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Bulls vs Knicks vs LeBron

Posted on: June 26, 2010 12:54 pm
Ok, kmvenne here is my final attempt to shine a bit of light on this issue. In your thread you wanted to compare the top 4 players on both teams that are signed for next season. I think there is no argument that can be made as to the Knicks having a better roster then the Bulls. You can argue that New York is a better and bigger market and you can even use the Michael Jordan's shadow to debate your side but you cannot argue that the Knicks hae a better roster then the Bulls and still be considered sane.

I will make my arguement as simple as I can using one stat. I will compare each teams top 4 players in order and a clear picture should be made. I will simply use the NBA Efficiency Score. Sure the Efficiency score is not full proof but it does give a solid overall value to a player. I will use this seasons regular season stats as the Knicks missed the playoffs again. Ouch!

1. Derrick Rose 18.8(44th) vs Danilo Gallinari 14.6(95th) Winner=Derrick Rose +4.2

2. Joakim Noah 19.1(39th) vs Wilson Chandler 15.2(80th)
Winner=Joakim Noah +3.9

3. Luol Deng 18.0 (52nd) vs Bill Walker 9.5(192nd)
Winner=Luol Deng +8.5

4. Taj Gibson 13.1(123) vs Toney Douglas 8.3(228)
Winner=Taj Gibson +4.8

Total Winner=Bulls at +21.4

There is no argument to be made. The Bulls are clearly the better roster. If LeBron James wants to win Championships then Chicago is the place to go. I would say the Clippers, Heat, and Nets are better then the Knicks at this point if LeBron is looking to win now. The Cavaliers are better as well. I do not want to hear the crappy argument that Walker and Douglas were roleplayers so their stats are not as good as they could/would be. I will counter with "WHY where they roleplayers?". They are both scrubs that is why. If you cannot garner enough playing minutes or stats under Mike D'Antoni then you are a scrub, PERIOD. Gallinari and Chandler are the only two players of any value on the Knicks roster and Rose, Deng, and Noah are better then both of them. All three have been to the playoffs 2 or more times and are focal points of the team.

The bottomline is that the Bulls are a playoff team as is. Infact if they were healthy last season they would have finished the season with close to 50 wins and be in the top 5 in the east. Add LeBron and another close to max player and you have a championship contender. The Bulls also have a defensive minded head coach. Sorry, but run and gun will not win you a ring. No defense will have you out of the playoffs in the first round.

In closing, if LeBron want to win a championship then Chicago is the place to do it. Chicago is also a huge market as well. It may not be quite as big as New York, but when you couple Chicago's market size and roster then you have a no-brainer. A lot of how I view LeBron will be based on were he decide to sign. If he stays in Cleveland then I say the guy is loyal. If he comes to Chicago then I say he really wants to win and is not affraid of the ghost of MJ. If he goes to Miami or Jersey then I say he also wants to win now but also wants to party and have fun in south beach or with a rich Russian and Jay Z. If he goes to the Clippers then he is a brave sole that fears nothing and is willing to take a slight risk(Davis is nearly 300 pounds according to reports and last season #1 draft pick has yet to play). If he goes to the Knicks then he is a fool that is only after making money and wants nothing to do with winning. The Knicks roster is crap and I think LBJ sees that now. If he want to be a legend or a King he needs to win some rings. Even with Chris Bosh and Lebron the Knick are not a contender. They would not be better then the Cavs team he just left.

Nobody knows were he will end up, but we will learn a lot about James as a person by what he decides to do. 

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Posted on: June 28, 2010 2:44 pm

Bulls vs Knicks vs LeBron

Lebron better like Chicago's roster, because it isn't going to change anytime soon if they sign two max FA's (assuming they can manage that). NY will have lots of money next year to address any holes that are apparent after this upcoming season. Advantage - NY.

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Posted on: June 28, 2010 1:38 pm

LeBron is Staying in CLE

OK, so my uncle's friend has a sister who goes to the same hairdresser as LeBron's girlfriend and mom...and she says that LeBron is staying in Cleveland!  DO YOU SEE HOW RIDICULOUS THIS SOUNDS?  That is exactly what you all have been doing.  "I just heard on the radio that LeBron and Bosh are going to play in Chicago!"  Yea, from a caller to the morning radio show in Chicago!

People, you can discuss it all you makes for good fodder on these blogs and comment sections, but the fact is, NO ONE knows what LeBron is going to do.  I'm not even sure LeBron knows yet.  Chicago has a rookie head coach, management is known to be very tough to deal with and he would live in the shadows of Jordan.  The Knicks have no one to support him and he would be in a similar situation as he has been with the Cavs the last several years.  The Cavs have proved that unless they get him a ROBIN to play alongside LeBron's BATMAN, they can't get over the hump and win championships (and I am a Cavs fan). The Clippers have a good but unproven young nucleus and play second fiddle in the same town as Kobe. The Nets are losing their GM and have the worst team in the league. Miami looks like a good situation, except that LeBron and Wade are both ball hogs...can they coexist?  Wade and Shaq did, but they played much different roles.

I, along with most Cavs fans, are hoping that today, there is no perfect situation for LeBron and he signs a one or two year deal with the Cavs...let him try one more time to win a ring with his hometown team...and then next year, he can still go for a big pay day and maybe even team up with Carmelo, whose contract is up next year!

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Posted on: June 28, 2010 11:09 am

Bulls vs Knicks vs LeBron

Chicago has not done anything more than the Knicks to prove they want to win anytime soon. So why would he go there as well?

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Posted on: June 28, 2010 10:38 am

Bulls vs Knicks vs LeBron

Rose & Noah + LeBron & Bosh = Championships .......... yes that is plural.

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Posted on: June 28, 2010 8:34 am

Bulls vs Knicks vs LeBron

Why in the hell would Lebron want to go to the Knicks, Nets, or Clippers? What have any of these teams done recently that shows their even interested in winning a title? Miami has the most cap space and have only 2 players under contract for next season. I think Lebron ends up in Miami or Chicago.

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Posted on: June 28, 2010 8:16 am

Bulls vs Knicks vs LeBron

Chicago fans are funny. Do you really think that adding Lebron makes that team a Championship caliber team? Are they better than the Celtics or Magic? I dont think so. I really think you all in Chi town are seriously over rating your players. I like Rose. But Gibson, Deng, and Noah? All are VERY average players.

My favorite line here is...
Infact if they were healthy last season they would have finished the season with close to 50 wins and be in the top 5 in the east.

Why did you stop there? Why not make the prediction that they could have been a 60 win team and best in the NBA?

Lebron is not going to Chicago. He could stay in Cle and have a better team and make more money.

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Posted on: June 27, 2010 7:16 pm

Bulls vs Knicks vs LeBron

Chicago also has the players to do a sign and trade with Toronto to give Bosh more money.

He won't go to the Clippers; that is downright insulting to play in the same arena the Lakers play in, to see the Laker banners hanging from the rafters of Staples Center. The Clippers are the #2 game in town, and LaBron would always be the #2 player in Kobetown if he came to L.A. 

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Posted on: June 27, 2010 5:55 pm

Bulls vs Knicks vs LeBron

I just heard on the radio that Lebron reportedly would like to be a Bull with Bosh next year.

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