans really want the Bulls to go after Wade this summer and there are some obvious reasons why this is an attractive option. First of all there is the fact that Wade is perhaps the best player in the whole NBA. That opinion is at least debatable. He is also from Chicago so there is the whole hometown hero thing going on, but if you ask me he is not the best fit for the Bulls. Infact I think he is not a very good fit at all. 
     He is not really a shooting guard but more a point guard. He controls the offense. What I am saying is he is a combo guard and we already have one of those in Derrick Rose. Infact, Rose and Wade are very much alike and as nice as it would look on paper having both on the floor at the same time, I just do not see it as a great combo. Both players are best with the ball in their hands and it is just that simple.
     I also fear a Wade injury and feel he would be a gamble in the longterm. A gamble that could land a Championship or two in Chicago perhaps or years a misery if he were to get hurt. I say there are better option and even less expensive options for Chicago that just might work out better.
     Now on the off chance that the Heat would be willing to sign and trade Wade to Chicago for Derrick Rose and another player I would be just fine with that. Bottomline is that I have no issue with Dwyane Wade as a player, I just do not see him and Rose being a great combo like others do.

     The Deadline Trade. If the Raptors remain just an OK team come the deadline then Toronto may be forced to move Chris Bosh rather then loose him for nothing this upcomming summer. This is common knowledge I understand. In my eyes the Bulls and Pistons have the best bait to make a deal. The Warriors have some solid parts as well. I think the Bulls could make a solid offer with Luol Deng, Tyrus Thomas, and their first round pick which could very well be a lottery pick for Bosh. The Raptors would gain a solid starting small forward in Deng that is having a career season thus far, a young freakish talent in Thomas, and a pick. This is often the formula a team is looking for when they are going to deal their best player. The Bulls could also have expiring contracts to offer as well, but I think Toronto would rather have players as it will be hard for them to sign free agents without Bosh on the roster. This would be the first part of the puzzle. Bosh would finally give the Bulls the scoring bigman they always needed and perfect match for Joakim Noah in the paint. That is a bigman combo that works well in my mind. Scoring and defense.

     Da Coach. I do not hate or love Vinny Del Negro. He is young and could turn into a solid head coach one day, but this young team needs a veteran coach to lead them. Mike D'Antoni was really not the right match but there are a few solid choices out there right now and at the top of my wish list is Byron Scott. He is young but has great experience and he was a guard as a player and that would be helpful to Derrick Rose and his growth. Scott is the Head Coach I wish Vinny could end up being so why not go after him now? Spend some money on a Coach Jerry!

   The Right Offseason Move. With Bosh on board the Bulls need to then shift their focus to a scorer on the outside to pair with Rose. I think the best choice for the job is Joe Johnson. With Deng gone Johnson would become the Bulls clear number one scorer with Bosh as the number 2 and Rose the drive and kick machine setting everthing up. Salmons would be better suited as a fourth or fifth option as the starting small forward. Noah would be a putback king. I really feel that Johnson is just a better fit then Wade with Rose and the whole idea is to build a team around Rose right? Who better to do that with then an Allstar level shooting guard and power forward.
     With Johnson and Bosh in the mix the Bulls would be a target for older veteran players looking for that last chance at a ring. The Bulls may even be able to pick up a solid player in this manner to give themselves some depth. This would be the Bulls roster going into next season:

PG: Derrick Rose/Kirk Hinrich/Pargo
SG: Joe Johnson/Kirk Hinrich
SF: John Salmons/James Johnson
PF: Chris Bosh/Taj Gibson
C: Joakim Noah/Free Agent?

     In Closing
. These moves would give the Bulls a great starting lineup with chemistry. They would have an inside out game with Rose and Bosh. Bosh's inside scoring would open up th outside for shooters like Joe Johnson, Kirk Hinrich, and Salmons. Noah would protect the paint and be a double double machine. The only true weakness this team would have is depth. Hinrich and Gibson are the only good backups. The Bulls would have to hope they could land a good veteran for a minimum contract to stretch the effectiveness of the Bulls' bench.
     Do you think that this is a solid approach to fixing this team or do you have another option? I would love hear your thoughts. Do you think the Bosh trade is feasible or a longshot? Is Wade a better fit then Johnson?

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Posted on: December 21, 2009 4:44 pm

Breaking Down the Bulls: Solution Time.

this is a great idea but i dont see them being able to keep johnson, bosh, rose, hinrich, and noah all under the cap.  to lure johnson away from atl you are going to need to give him a big contract.  not to mention your going to have to give bosh a huge contract as well too.  after those 2 contracts, how much money are you going to have? i dont see it being enough to keep rose let alone rose hinrich and noah.

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Posted on: December 20, 2009 10:13 pm

Breaking Down the Bulls: Solution Time.

I would throughly enjoy seeing that roster but can the Bulls afford Johnson and Bosh. If they pulled this off they would be an extremely good team for years to come with these superstars. Joe Johnson is a beast and an unknown superstar. He is great, Bosh would give them that inside scorer they desperately need. This would be awesome but do they have the balls to pull this off I doubt it.

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Posted on: December 19, 2009 2:44 pm

Breaking Down the Bulls: Solution Time.

I am for ChiTownCliff being the bulls GM... Well thought out and great job breaking things down
I applied for the job last year, but Jerry Reinsdorf said I cost too much. Tongue out

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Posted on: December 19, 2009 2:43 pm

Breaking Down the Bulls: Solution Time.


Agreed. I think Joe johnson is a long shot, but if the Bulls mad these moves in the right order and already had Chris Bosh, then Joe Johnson may very well think about comming to play in Chicago with Rose, Bosh, Noah, and company. Also if we had a better coach in place that could change a lot of things. The real key in my eyes is landing Bosh. We would manage without Joe Johnson. There are cheeper options out there. I really feel that the Naoh/Bosh combo would be devastating.

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Posted on: December 19, 2009 2:36 pm

Breaking Down the Bulls: Solution Time.

I am for ChiTownCliff being the bulls GM... Well thought out and great job breaking things down

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Posted on: December 19, 2009 2:23 pm

Breaking Down the Bulls: Solution Time.

I just don't see ATL letting Joe go. I mean, look how well they're playing this year. They could make a title run in a year or two or EVEN THIS YEAR. I just can't see that happening.

That would be a sick Bulls team. Who do you stop? Trying to HIDE your worst defender on Salmons? That's going to get you torn up. With Bosh' spacing, Noah could pull down 13-14 boards a game.

That's a scary roster, but I don't see it happening.

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