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My 2 sents on the AROD stuff

Posted on: May 1, 2009 12:08 pm

When  u ever pay attention to a court case and everything points one way... its usually because person fraimed...

I always thought arod did roids... because his body changed so much from that skinny kid in Sea to what u saw in texas and now with the yanks... so when it came out i had no problem with hearing that arod did roids in texas because i always thougth he used end of sea and during texas........

but the stuff that he used roids in HS...SEA.. TEX,,, and the yankssss

that seems kinda redicous
for one the reason why we look at differnt players n say this guy was on roids is because their body changes so much.... if arod was on roids from the get go then his body really hassnt changed,, hes just got older..... PLUSS id think if he was on roids the whole damn time he would be even bigger.......

Most imporantally....... I rem arod as a rook think Derek Jeter.. Skinny arod might acutally been skinner then Derek


u tellin me in 94/95 Arod was benching 300lbs!?!?!??!?! thats frakkin bananassssssssss every single person i know who can lift 300+ is bigger then what arod was when he was in HS... I just cant see it im sorry

and then dude tipps pitches??

OH MY GOODNESS bascially everything u can think of that ud say is bad about a baseball player is goin to be in this book and i wont read it ........ i was never a arod fan but this seems rediclous to me....... does she have one source that she acutally names?
can you overkill something as much as this book doing? can u try to slander a player as much as she is?

atleast Andy said he and roger did it atleast Jose could say i saw it and a shot people in the butt



here is what happened

SHe wanted to fuk AROD  he said nah hoe
she said give me some doe
he said u got to be kidding me
she said YOU WILL PAY!!!!
he said yea right im frakkin im AROD!!

well now he payin for not bangin the chick and giving her doe

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