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Worst Playoffs in a Long Time?

Posted on: May 23, 2010 11:38 am
Edited on: May 23, 2010 11:43 am
             I do not know about you, but these playoffs lack any sort of excitement for me. Sure it was nice to see my Bulls get in and hold their own a bit against a heavy favorite, but looking at the big picture these playoffs have been a let down for the NBA fan. If your are not from Boston or L.A. you excitement level has to be in the cellar. I am not hating on those two teams, infact they both look great and when they matchup in the Finals I hope there is a true battle that is epic. Up until now however, these playoffs have been a real bore.

           There has been only one 7 game series and that was between the Hawks and Bucks. Even the four 6 games series in the first round were onesided. The second round was a complete joke. 3 sweeps out of four series and I would argue that the Cavaliers vs the Celtics series should have been a sweep. That series was not even close. So then we were all brought to the Conference Finals and the matchups looks really good on paper. The Magic had swept both series leading into their matchup with the Celtics who had just upset the Cavs. The Lakers and Suns both swept their 2nd round opponents and I was looking forward to a 7 game series in this matchup. I mean the Lakers and Suns is a classic matchup and there is always bad blood between these two.

          But it looks as if we might have another set of sweeps on our hands with both the Celtics and Lakers looking way to classy for their opponents. That would make a total of 6 series in these playoffs that did not reach a game 5. Is that unheard of? I do not know the record but I would have to think that a 2nd round with a total of only 18 games has to be a record and when you factor in how badly the Magic and Suns are playing we may end up with only 8 Conference Finals games. David Stern cannot be all too happy about this.

          I consider myself a real NBA fan. That is, I watch the playoffs even if my team is not in them, which was often after the Michael Jordan years. These playoffs are crap. I am sure even Lakers and Celtics fans are starting to itch for some real competition. I want to see some magic. I want to see some clutch performances and last second shots. I want to see a game winning shot get blocked. I want to see an inbounds pass stolen in the closing seconds. I want to see a player steal the ball and run the floor for a dunk and a free throw as the clock ticks down in a 3rd overtime for a win. Is this too much to ask for? Am I the only one sitting on their couch with a beer in hand wondering why you are even watching the 2nd half? Where is the heart? Where is the desire to win. 

         Am I alone in this, or is this not the worst playoffs that you can remember? I mean we have top teams that are not putting forth any effort. The 2nd round was a joke and these Conference Finals are even worse. So, how do you rank these playoffs so far?
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Posted on: May 24, 2010 1:09 pm
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Worst Playoffs in a Long Time?

So, how do you rank these playoffs so far?Worst since 2005 or 2006, at least.  Yeah, my memory isn't that good, haha.

Personally, I'm glad the LeBrons are out.  If Kobe loses in the Finals to the Celtics again, that'll be icing on the cake.

It'll be interesting to look back in five or ten years, no matter who wins; will people remember the title winners more, or all the effluvium disguised as playoff games that occurred before the Finals?  I'm guessing the "real" fans will remember the winners more, along with the fans in whichever city they come from.  Everyone else might get caught up on how non-competitive the playoffs were.

I think other than LeBron losing, the one thing I'll remember most is Paul Pierce's game-winner against Miami.  Since the Rockets aren't in it, I'm hanging my hat on the Celtics.

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Posted on: May 23, 2010 11:51 am

Worst Playoffs in a Long Time?

I think desire has a lot to do with it, which you touched on. Did you see a team out there that looked like it WANTED it other than the Lakers (mainly Kobe), the Celtics and maybe the Jazz? The Magic fell in love with themselves as did the Cavs. The Thunder were too young, no one cared about the Bucks-Hawks series because Bogut was out and we all know how the Hawks looked in the 2nd round. The Bobcats actually played hard against the Magic (a testament to Larry Brown) but they just didn't have the talent. So when you break it down look at the coaches.

Out of the  teams I've mentioned that I thought played hard, you have Phil Jackson, Jerry Sloan, Doc Rivers (and to an extent, Kevin Garnett), and Larry Brown. This brings up the it the coaches job to motivate, or should the players be motivated already? Even the undermanned Bucks team going up against a supposed sweep from the "might" Hawks showed heart. This is an extension of Skiles. So maybe I just answered my own question...good coach = motivation. I saw the Hawks and Cavs both fold. Van Gundy is good to a point but he just doesn't have the power over Howard and the rest that he should.

So to answer your question...these playoffs have been terrible. I've enjoyed watching Boston (even though I inherently hate them) because they remind me a lot of my Pistons from a few years ago doing it with defense. I "think" the Finals will be good but I thought that about the ECF, too. Other than LeBron losing when 99% of the media told us he'd win, there has been no drama in these playoffs whatsoever. Disappointing.

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