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Rough April for the Rockies

Posted on: April 30, 2008 10:21 am


I really dont think that the Rockies are as bad as their record says they are.  Or are they?   It is a fact that the only thing that truly counts is wins and losses, but the Rox can't be this bad, can they?  Seriously, they have to be better than this.

I am pretty sure they have pitchers that can throw strikes.  I am pretty sure they have hitters that know how to swing the bat.  They simply have to go back to basics in order to get this train back on the tracks.  The Rockies roster is as strong as it has ever been with plenty of firepower at the plate, a starting rotation with more potential than any Rockies satff ever, and a bullpen with solid arms from both sides.  But how a team looks on paper sometimes doesn't translate to the field and that is the problem currently.  Call it slumps, call it underachieving, call it what you want, the fact of the matter is the Rockies have not performed anywhere near their collective talent level this April and if they continue this caliber of play, then a great run in September wouldn't make any difference.  If the hole they are currently digging gets much deeper, we can spend our late summer watching either the Broncos preseason games or head out to Coors Field to see the September call ups get a taste of the big leagues.

Some people are ready to say that, given this poor start, last year was a complete fluke.  The longer the Rockies play this way, the more credence that opinion gets, however, I am of the opinion that over a 162 game schedule (163 games sometimes) the cream will rise to the top.  Wheteher you win 21 of 22 games in April or 21 of 22 games in September, they all count the same.  Let's hope for a "return to form" in May for guys like Tulowitzki, Hawpe, Jimenez, Corpas and several others who just haven't hit their stride.  Last season was too much fun to spend the 2008 season wondering if the Rockies really were a flash in the pan. 

C'mon Rox...let's start playing like the defending NL Champs.

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Posted on: May 20, 2008 8:47 pm

Rough April for the Rockies

Interesting to note that the Rockies have an identical record on May 20, 2008 as they did on May 20, 2007.   (note:  zero research went into that statement...I just heard it on the news and decide to believe t)

Anybody think we can pull off another miracle this year ??   Will the D-Backs return to Earth at some point ??  Do they know that most of their lineup is way too young to perform as well as they are ??  

Anyone else hear that Garrett Atkins has more RBI's since the opening of the 2006 season except for A-Rod ??

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Posted on: May 4, 2008 12:01 pm

Rough April for the Rockies

Well said.  It seems like other players go through slumps just the same, but the Rockies slump as a team.  When the bats are awake, the bullpen falls apart.  When the pen is solid, the bats aren't there.  I'm thinking it has to all start clicking and get in phase sooner or later.  Just hopefully not much later.

As for wins in September counting the same as wins in April, I have to disagree.  Sounds strange, but the value of wins in September is set by the wins you get in April.  If the Rockies are 16 games back come September, one win per game won't be enough.

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