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Omar plays with market, it plays him

Posted on: January 14, 2009 6:40 am
Now that we have lost out on Derek Lowe to the Braves, Omar has to step things up and bring in Oliver Perez.

While I like Ben Sheets and Randy Wolf, I have always wanted them brought in as possible back of the rotation starters due to their injury risk. Omar really dropped the ball by waiting for the market to expand on Lowe and now we have no choice but to sign Perez to be our 3rd/4th starter.

If Omar would have just been more aggresive from the start with Lowe (I am not saying he should have gave in to the 4th year but maybe offer more money than the rumored 3/$36 million dollar offer and an option for the 4th), Lowe would probably be ours now. Instead, we continue to read now about fallback option after fallback option.

I won't debate the positives and negatives of Perez. We've been doing that all season. The only fact that remians at this point is that regardless of what my ulcer may go through with Perez on the mound at any given time, he is the healthiest and best option still available. Omar cannot wait until this market expands as he did for Lowe. Teams like the Dodgers have pitching needs as well and the money to spend. Get a move on now Omar.  


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Posted on: January 16, 2009 2:15 pm

Omar plays with market, it plays him

Great Blog.   How would you feel if we don't get Perez because Omar doesn't want to overspend, but we wind up with Sheets, and he signs Wolf as our lefty.  I think I would be content there. I think we have the money to do it also. Ollie already turned down 10 mill, I think he is looking for 12 or more or something. I am still high on Ollie and his potential, I think he is still developing and his next 2 yrs will determine if he will ever become a top pitcher. Sheets maybe could take8-10 mill since he is coming off of injury, and Wolf maybe 5 or six??.  Could only wind up costing us a few mill more than Ollie perez wants at around 12 mill.

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Posted on: January 14, 2009 4:37 pm

Omar plays with market, it plays him

Don't get me wrong. I am in no way shape or form bent out of shape at all. We didn't get Derek Lowe...oh well. I just think that the way Omar handled it had more to do with not getting him than anything else. If he would have just persude the man with an aggressive offer from the start, Lowe wouldn't have been available when the Braves finally got interested (after they lost John Smoltz). 

Like I said in my initial post, I am not saying that we should have guaranteed the 4th year at all (and I didn't want a 4th year for the man either) but maybe we should have made a more aggressive offer with the money than 3 years for $36 million, and then maybe we could have offered the 4th year as a club option that kicks in automatically if he reached certain goals. It might have been enough to entice him. Once Omar low balled him and then the Braves jumped into the fray it was to late. Braves we're desperate, had more cash available, and we're willing to offer what we weren't. A few weeks ago that wasn't the case and that is when Omar should have been plugging away to sign the man.

Now we are going to be stuck either not getting or overpaying for Perez because his agent played this to a perfect T. He finally got another team to go head to head against for Lowe and with the other team getting him, we dont have much choice in the matter but to persue Ollie. As for Ben Sheets....I would rather have him than Oliver Perez as well. I know some will bring up the mans injury history but when he is on the mound he is worth more and is easily head over heals better than Perez. I would love it if Omar would take a run at him but I doubt it will happen. I have yet to see anything anywhere that has him linked to us and Omar seems to have a hard on for Ollie.

John Garland would be my choice after Sheets and before Oliver Perez but again, not sure if there is anything happening there. Freddy Garcia is worth maybe a minor league contract.

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Posted on: January 14, 2009 3:33 pm

Omar plays with market, it plays him

While it's easy to get 'bent out of shape' about "losing" Derek Lowe to the Braves, the media pumped him up as if he was the only decent option available, and this is very untrue on quite a few levels. First, I am on board with Omar Minaya not giving in to Scott Boras' request for a guaranteed fourth year. By the end of this type of contract, Lowe would be 39 years old. Yes, Lowe is a sinker-pitcher, but haven't we as Mets fans gotten tired of older, past-their prime veterans? Besides, Lowe is just barely over .500 for his career. In contrast, Oliver Perez, who I'd rather the Mets sign because he's only 27 (typically when players reach their prime) and left-handed, neutralizes the Phillies lineup.

Second, Ben Sheets is still available. Yes, I know he has the injury history, but all he's going to require is a one-year deal to prove himself and work his way into a big payday next offseason. He's a better option than both Perez and Lowe to slot behind Johan Santana in my opinion. Think about a rotation of Santana, Sheets, John Maine, Mike Pelfrey and Tim Redding. To me, that's a solid rotation.

Third, there a few other options available to consider. Perhaps these options wouldn't be good enough to slot behind Santana, but here's a list in no particular order, of pitchers who I think could benefit the Mets and not inhibit the Mets' "budget restrictions". Take your pick from (feel free to add any that I have left off):

Ben Sheets
Freddy Garcia
Jon Garland
Randy Wolf   

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