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Take On O.J Mayo

Posted on: May 13, 2008 7:14 pm

So as you know, there's a mounting controversy over O.J Mayo and his accepting of money, goods, etc. at his time at USC... I think that if Mayo took the money, he's a cheat, because he knows the rules. Kids like Mayo are sophisticated. They don't travel the country on AAU teams for three years and play in al these tournaments without knowing the rules. I'm not going to talk about whether I would have taken the money or not when I was in ninth grade or whether O.J Mayo would have taken the money when he was in ninth grade. It matters not, because everyone knows it's wrong. That's why things like this get covered up - it's wrong, and they know it. The great irony here is Reggie Bush suffers no penalty whatsoever. He's making $50 million per year with the Saints, and he has more national commercial than any other non-quarterback in history. And in addition, what has he actually done in the NFL? Nothing...

I would hand down some serious sanctions on Tim Floyd if all this turns out to be true. Why? Because the way in which Mayo was recruited was so strange. Floyd had gotten so many questions about it, that he had to know that this was an ongoing story. And in addition, I think Pete Carroll should be given a call and told the same thing. Although the Mayo controversy is arguably more serious, Bush could be just as guilty as Mayo, if not more. And Carroll should be disciplined as such, if this turns out to be true. I know all of these things are speculation at this point, but there is an awful lot of evidence pointing towards Mayo's guilt. And if he really did do it, it is going to reflect negatively upon USC and their respective coaches (i.e., Floyd and Carroll). So I think those two coaches should be dealt with to some degree...


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Posted on: May 13, 2008 10:06 pm

Take On O.J Mayo

I am from Kentucky and have been aware of OJ Mayo since the 8th grade stories started. He is a typical young hired gun whose only loyalty is to himself and the Benjamins. He played basketball at 3 different high schools and at a "prep school" before going to USC. His coach tried to suspend him for several games his senior year in high school for violating team rules. His Mom and posse, plus all the school(remember, this was a prep school where academics are an inconvenience to the basketball players) alum filed a restraining order in court against the suspension until the playoffs were over. Certainly, his so called recruitment by USC should have raise some concerns. He also had some skirmishes with the law that are sealed because he was a minor at the time. This kid has pushed every rule right to the edge since day one. I know that his 17 year old single mom may not have been able to offer the ideal home life and lifestyle examples for OJ and is just as culpable as he is. The criteria that most disturbs me is his age. He was born 11/5/87, the day after my oldest daughter. She started kindergarten at the age of 4 and turned 5 shortly into the school year. This was difficult to do as state law in KY require you to be 5 before you start kindergarten. We applied for and were granted an exemption allowing my daughter to start early at a private school. She is now a 20 year old college junior. Mayo is a 20 year old FRESHMAN. This means he not only started later, he was held back at least one year, a common practice for promising basketball players in eastern KY. The extra two years of maturity definitely give him a physical advantage at the grade and high school level. Again, he didn't exactly break a rule, just pushed the envelope. I will be shocked if the allegations against him are completely bogus. He just impresses me as a basketball version of Todd Marinovich(remember that USC alum). OJ is going to get paid and will suffer no consequences, unfortunately. But I think that this pattern fits the classic "lack of institutional control" and its time USC feels the wrath of the NCAA.

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