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My Problem with Fantasy sports on sportslie

Posted on: May 17, 2008 10:35 am

No let me say i love mostly everything sportsline does for fantasy.... but this ticks me off

Whenever iv asked for help from the help center iv hardly got it..

so i decided maybe its cause i ramble

so then i did things short and sweet for example in baseball..

during the draft what i just ran people had lets say 19 hours too make a pick... anyways my roster limits were as followed

min one c 1st 2nd 3rd ss 3ofs and 0-1 dhs... u also could have 1 more c,2,3,ss,2ofs... starting 12..

right!! anyways my prob with sportsline was when a team say drafted their third player at a ps other then OF and if they didnt draft a dh what they didnthave too... the player turned into a DH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no what i did was as commish i benched the players that this happeend too and the player then lost their DH ability

i emailed sportsline i said Kozmoff is listed as DH that cant be by my rules...

right the mail center thing says resloved!! they didnt do ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

then someone else drafted a backup at another pos and I HAD TOO DO IT AGAIN

never once did i get a email from sportsline yet it says resolved............


For years iv run sportsline fantasy football... i left yahoo and havent gone back

iv played fantasy football on espn yahoo fox and looked at the one on ea sports... and overall i liked sportslie the best... However couple years ago sportsline had alot of mistakes and times people couldnt go on the league page all bunch of problems

yet i said

HOWEVER......... heres my problem

i use D players ... i give special teams pts too Dplayers and Oplayers..... however i dont use team special teams........

yet in the avaiblity players Special teams players are listed.......... for four years i just left it.......... but now i fiured id ask them wtf

I emailed and said I dont use special teams players how come they are listed i dont want people who leave the end of my draft too end up with special teams players anymore.......... if its not possible too remove it because i give special teams points too ID players let me know but if there is a way that i dont have to have people get Special teams acutal teams when they cant use them



as always the helpcetner thing says they frakin resolved ittttttttttttttttttttttt

wtf i aint get no email

and i looked

they still frakin there!!


well im jus rambling and venting

thats my beef with sportsline

they hardly answeer your questions and when they do they take forever and most of the time they dont even help pluss they say they do!!!

i worked at a helpcenter before MY BOSS had a fit if we didnt answeer the emails even if the emails made no sense

SO that really ticks me off abotu fantasy sports on sportsline.............. now what sucks is they know i wont leave because the other sites havent steped up overall....

and where the fuk is my $50 and bobblehead


i guess nothign is perfect 

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