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Envy Cup Playoffs = Derby-licious

Posted on: June 11, 2008 12:01 pm
Edited on: June 11, 2008 12:03 pm

Ohio Roller Girls Bout 4 Recap

Take-Outs versus Sprockettes

The No. 1 seed Take-Outs put on an impressive display of skill, speed and teamwork, as they defeated the No. 4 seed Sprockettes, 186 – 48.

After six jams, the bout was tied at 11 points apiece, leaving fans to wonder whether this would be a closer bout than we had expected. Then HellionBOI~> and Alli Catraz combined to jam for 16 unanswered points, and the Take-Outs reminded fans why they are the two-time defending Envy Cup champions.

A few stats that highlight the Take-Outs’ performance:

  • HellionBOI~> outscored the entire Sprockettes team, 51 – 48
  • The Take-Outs outscored the Sprockettes in 27 of the bout’s 37 jams
  • The Take-Outs jammed all 10 of their active skaters

It wasn’t all bad news for the Sprockettes. Every Sprockettes player showed that this is a team prime to contend in 2009, or even to win the consolation bout in July. In particular, here are two very early 2009 Players to Watch:

Ziggy StarBUST: The 2007 Most Improved Player just continues to get better. She can play any position on the track, and has stepped up to fill Tha Devil’s shoes as the Sprockettes captain. Expect Ziggy’s leadership to spark the Sprockettes 2009 turnaround.

Wendra Woman: Wendra is competing for the 2008 Rookie of the Year award, and is sure to compete for the 2009 Best Jammer award. She was solid in the bout, jamming for 20 points against the Take-Outs’ stingy defense.

Blackeye Bullies versus Band of Brawlers

The No. 2 seed Bullies took advantage of untimely penalties by the No. 3 seed Brawlers to defeat them, 102 – 91, and advance to the Envy Cup Championship against the Take-Outs.

Early on, the Brawlers’ strategy was working. They rotated four jammers – drrty grrl, Gypsy Warfare, Kitty Liquorbottom and Hurricaine Jane – against the Bullies’ dynamic duo of Barracuda and Hell Camino. The four-woman rotation kept the Brawlers jammers fresh, and helped them to build an early 41 – 27 lead.

Then, the Brawlers committed costly penalties that put their jammers in the penalty box. The Bullies took full advantage, and closed out the first half on a 32 – 9 run. With a 59 – 50 lead going into the second half, the Bullies began playing the physical, grinding style game fans are used to seeing from this team. Despite their best efforts, the Brawlers’ jammers were rendered ineffective in the second half, as the Bullies outscored them 43 – 41, and closed out the victory.

Players of the Bout:
Bullies: Kill Basa – Sure, Barracuda and Hell Camino combined for 85 of the Bullies’ 102 points. But Basa drew penalties and frustrated the Brawlers jammers, which was the difference in this bout. This was Kill Basa’s OHRG breakout performance.

Brawlers: The jammers – The Brawler jammers scored 91 points against a Bullies team that had previously allowed an average of only 73 points per bout. They fought through a tough Bullies team during the entire bout, but were a few jams short of a victory.

Championship bout: #1 Take-Outs versus #2 Blackeye Bullies
Consolation bout: #3 Band of Brawlers versus #4 Sprockettes

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Posted on: November 19, 2008 7:06 pm

Envy Cup Playoffs = Derby-licious

Finally someone in the sports world that realizes Roller Derby IS a sport! So Much better than the Oregonian that says it's not a sport.  I will be readin this blog from now on.  Thank you,  Vi Suvius Ventura County Derby Darlins.

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Posted on: July 5, 2008 12:07 pm

Envy Cup Playoffs = Derby-licious

It's roller derby. Awesome sport to watch... nothing quite like it. I write previews and recaps for the Ohio Roller Girls in Columbus, Ohio, but there are leagues all over the place. Fastest growing sport in the world, so I'm told. You can find info about roller derby at: If you have a chance to watch the Gotham City Girls in NYC (you live in Connecticut, right?), I highly recommend it:

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Posted on: June 22, 2008 7:35 am

Envy Cup Playoffs = Derby-licious

enjoyed the blog thought it was interesting.. just one question, what sport you talkin bout, im clueless??  anyway would'nt mind an add or two and a few fives.. cheers

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