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MLS, Is West better than East? Or vice versa??

Posted on: September 13, 2011 10:44 am

At the above link we see the current MLS standings.

In it, note, the top East Teams are KC Sporting and Columbus Crew, both with 40 points, Columbus was in 1st place it seemed for the longest time with 40 points. in 3rd are the Philadelphia Union who at 36 points, have not gotten a win at least in 5 games! We are talking 40 points and in 1st place!

Now, then, turn to the West Conference of the MLS: LA Galaxy is way out front with 55 points in the West, that would mean, strictly speaking 5 wins better than the Eastern Leaders and not only that, we see in 2nd place, Seattle Sounders with 48 points, 3rd, Dallas with 46 points, 4th, Real Salt lake with 45 points and 5th, the current MLS champs, Colorado Rapids with 41 points, places 1-5 in the MLS West have more points than 1st place in the East.

What could this mean? Is the West way better than the East?? I would need to break it down to see who wins most of the games between the Eastern teams vs. the Western teams. It could be that the Eastern teams are more competitive against each other. It could mean the bottom Western teams are worse than the bottom Eastern teams which the records do indicate.

I am rather sure though that Western Teams have been playing Eastern Teams better this year as a certainty.

Here is the playoff system in the MLS. Let it be for others to figure it out.

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