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Being a Red Wing Fan

Posted on: April 17, 2008 8:25 am

Folks, if ever want to experience total frustration, utter incomprehension and paralyzing paranoia, become a Red Wing fan. I guarantee, the amount of stress you will put yourself through will make you stronger in all walks of life. No team can prepare you for the trials and tribulations of everyday life like the Red Wings. I mean, the dizzying highs, the crushing lows, the complete lack of trust in an entity that you love so much; isn't that life?

The Red Wings were up 2-0 in their series against the Nashville Predators, and 4 minutes away from being up 3-0. Then a funny thing happened; the Wings turned into their old selves. It doesn't matter who's on the roster, who the coach is, what year it is, some things never change, and the one of those things is that the Wings will not make things easy for themselves in the playoffs. No matter what the situation, the Wings will ensure that their fans go through the most amount of stress watching them go through it. Think about it; in the last week, the Wings went from winning 2 big games at home, to completely dominating (no pun intended) the Predators through 2 periods in Game 3, but because of something they talked about avoiding (quick goals by the Preds), they are now tied 2-2 going back to the Joe on Friday night. I could take this if it were the first time; but in 2001, the Wings were up 2-0 in a series against the Kings, and were leading 3-0 in the third period of Game 3, and lost that series. Eerily familiar, eh? Just last year, the Wings were up 2-0 to the Flames, went to Calgary, and came back to Detroit tied 2-2. They went on to win that series.

Is it sad that a part of me lives for this every year? I know the Wings will do this to me, and yet here I am, cheering for them, riding the roller coaster that is the playoffs with them operating the controls. I don't know if we'll get over the hump and move on, or if the ride will break down before even starting. But, that's being a Wings fan. Knowing your team is more talented than their opponent, and watching that opponent win when all odds and experts say they shouldn't. Seeing them have complete control of a game, only to watch it disappear in less time it takes to go to the bathroom (which happened to me in Game 3). So everyone, hold on tight. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Posted on: April 22, 2008 8:18 am

Being a Red Wing Fan

wingnut8039, I did write that after the Game 4 loss. It didn't intend for it to be negative; just realistic. I think the Red Wings, unlike any other team in the NHL, are the one team that year after year is expected to be THE team that either seriously contends or wins it all, and time after time we've seen them fall short (sometimes, very short). I was trying to express my frustration with that, but reconcile it with my love for the Wings. A lot of people would have given up on them a long time ago; heck, I lived in Toronto when the Leafs beat the Wings in 1993, and took a lot of crap. A lot of us have lived through some of the most crushing disappointments a sports fan can endure; 1994 against the 8th seeded Sharks; getting to the finals in 1995, only to be swept by New Jersey; setting the record for points and wins in 1996, and not make the final; be the defending champs and get swept in the first round in 2003, winning the Presidents Trophy in 2006 and losing in the first round. Yet, for all of those defeats, 3 things stand out; 1997, 1998 and 2002. Seeing the Wings win the Stanley Cup makes up for all of the early exits and then some.

I guess my point was that, if you can get through the bad losses, the early exits, the ugly play (sometimes), then when the Wings are successful, it's that much sweeter. Much like life.

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Posted on: April 21, 2008 5:18 pm

Being a Red Wing Fan

I have to say this is truly an great blog it was like reading someone else sharing my thoughts with the world.

However, it seems as though you put a negative spin on things (I'll chalk that up to the time at which it was written, in the midst of yet another low). Personally the roller coaster ride is what makes me love hockey more that all other sports put together. Being a Lions fan as well, I have to say the endless lows gets hard to deal with year after year. And every year I put myself through the same agonizing process. The "this year is our year" process only to get smacked on the head with the frying pan of reality. I know when the Lions do have their time, all this misery will make the victory that much sweeter, but until then it just hurts.

The Wings are different (by a long shot). Every year it IS their year, it's just depending on how the puck bounces. Every year we bring the most talented, and coheisive team to the playoffs. Just to find (in a lot of cases) that the opponents have a goalie that finds a way to stand on his head against the Wings. It is always brutal watching the better team lose, and be forced to look forward to next year knowing they could (and should) take it to any of the remaiing teams. But if it wasn't for those heart-wrentching losses, winning would lose some of it's luster. I wouldn't have my Wings any other way, than unpredictable in the playoffs, yet, IN the playoffs with that chance, year after year.

Stanley Cup Final (you heard it here first): Wings over Penguins in (you guessed it) 6

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Posted on: April 21, 2008 4:44 pm

Being a Red Wing Fan

Well I took my daughter to yesterday's game in Nashville. It was her 1st hockey game. She loved it! The drive home yesterday was much better than Wednesday. They looked like the Wings I know and love especially with Ozzie in the net. All I can say is this is one of those ups for me. I have seen plenty of Wings games in my 18 years of being able to go where I want. LOL. As far as seeing 2 playoff games for my first time in 1 week is even sweeter. To have to listen to a drunk Preds fan all Wednesday night stunk. As well as watching Hasek give up 2 quickley in the 1st period. The longer yesterday's game went on scoreless the more confident I felt. The Wings controlled the game. Before I left yesterday though I couldn't help but walk over 2 sections to that same guy (The Drunk) and say, " who sucks now." LOL.  Now let's get ready for Calgary or Colorado. Come on let's get that 11th Cup!

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Posted on: April 21, 2008 4:04 pm

Being a Red Wing Fan

I loved your Blog!   Now that the Wings are going to the second round, my stress as not ceased, in fact,  might get even worse. This is my second year as a hockey fan, this is the first  year I realize what the scarifice entails for us as hockey fans. I dream of  the team winning  and I am completely obessed with the WINGS on a daily basis!

The nice thing about it all, got to go to Nashville in November to see my first NHL game ever! (bonded with the greatest fans, so many Wings). We owned the place., or a least in our minds we did. Chanting, drinking and smoking, throwing the bull to the Bubba fans.

I have read the history of RED Wings Hockey and I am amazed at this Organization! The best in IMO because they all work together.

There is not one player who is the star, they all have been stars in one game or another. Even in the 97' 98' 2002 games they played like a solid team and stuck together. I own all the DVD's from the Cup wins and watch them on occasion. Read about the AVS and Red Wings Frued and, that is why I am a big obessed fan now.  I owe it to Claude's hideous hit on Draps and the media wars back then. I owe it to McCarthy for turtling the goon!   I also owe it to him for coming out of his personal hell and climbing back to the Wings team. The team and fans love his trumph and I admire it, termendously. Thanks Draps for giving him his own keys to recovering!

I have this feeling that they have a chance this year to win the Cup. All the injuries, adversity, not getting credit for being one of the best teams, these attributes are what puts heart in the players, a heart to win for one another (THE TEAM).  Another Presidents Cup, another 115 point season, NOW, a lifting of Lord Stanley's Cup, who deserves it more? No one.

Thank you Wings fans for adding me to your community, there can be no other place in my heart for it is RED like the Wings!


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Posted on: April 21, 2008 9:50 am

Being a Red Wing Fan

Sean, I am going to try to convert you and bring you back to the flock. I've been a Red Wing fan for a long time (20 years, and I'm only 29), and can tell you that seeing them go through the devastating losses only makes the successes that much sweeter. After all of their early exits and disappointments, I can still say I've seen them win 3 Cups, and hope that number increases to 4 this year. For now, I will breathe a little easier knowing we're in the next round, until Game 1 and it starts all over again.

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Posted on: April 19, 2008 8:11 pm

Being a Red Wing Fan

Testify, brother!

I'll confess my sins here and say that I've stopped watching the playoffs due to their penchant for choking on the playoffs.  You spend a season investing yourself into a team only to see them absolutely blow it or worse give it away.  To quote the sage Popeye, "I've had all I can stands.  I can't stands no more."

Good luck with your illness that is being a Wingnut.

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Posted on: April 19, 2008 5:29 am

Being a Red Wing Fan

Great Blog. You said what we all feel as Red Wing fans. I was at the game wednesday wearing my Wings jersey proudly and had to put up with a cocky drunk preds fan. Heck he was slurring before the 1st period even started. Then the nightmare began. Hasek lets 2 go by in the first five minutes. For the next 2 periods I had to hear this guy yell Red Wings suck! Finally I turned to him and said, (this rhymes as well LOL) "That's why we have 10 Cups". Even Preds fans were slapping me fives, giving daps, and laughing at the big sloppy fan.  Man that was a tough night and a long ride home. You know what though? I still went home happy because it was the playoffs and we as Wings fans know or think they will bounce back no matter what. That's what makes us Wing fans. The highs and lows. Tonight we took over the series lead with much stress involved in capturing it. Whew! Anyway I will be at game 6 Sunday wearing my Wings jersey proudly in a hostile environment and a different section than wednesday as well. LMAO

Go Wings!!!!!!!

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Posted on: April 18, 2008 8:22 am

Being a Red Wing Fan

Awesome entry!

In a lot of ways, I think being a Wings fan reinforces what it's like to be human.  Not to get too existential on you guys, but I honestly can't think of another team that embodies, as was so elonquently put above, the euphoric highs and disconsolate lows as the Red Wings (and don't anybody bring up the Cubs).  With that said, look which team has the most fans, by far, on this board.  Remember how you felt after the 'Believe' season when they wheeled Vladdy onto the ice in his wheelchair and pushed him around the rink with the Cup in his lap?  I still get emotional when I think of that.  Now, remember all the eliminations in the first round when the Wings were the higher seed?  If nothing else, being a Red Wings fan reminds you that you're alive, for better or worse.

As far as what we should do next year, and I'm not for a minute conceding the Nashville series, I don't know.  We have a good mix of speed, skill, and grit on the forward lines; defensemen who can move the puck as well as D that can hit, goalies that can (really!) make saves.  But it all seems to not matter too much come playoff time.  I'll never stop being a fan, but I admit that I have run out of ideas on how to make the Red Wings a better team.

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Posted on: April 17, 2008 9:21 pm

Being a Red Wing Fan

It's sad, but I've already started thinking about who they should cut loose next year (ahem, Hasek), and they haven't lost this series. I was talking to a guy at work and we're already talking about next year, as if this year is over. That's the mentality of a Wings fan.

Jak-O, I've wondered what the Wings should do. To be honest, I say take a line of the kids and put them out there. Look how well Fiddler, Tootoo and Smithson are doing for the Preds? Let's get some youth in there, see if it can ignite something in the rest of the team.

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Posted on: April 17, 2008 12:33 pm

Being a Red Wing Fan

The Wing's have looked apathetic at times in this series.  Lidstrom, Holmstrom, and Datsyuk are playing well.  Z needs to step up! Filppula looks terrible.  Rafalski has settled down (poor game 1.)  The rest of the team just doesn't appear to have that fire you see in a Cup winner.

One of the problems I think is that with this team going so far last year is that they are aware of all the "ups and downs" that come with each series as well each series.

Just about all Stanley Cup winners go through some adversity through the playoffs.  I think we would have rathered it had been in the western conference finals, but...Here it is now.

We'll win...We HAVE to win.  Or We'll Never shake unfair label of playoff chokers!

...We Do have 3 Cups since '97 right?  How about the rest of the league?

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