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Week 4 Grades & Week 5 Preview

Posted on: September 30, 2008 9:13 am
Edited on: September 30, 2008 10:15 am
Lets just get right into the grades:

Joe Flacco: B+: Flacco had the look of a seasoned vet for the most part in this game. His reads were mostly clean and still showed calm and poise even while the pocket was collapsing around him. He got the ball in tight windows and even though there wasn't much of a running game to show for in the first half he still lead a game timing drive with 4:00 min remaining to send the game into overtime. I would have given him an A if not for the two fumbles, one of which resulted in a touchdown.

LeRon McClain: B: Between McGahee and McClain the Ravens accounted for more then 100 yds rushing on the day. With McGahee going down in the 2nd quarter McCain had to step in and produce. He finished with 89 total yds. (63 rush, 26 receiving)a TD and an average of 4 yds. a carry. His crucial TD came in the final minutes of the 4th quarter tying the game at 20. Time will tell how long McGahee may be out but I feel confident letting McClain handle the load.

Derrick Mason: A: Mason played in a big way on Monday night. 8 rec. 137 yds. for his first 100 yard performance of the year. It could have been more then that and probably would have decided the game if the first stab at the end zone early in the game counted. Some say he juggled the ball, but it was far to close to call. He made up for it with an equally spectacular catch in the 2nd quarter to keep the scoring drive alive.

Offensive Line: C-: The offensive line allowed 4 sacks and Flacco was under pressure almost the whole evening. Adam Terry was getting beat by what appeared to be the same move all day. It seemed like every time Flacco stepped back he first had to evaluate how many Steelers were free and heading for him before he could release the ball. I can only imagine what a healthy Steelers D-Line would have done. The only reason I cant grade them lower is the running game. I dont know so much if it was good blocking or good running that got them over 100 rushing yds. but they did, so I have to give some credit to the big uglies up front.

Defense: A: In my prior blog I predicted the final score would be 20-16 in favor of the Ravens. If we take away the Pittsburgh defensive TD the score is exactly that. In the first half the Ravens defense looked unmovable. They sacked Ben 3 times and forced him into costly mistakes like Ngatas interception. Then the second half rolls around and the dont record one sack. They still get an A in my book simply for shutting Mendenhall up. He promised a 100 yd performance, and failed to deliver. The streak continues!

Ravens/Titans Preview

It doesn't get any easier this week for the Ravens(2-1) as the Tennessee Titans(4-0) come to town. The Titans have been nothing short of impressive so far this season. The Ravens need to rally the offensive lineman this week with one of the best defensive lines in the NFL lining up across from them. Kerry Collins has controlled the game for the Titans, but no one is fooled, this is a running team. Something will give this weekend whether it be the Ravens rushing defense or the Titans rushing offense. We all now know what Flacco is capable of and he will be tested again this week by Cortland Finnegan. Finnegan comes into this game with a league leading 4 interceptions. He has returned one of them for a TD. He will most likely be guarding Flacco's favorite target, Mason. The defensives are basically on the same level, but I give the edge offensively to Tennessee. Look for Johnson and White to have solid games but neither one should break 100.

Key Matchup- Ravens O-Line vs Titans D-Line- Who ever wins the battle in the trenches will ultimately win this game. The O-Line must give Flacco a little more time in the pocket to find his man and air it out.

Key Player- Joe Flacco- If he is not able to escape the attacks from Tennessee this could be a long day. He can only scramble so much

Prediction- Titans 24 / Ravens 13

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Posted on: October 5, 2008 3:23 pm

Week 4 Grades & Week 5 Preview

How old are you now bdamore? 7? Why dont you go in your room and pray for your NU*S to drop!

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Posted on: October 5, 2008 1:36 pm
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Week 4 Grades & Week 5 Preview

Thank you for your post Bohman. No I don't have any inside connections from the Ravens organization. This is mostly my opinion of the game and the team. I discuss mostly with die hard Ravens fans to get their take on things and develop my blog from that. You are correct in bringing up the WR situation. Clayton had a nice game in week one but has been non existent in the passing game since. Todd Heap hasn't been himself for quite sometime, so the Ravens are relying on an aging Mason. Flacco will develop into a great QB sooner then later but the Ravens must address the WR corp if they want to succeed offensively. The Titans come in with one of the best defenses in the league and with Finnegan on Mason the other WRs MUST step up. The Titans will stack he line and force Flacco to beat them I am not saying Flacco isn't capable but other then Mason the WRs don't look capable.

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Posted on: October 4, 2008 11:53 pm

Week 4 Grades & Week 5 Preview

Sorry forgot to say that this was an excellent blog to start with dasweepa and keep up the great work.

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Posted on: October 4, 2008 11:51 pm

Week 4 Grades & Week 5 Preview

I am fairly new to this and was wondering do you get to disuss any thing with anyone involved with the Ravens Organization or are these your personal views upon watching the games. I think what you have written sounds informed and well thought out but if you went a step further and got coaches to give their takes on the situations and grading it would put your blogs over the top. Believe me when I say this I am not criticizing I just think digging a little deeper into situations such as our recieving corp problems would stop a bunch of unecessary pondering from a fans pespective and make this the # 1 blog in the NFL.

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Week 4 Grades & Week 5 Preview

Thank You everbody for the posts

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Posted on: October 3, 2008 4:07 pm

Week 4 Grades & Week 5 Preview

Very nice job here. I have to agree with whomever said it before, it may have been a bit generous to the Ravens, but I liked the commentary.  Also, you guys are kind of hypocritical.  He may have misspelled Le'Ron, but so did you.  It has an apostrophe between Le and Ron.  Anyway, the only grade I have a problem with is the A for defense.  With a couple blown coverages and missed tackles, I'd have to give us a B.  Yardage-wise, we completely owned them.  But we got put in some bad situations, and we weren't able to stop them when it counted

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Week 4 Grades & Week 5 Preview

If you guys are going to be this critical on dasweepa let me step up to say that it actually is Le'Ron McClain.  Outside of one misspelling that was corrected by the time I got to read this, good job.  No other Ravens fans wanted to be the official blogger so enough of the critcizing.  The criticism from some of the Ravens fans is probaby the main reason that none of you wanted to be the official Ravens Blogger.  Once again those of you that want to criticize even you forgot the accent mark in Le'Ron McClain's name.

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Week 4 Grades & Week 5 Preview

awesome dasweepa.  Good luck to your girlfriend in Law School.  Now I know who to call when I need a good lawyer.  Keep up the great blogs - I lool forward to reading them.

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Week 4 Grades & Week 5 Preview

Thanx for the reply busyruth. Im in Durham, Nc only about 4 hours from b-more, and plan on moving up that way when my girlfriend finishes Law School.

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