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Big Problem In Little League

Posted on: August 26, 2008 9:46 am
I was driving the car this morning and listened to the story of a 9 year old kid that has been banned from his little league team because he throws too hard. Yes thats right. Throws too hard.The commissioner of that little league should be canned. The only ones that should be banned are the parents crying that it isn't fair. Its a societal problem nowadays. People think that everything should be on a level playing field. Everyone wants to win. Nobody is supposed to lose. Give 'em all a trophy.

I've got news for these blockheads. That's not how life works and is only contributing to the mediocrity that our country seems to be falling into. Noone wants to work harder to get better or to strive for higher goals. Why should they? They'll get rewarded anyway. People seems to think that if you bring others down to your level that it somehow makes everything better. It doesn't. In time, mediocrity becomes to high a standard for others and the bar gets lowered even further until you wind up with nothing but a bunch of failing underachievers.

Stop breeding mediocrity and make kids work harder to achieve their goals. Your kid strikes out 3 times in an afternoon you don't punish the pitcher because he was too good. You take your kid to the batting cage, dial the speed up a notch, take a couple hundred hacks over the week and look forward to the next time you face him.

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Posted on: September 5, 2008 8:16 am

Big Problem In Little League

From what I have read this league is not a member of Little League Baseball. This kind of thing could not happen in a chartered little league program. This is probably some locally run recreation league where they make up their own rules. I agree - the commissioner should be releived of his duties, get someone in there who will do what is right or even better, contact Little League Baseball and obtain a charter. If this boy were playing in our local Little League program he would pitch whenever his coach wanted him to as long as he followed the eligability rules and there is not a thing any other coach could do about it. You can't hit him - too bad, deal with it. Little League is not 100% about teaching baseball and this is a great opportunity for opposing coaches to teach their kids about doing the best they can and dealing with the consequences.

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Posted on: August 31, 2008 10:19 pm

Big Problem In Little League

I honestly don't know where things went wrong. When I was in little league there we're no radar guns. When a kid was throwing smoke you just chalked it up to there being a good pitcher on the mound and that was that. I dont remember parents whining either. We all got our turns and for the most part parents just stood by the sidelines minding their own business. When we wanted to get better, we practiced more. Simple as that.

I am old school. My oldest son is 8 and this is his 1st year in little league. I didnt start little league until I was his age and even Keith Hernandez waited until his son was 8. Funny thing is that we get treated like we're alien or something because our kids are just starting out. Like we are somehow morons for not having them out there for T-Ball at the age of 6. I was a pitcher all through high school and saw no need to rush my kid. We played in the backyard. I taught him fundamentals. Didn't hurt him any because he waited (he is actually one of the better kids on the team).

Now I have to deal with some of these idiot parents though. I've seen a father screaming at his son for dropping a ball in the outfield. Another kids parent on my sons team get into an argument with the ump for calling his son out (was out by a mile) and yet another almost go to blows with the coach for not starting his son. They take it WAY too seriously and makes me sick. I do my best to detach myself from it and just let my son have fun but with every parent thinking they have a blank check taking the field it is becoming almost impossible. I could care less how my son does on the field as long as he is enjoying himself and when he no longer is and no longer has the desire then he can stop.

The parents that wanted that kid banned should be ashamed of themselves. Sure, maybe the kid is too good a pitcher for his league but maybe he isn't as good a hitter. Maybe he hasn't developed enough physically and mentally to be with the older kids. What needs t be done is taking the adults out of the equation and just let the kids play ball. The entire situation is nothing more than parents getting way too involved in what should be a kids game.

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Posted on: August 30, 2008 9:45 pm

Big Problem In Little League

I just found and read this story - Here is the story from the .

This seems like your typical over-involved-parents scenerio. Parents all hating each other and league board members wanting everything to be fair and mediocre at the same time so all the kids “feel good about themselves.” If kids don’t want to stand up in the batter’s box now against a pitcher who throws 40 mph, what will happen when they get older? This story is unbelievable.

The pitcher throws 40mph. That’s not bad for a youngster of 9, in fact that's about normal! A pitcher throwing 40 in little league should still be hitable. If you go to the batting cages, that’s the lowest speed they will throw. My son, who was 9 for this little league season, has many kids who hit 40 on the gun.

Remember back to my little league days, I was throwing 60mph by 12. By the time you reach age 12-13, you should be throwing 60mph, by 14, it better be in the 70s, by age 15-16, they are getting close to 80 mph. High School pitcher are throwing between 80-90 mph.

 I am sure he practiced a lot to be a good pitcher and now you want to punish him for that? You do one of two things, either move him up or limit the amount his pitches, like only allow him to pitch a half a game two times a week.

But you can not banned the kid for being good!!!

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Posted on: August 30, 2008 6:57 pm

Big Problem In Little League

Can can banned the kid, you move him up like they do in Pop Warner!

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Posted on: August 26, 2008 6:15 pm

Big Problem In Little League

Wow that's pretty harsh...Your last paragraph is an excellent point...I have my kid take alot of swings...And even if he strikes out 3 times i don't blame the pitcher....That's pretty pathetic if you ask me..

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