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The King and His Court...

Posted on: April 19, 2008 3:00 pm

De-Throned!! The one word that describes Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils...Marty's reign as being the Eastern Conference's best net minder has come to an end by simply being outplayed all season long, from October to April, by the one and only Henrik Lundqvist...The New York Rangers have posted an 11-1-1 record against the Devils in the '07-'08 season...All season long, Marty had no answers for "The King and His Court."

The Rangers/Devils first round match-up was very entertaining and it lived up to the hype that it was supposed too..Games were close, but in large part of the officiating...The officiating was blantantly one-sided towards the Devils, but they couldn't capitalize on there chances...Unlike the Devils, New York jumped on each and every mistake the Devils defense or goalie made and that was the difference in the series...

Another major story in the series was big breaks...If it weren't for pucks going off the Rangers defenseman into the net, the Devils would have been swept...Out of the 12 goals the Devils scored, minimum of half of them went off the Rangers defense...You just can't expect to win games, when you can't score!!

Now for my fun...Awards for the Round and I'll keep it all Royalty!!!
The King (Best Player) - Scott Gomez : Scott took over the series and completely dominated from Game 1 through Game 5...He was a major factor in every game and it showed on the stat sheet...3 goals, 4 assists and a huge smile on his face while doing it...You know it was super sweet going back to play the Devils and show them what type of player they let go!! I know Brian Gionta sure does miss him!!

The Queen (Biggest Baby) - Martin Brodeur : Is there any other player that would deserve this award??? His constant diving and whining wins it alone, but not to shake a man's hand after a hard fought battle is just very girly...Hence the "Queen" of the series!!! Marty looked tired and just couldn't take the abuse that the New York Rangers handed out...

The Prince (#2 Star) - Henrik Lundqvist : Spectacular save after spectacular save..Need I say more!!! All the pressure in the world on that John Madden penalty shot and he was as cool as the other side of the pillow...If this continues, us Rangers fans will be dancing on the streets just like '94!!! He dominated each game and simply outplayed the "supposed" best goalie in hockey!!

One thing Rangers management should finally realize if that we need Sean Avery re-signed before he hits the open market..Good ole' Monkey Arms is needed in New York!!! As a matter of fact, he is the heart that keeps this team pumping...

Can anyone stop Jaromir Jagr when he is possessed like this?? He had an unbelievable series and posted the most points for our Rangers with 2 goals and 6 helpers...

I also shoot out major props to the young core of Blue Shirts, Marc Staal, Ryan Callahan and Dubinsky, as they played one heck of a series and fit in and played like vets...

The series ended with Chris Drury jabbing the dager in the Devils heart and Brandon Dubinsky pulling the plug!!!


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Posted on: April 21, 2008 10:46 am

The King and His Court...

Ny's Finest


Great way to put it man. No one can stop the King.

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Posted on: April 20, 2008 8:09 am

The King and His Court...

King Henrik. No doubt about it! Avery is the body guard! Drury, Gomez, Shanahan, and Jagr are the generals. The Rangers have a kingdom on the ice.

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Posted on: April 19, 2008 9:51 pm

The King and His Court...

That was an entertaining review of the first round of the playoffs.  And I completely agree with you about resigning Avery.

Let's Go Rangers!

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