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Oh for the love of Derby!

Posted on: May 12, 2008 7:03 pm
I've started writing recaps from the local roller derby league... figured I might as well post them here:

Ohio Roller Girls Bout 3 Recap: Oh for the love of Derby!

Take-Outs versus Band of Brawlers

HellionBOI~> jammed for 28 points and Alli Catraz added 21 as The Take-Outs defeated the Band of Brawlers 73 – 54 to cap off an undefeated regular season and advance to the playoffs as the No. 1 seed.

The Take-Outs took a 36 – 24 lead into the second half. The Brawlers trimmed that lead early in the period when drrty grrl jammed for 10 points while the Take-Outs’ jammer spent a minute in the penalty box. But the Take-Outs responded with a suffocating defense, draining the clock and limiting the Brawlers’ scoring opportunities.

The Take-Outs appeared to be targeting Kitty Liquorbottom, as they held her to 7 points in 13 jams. drrty grrl led the Brawlers with 36 points.

Players of the Bout:
Take-Outs: The entire pack – The collective effort of the Take-Outs’ hard-hitting blockers ultimately won the bout.
Band of Brawlers: drrty grrl – she may have jammed for 100 points against a lesser defense.

Blackeye Bullies versus Sprockettes

The Blackeye Bullies opened its bout against the Sprockettes on a 42 – 10 run, but it took them until the last jam of the night to secure the win, 72 – 66.

After losing their first two games by 105 points and 48 points, respectively, the Sprockettes seemed to be headed in the same direction early in its third game. Hell Camino dazzled as jammer, leading the Bullies’ strong start. Jam after jam, the Bullies gained lead jammer status, as they built up a 32 point lead midway through the first half.

With a commanding lead and the first half winding down, Bullies jammer Kill Basa committed back-to-back major penalties, allowing the Sprockettes to crawl back into the bout and make it a contest. The Sprockettes went into halftime down 46 – 33, looking to regroup against the Bullies.

The Sprockettes came out in the second half as a completely different team, as Mase *a* Saurus Rex, Phoenix Bunz and Wendra Woman led an offensive assault that cut the Bullies’ lead to 2 points heading into the final jam.

Barracuda was impressive throughout the entire bout, scoring 18 points and stifling the Sprockettes’ comeback attempt with her physical presence in the pack. But on the final jam, Barracuda showed why she is the league’s reigning MVP, out skating Wendra Woman to preserve the Bullies’ victory.

Players of the Bout:
Blackeye Bullies: Barracuda – great all-around performance, including an incredible final jam to seal the victory.
Sprockettes: Ziggy StarBUST – the unofficial leader of the Sprockettes’ defense that slowed down the Bullies’ attack, and nearly completed the unlikely comeback.

#1 Take-Outs versus #4 Sprockettes
#2 Blackeye Bullies versus #3 Band of Brawlers

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