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Posted on: October 18, 2009 10:22 pm
What an awful week for me in sports. And then I realized, I’ll be in Mexico! So it doesn’t really matter! But the Green Bay Packers are on a bye after the most disappointing result in team history. Not to say we didn’t play well; we played great. But to beat Favre would have been legendary... Manchester United is also on a ‘bye’. Internationals this week. So nothing to watch there either. The Minnesota Twins are likely going to be destroyed by the Yankees, and I’ll get to see just how terrible the Minnesota Timberwolves are. But I won’t. Cause I’ll be in Mexico!

Goal! – Brett Favre. Even though I’m a hater right now, I can’t hate. I thought the Packers game plan for the week was exquisite; we shut down Adrian Peterson, ran a nice amount of screens and slants, and forced Favre to beat us with his arm. Problem was... he did! Never in all my life did I ever see him throw 80%. It was the darndest thing. I understand rushing only three to force him to throw, but when you give him half an hour, he’ll use it. Three weeks until Lambeau and you gotta think, maybe a few more blitzes. But well done Favre. Mr. Allen. Mr. Rice.

Substitution – Michael Crabtree. We finally get to see what the kid has to offer. Funny how a 3-1 football team changes things. Still want to be the 7th pick in the draft, Michael? However, I will really think it’s funny when they end up 6-10. Chemistry counts for a lot in football, but at least we get to see a change. For Singletary’s sake, let’s hope it’s a good one.

Yellow Card – Eric Mangini. He better hope he has a job by the time they draft those players he received in the Braylon Edwards deal. Unless... he just wants the #1 pick. Ah! Eric, save the poor son of a bitch from going to the Oakland Raiders! So, this is my warning for you. Win fewer games than Oakland, and convince us you’re a good coach by striking gold on next year’s #1 pick.

Standing Ovation - Richard Dunne. I don't like you. But your performance, goal, and celebration against the blue side were class.

Great Partnership – Darren Bent & Kenwyne Jones. I like this tandem. They are very dangerous, and not afraid of any back four. Did you see the shot Bent put past United over the past weekend? Top form, that. My prediction of Sunderland for 13th looks a little bit soft, and expect these two to push them further into the mid-table. Perhaps 10th for Bruce?

Half-time – The baseball playoffs. Yes, I will take a little break to discuss them. If it wasn’t for Nick Adenhart’s unexpected accident, I don’t know if I would even care. But I would love for the Angels to win it this year (I know, right?), and it would be nice to see Torre get in there for the Dodgers. Too bad L.A. cares about as much as I do. Also a quick congratulations to the Minnesota Twins. How the hell they won the division with that pitching rotation and the injury to Justin Morneau is beyond me, but if any of you are disappointed with this season for one second, you need to get slapped. This was amazing.

Goal! – Stevan Jovetic. Finally! A target that I can agree with. I liked him last year for Fiorentina, and now the world knows. Plays similar to a Paul Scholes with flair. Or Francesco Totti with less. I’ve never seen him tackle yet though. I hope we can get him before the price spikes to 30. Maybe a double swoop for this guy and Kuzmanovic from Stuttgart. Also class.

Stoppage Time – American sports in Europe is a great idea, and I encourage our European counterparts to do the same. (The Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz met for a preseason game in England this past week.) I think it’s kind of bullshit that teams have to sacrifice a home game to do so, but anyway for the league to make more money is a sufficient enough reason. Why don’t the European nations play their cup-ties overseas while we play our all-star games and other extravaganzas on the other side? Although if they put the Super Bowl in London in 2012, there will be riots. But maybe the pro bowl?... For perhaps the first time in 8 years, I have been thoroughly wrong about something that I believe in. I used to believe that the Beatles and Wu-Tang were the two most talented musical bands this world as ever seen. I am wrong. Pink Floyd might take the cake. Over the past 6 months, I have purchased, “Division Bell”, “The Wall”, “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Meddle”, and “Wish you Were Here.” Where the hell have I been?! Magical stuff. ;) I recommend all of it, and I hope to continue my collection... Goodbye to all of you. I will miss you deeply, and will think about you all the time during our vacation. Ha! I know! Complete bullshit! We’re going to romp until the early hours of the morning, and I won’t even consider Minnesota, Pennsylvania, internet, cell phones, and fantasy teams until I get back! Sports on the other hand...
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