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Summer NCAA Basketball: Buy or Sell: Top 5

Posted on: June 28, 2008 8:57 pm
There have been several summer Top 25 predictions thus far. I've selected eight teams that have been among the lucky contestants to be ranked in the top five in some poll thus far. My breakdown
Teams that I'm Buying:
-North Carolina
Teams that I'm Selling as Top 5 contenders:
-Michigan St.
-Notre Dame

I'll go into more detail in the next coming days.
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Posted on: July 3, 2008 1:43 pm

Summer NCAA Basketball: Buy or Sell: Top 5

NRJ, you could very well be right about E5. They need him the most this year and if he and Sosa really step it up than I will buy this team 100%. The only thing that has me selling them are the questions I have about them. Hopefully for you guys it will happen.

I agree 110% about Purdue. If I had to make a top 5 they would be the 5th team in. And as someone reminded me earlier in the blog I'm only buying 4 so who would that other top 5 team be? I'd say Purdue will be very good b/c the freshman can only get better and Matt Painter is a great young coach.

If I had to make a top 10 right now this would be it:
1. North Carolina
2. UConn
3. Pittsburgh
5. Purdue
6. Louisville
7. Michigan St.
8. Miami
9. Notre Dame
10. Memphis

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Posted on: July 1, 2008 8:06 pm

Summer NCAA Basketball: Buy or Sell: Top 5

I'll "accept" you're selling Louisville with that in mind, I'd like to dissuade you otherwise (like that ever really would work).  However, if you ask any Card fan who stepped up to the plate the most when Padgett and Palacios were injured they'll prolly let ya know it was E5.  I mean in their hiatus (Jack. State-Iona) here's E5's stats:

~12.7pts    ~10.6rebs    ~2.2asst    ~2.4blk

NCAA tourney:
~14.5pts   ~8.25rebs   ~1.0asst     ~1.8blk

His stats dropped off when Padgett and Tello came back.  But if nearly averaging a double-double when stuff esp. matters is inconsistent, I really don't know the definition of consistent.  I believe that E5 is a solid player.  Smith also was fairly consistent throughout the season (and almost hit another miracle shot against G'Town that would've sent it into OT.)   I will however agree with you on the consistency of Sosa.  Last season it just seemed that he would defeat himself mentally.  Hopefully the sophomore slump wears off and he's ready to ball this season.

I agree completely with your assessment of Duke.  They have zero interior presence and get absolutely man-handled once the ball makes its way inside of the paint.

Another team that at least deserves a "buy" consideration is Purdue.  This is a team who's starting lineup consisted entirely of freshman and sophomores.  And with this in mind, NONE of them left to greener pastures.  Also keep in mind that this is the same Purdue team that played a very close 2nd round game against Xavier.


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Posted on: July 1, 2008 4:23 pm

Summer NCAA Basketball: Buy or Sell: Top 5

Michigan St.
Why I'm Selling:
They lose Drew Neitzel the do it all point guard who struggled last season. If you ask, and by reading this blog you are, this team is one year away from contending for a national championship. They still are young with Walton, Allen and Summers all being Sophomores. Morgan is a pretty good player who should assume leadership and Sutton is a solid post player but did anyone else see this team against Memphis? Now imagine them playing UNC this season and you get my drift. Not this season guys.
Why I could be wrong: There is the old saying that the biggest development a player makes is between his Freshman and So. season. The class that Izzo brought in last season could be vastly improved and give even more production this year. Sutton is a solid post player and Raymar Morgan plus the development of these younger players could be lethal against other teams.
Notre Dame
Why I'm Selling:
This team draws high praise for a bunch of jump shooters. Harangody is the only intimidating post player that is proven. Opposing teams will have had all summer to study the blueprint Bennett and WASU laid for stopping Harangody in this past season's NCAA tournament debacle. Kyle McAlarney is a solid shooter but he doesn't make anyone around him better. If teams stop Harangody and they aren't hitting the 3 it will spell trouble for this team.
Why I could be wrong: Harangody wasn't a BE player of the year for nothing. His solid post play won some games single handedly for the Irish and his impact was felt all season. They also have a variety of weapons from the perimeter who can keep them in games if they are on.
Why I'm Selling:
They choke. Plain and simple. They have a variety of white shooters who have unlimited range but put them against a physical team and they will fold a la West Virginia last season. I don't know if there has been a team with as much talent as they have to perform so poorly in the NCAA Tournament in the last five years. I wouldn't buy this team for a dollar.
Why I could be wrong: Coach K is one of the best in the business. Look for F King to improve upon a stellar Freshman season and Nelson withdrawing from the draft helps out. Paulus is a solid PG who I feel is one of the most overrated players in the nation but is still serviceable. Plus Duke usually benefits from some questionable calls throughout the season.
Why I'm Selling:
Losing David Padgett is a huge loss for this team. His leadership was probably under-valued by some and I think that loss will really sting. They have questions. I like Terrence Williams and Earl Clark but you can't get by with just wing players. I think Samuels will fit in well but will not be replace Padgett's leadership. The PG situation is a tossup. I think the only way they can be a great team is if Sosa steps up his game. Jerry Smith is a shooter but also hays a penchant to disappear for stretches.
Why I could be wrong: I could easily buy this team based on talent but outside Williams they are pretty inconsistent. You never know what you are getting from Smith, Sosa and Clark. Clark had a good NCAA Tournament and will be great if he shows up all season. The talent is their and if anyone can get the most out of it, it is Rick Pitino.

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Posted on: July 1, 2008 11:41 am

Summer NCAA Basketball: Buy or Sell: Top 5

Here are some reasons

North Carolina
Why I'm Buying:
Do I really even need to explain this one. Green, Ellington, and Lawson pulling out of the draft were huge gains for this club and as they say the rich get richer in Chapel Hill. Hansbrough is already arguably the best player in College Basketball today and the starting rotation will be second to none
Why I could be wrong: I don't really know if I can be. Just say if they fail to meet expectations this season don't send Bonnie Bernstein into the locker room to talk to Roy Williams about it this time.
Why I'm Buying: Hasheem Thabeet took his name out of the draft to give the Huskies one of the most intimidating front courts in the nation. Couple Thabeet with Robinson, Jeff Adrien and newcomer Ater Majok and you have a solid front line. A.J. Price's leadership and Jerome Dyson's (if he stays out of trouble) 3-pt. shooting aren't a bad combo. This team will be stacked with big time players.
Why I Could be Wrong: Lots of unanswered questions about the status of Dyson and Stanley Robinson. Plus if Price goes down again like last season the team is lacking in leadership. This team folded like a tent at the end of last season but here is to thinking the players returning will gain something from that.
Why I'm Buying:
Darren Collison is going to be one of the best PG's in America. One would think the loss of Love would hurt but when you add J'Mison Morgan it eases some of the wounds. Shipp took his name out of the draft to give them a legit scoring threat. I expect big time improvement from Aboya. Ben Howland is one of the best coaches in CBB today and continues to always have UCLA among the nation's best. Expect no different this season.
Why I could be wrong: Many reasons. They lose Kevin Love who was a lottery draft pick. He was a great scorer and passer and sometimes willed UCLA  to victory. Mbah a Moute and Westbrook also depart. If you think Westbrook isn't a huge departure consider this: He averaged 12 pts. per game in Ben Howland's offense.
Why I'm Buying:
Lots of talent returns to Jamie Dixon this season as they return Guards Levance Fields and big men Sam Young and Dejuan Blair from a team that surprised a lot of people last season. That solid nucleus plus some good returning talent give this team a strong chance to compete for a Big East Title as it has done for the past few years.
Why I could be wrong: Ronald Roman and Keith Benjamin depart and the Panthers didn't impress in their Second Round loss to Michigan St. Problems could form finding a shooter consistent enough to replace Ramon. Besides that, I don't see many weaknesses.

I'll come back and post the teams I'm selling and the rationale later.

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Posted on: June 30, 2008 3:42 pm

Summer NCAA Basketball: Buy or Sell: Top 5

I have to agree with the hater comment - LOL

But serioiusly....since you listed all 8 'top 5' teams....shouldn't you buy 5 of them and only sell 3?  Just a thought..

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Posted on: June 30, 2008 4:57 am

Summer NCAA Basketball: Buy or Sell: Top 5

I'm selling Pitt, Duke, UCONN, UCLA, MSU, and Notre Dame.

I'll buy Louisville and UNC.

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Posted on: June 28, 2008 10:49 pm

Summer NCAA Basketball: Buy or Sell: Top 5


You're just a hater.


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