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Picking a college football team

Posted on: July 23, 2009 5:04 pm
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I've been a big fan of NFL for about 10 years now. And I have watched the draft for the past couple but have never really watched the college game.  I thought it was about time to get to grips with the sport and pick my team.I'm not a US resident so I don't have a local team, unless you count 3000 miles as being local.  My NFL team (Colts) was picked as it was the first game I watched and I liked their style of play.  The Marlins were picked because they have a distinct business - they can only afford to employ young guys and the experience goes elsewhere.  By supporting the fish I get a chance to see teh up and coming players in the game - even if they don't stay around for long. My favourite player in the game was once a Marlin (pudge).  The Nets were chosen because they were the default team on NBA 1999 EA sports game.
So how to pick a college team....
First, which conference to choose.  I am obviously going to need something with enough coverage to see some games here in the UK and want to watch some decent football so its gotta be a BSC confernce.  There are a few conferences taht I have heard of quite a lot - SEC, Big East, Pacific, Big 10 and Big 12. So I wonder onto CBS and theres an article about the SEC and how its better than all the rest.  Well this is a trusted site of mine, so why not.  I take the time to read the article and given the amount of coverage they're gonna get on the TV and the relative ease to travel there (if needs be), I figured why not settle on this.
So SEC it is. Now a team?  Should I stay with my baseball team and go for the Gators.  I have two problems with this - They are too good (I don't like supporting the really good teams.  This seems silly but its why I hate the Yankees, the Pats and the Lakers. Its just no fun winning all the time. Its good to knwo when your team has acheived something.  LSU I ruled out for the same reason - they just seemed too well supported.  I also didn't wanna be stuck with a team thats never gonna win so I ruled out Vanderbilt, Arkansas and Miss State. That leaves me with a few options:
and Tennesse.
I then looked at the pedigree that these schools created and got to Mississippi.   They've produced NFL players such as Eli Manning, Peria Jerry, Deuce McCallister, Michael Oher and Patrick Willis. Which I thought was some decent crop.  Also tehy ahve a quirky nickname - Ole Miss.  I like the ring of this, but what finally swayed me was that they are in Oxford - which is an English town too and not many people live there so its quite small town and they knocked of Florida and the much hyped QB there to spoil there undefeated season.  I liked the Determination they showed in that game last season and thats why my college team is now..



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Picking a college football team

SEC good choice. I grew up watching the Gators. All of my family has went to the U of F. I dont know anything else. I had one Uncle who went to Tennessee. He has been disowned. Haha! I say its not a hobby, Its a Passion, Its SEC Football. I here people all the time saying the NFL is great and Blah Blah Blah! A saturday in the SEC is crazy. You want crazy, try a night game against FSU or a night game at LSU or TN vs Ala, Ole Miss vs Miss State, UF vs GA, Ala vs Aub or Tn vs UF. It is a crazy thing, football in the south.  

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Picking a college football team

Welcome to the world of college football!  I myself am a Texas guy, but the SEC is a great conference and Ole Miss certainly looks like a team on the rise.  A lot of that depends on how long they can keep Houston Nutt as the head coach.  Just about everyone else has said everything that needs to be about the town and the game, but I would suggest searching for a chapter of the Ole Miss alumni association out there.  I know when I lived in London the TexasExes got together every weekend to watch the games.

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Picking a college football team

Excellent choice in conference, as well as team. Personally I am a fan of LSU, but Ole Miss is certainly climbing to be a team to watch. They are an exciting team, with a passionate coach.

It's nice to have another fan of the SEC!

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Picking a college football team

Ah! Welcome to the world of College Football and the SEC. As I assume you read, the SEC has an outstanding history of intense competition, bitter rivalries, and overall exceptional Football teams.
As has been said before, in the grand scheme, Ole Miss rarely competes. But when they do (as they should this year) they're definitely a team to pick. ESPN as analyzed them as the "sexy pick in the sec west" this year. A rather odd analogy, but true enough.
But just so I can feel alright with welcoming you, I must inform you that Alabama has had it's fair share of later NFL greats as well. While we've never produced a Heisman winner (which we attribute to teamwork), many of our players have gone on to exceptional professional careers. Shawn Alexander, Joe Namath, John Hannah, and Ozzie Newsome are just a few examples. 

Anyway, as I've said, welcome to our culture, glad to have another fan.

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Picking a college football team

Thank you for the nice welcome.  I feel even more like I have picked the right team now, as the friends are so friendly.  :-)It'd be nice to come over this winter, if the wife lets me! In response to first comment - I don't mind if they only compete on the odd year - I am a Marlins fan! Its more satisfying when they win.  Obviously, I don't know much about teh performance of teams over the last few years but I feel that Ole Miss has good tradition, can get some decent recruitment at times and that enough for me!

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Picking a college football team

While going with the SEC is a no brainer, I truly admire you pledging your allegiance to a founding member and truly special place with Ole Miss. You picked a good time to join the bandwagon, and here's hoping we see you in Atlanta this December. In response to lifelong Reb fan, Oxford is spectacular if somewhat more "proper" than other SEC venues on football Saturday's and THE WOMEN!!!!!

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Posted on: July 24, 2009 1:07 pm

Picking a college football team

Excellent choice!  Out of 160 or so college football teams, you chose Ole Miss.  I feel honored.  Ole Miss is steeped in tradition and brimming with character.  As a lifelong Rebel, I must say that the gameday experience at Ole Miss is second to none. I would encourage you to plan a trip for a home game this year.  The crowds will be electric with the team we are fielding.  Hop the pond and look me up, I'll make certain your Ole Miss experience is a memorable one.

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Posted on: July 24, 2009 9:42 am

Picking a college football team

Welcome to the SEC, I believe you will enjoy football in the South. As for picking your team and teams that are never gonna win, Ole Miss, Kentucky and South Carolina are a reach for winning Championships in football, I would put Arky in before them. I think you will find they do not recruit as strong as the others. Ole Miss every now and then has a decent team ie. this year but over the long hall they just don't compete I am sure I will piss an Ole Miss fan off and they will spout records from old but the truth hurts and they know it. Once again welcome and hope you enjoy the season. 

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