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America Wake the "F" UP!!!

Posted on: June 30, 2008 5:10 pm

I know this is a sports site and this blog is not...BUT I NEED TO RANT.  Our country is in dire need of some attitude adjustment or we are all in for a world of crap ola.  Everyone likes to blame the political parties for where we are at and I would just like to point out that is has to do more with "us" the voters who have come to take little action for our own problems. We sit around griping and "telling ourselves or our wives/husbands" someone will fix it" well it isn’t happening and I'm voting for McCain but again it is not because he is the best but I think the lesser of two evils.<o:p></o:p>

America use to make the best in everything... it didn't matter that is what we did and that is what made this country great (Still is the Greatest to live in; but we could be doing way better than we currently are; and I don't want nor would want to live anywhere else).  Somewhere we have lost that competitive spirit... I see it in Little League where it use to be a team won and a team lost.  Kids had to try out and not all made it, now everyone makes it and the try out is just to see where the kids with no talent get placed and then they have to be played.  Even in high schools in today's world there is no process of taking the best...that is what the coach may want but the pressures from the parents of the kids who were no good in little league and now in high school it has carried over.  It as a lot of things has become an entitlement not a privilege and one that has to be earned but I hear kids and parents alike "my Johnny rotten is a junior or senior therefore he should be on varsity".  What happened to hard work and putting extra time into earning it; I see people at work think because they have senority that entitles them to the next promotion then it does't happen and beserko goes off; or worse they get the promotion and it all goes down hill.

Everyone has a talent in some area... where a kid may suck in sports he may grow up and do better in academics and become a doctor.  Why people can't see that and be happy that we have people that excel in some part of their lives is crazy... instead we have to listen to the bull crap from anyone that feels or thinks "the system" is messing them over.  Couldn't be that they were not born the smartest or most athletic or blessed with some talent... it has to be because someone is messing them over.

Bottom line is it is about "ALL Americans" becoming too soft and thinking "we" are all entitled to this or that where did work ethics go and commitment to human kind because it is the right thing to do.  You can look at most news stories and they have some one who witnessed something horrendous but didn't get involved because it is too hard, too dangerous or just to much trouble. I'm tired of watching bad news everyday...economy sucks, crime is down but depending where you live you would think it was going through the roof, people are pissed about the war but don't realize in our own cities there are more murders in a day than we have of American G.I.s being KIA in a month in Iraq or Afghanistan (I Support the Troops and the war; am a veteran 49 yoa and would go it they would take me) but no body thinks that is all that bad. It is more acceptable because it is Americans killing Americans and probably because they have dope problems or no job or are not on their meds we have made any kind of substance abuse an illness.  Lets stop the train and clean our act up or we are all in for a world of misery because something that we have done is going to effect us in some way, shape or form on a day we least expect it.<o:p></o:p>

We are not going to make everyone happy but we should make everyone accountable for anything they get from any level of government and for anything they do that is not acceptable.

Well that is my RANT for today... add on or RANT on your own.

Sempre Fi

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