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buccaneers draft recap

Posted on: April 29, 2008 8:28 pm

well the much anticipated 2008 nfl draft has come and heres my take on the bucs selections

round 1 pick: 20    player photo   Aqib Talib         position:  cornerback    college:  kansas

talib is a prototypical corner....he possess all the ball skills of a top flight corner..runs well and could be used as a weapon in the return game....he also has good size at 6' 1"  ..talib also had moderate success at kansas on offense playing wide reciever...he could have gone higher in the draft but some character issues may have let him fall to us at 20....lets face it though when it comes to guys with checkered pasts jon gruden isnt afraid to take a chance....talib has said the right things post draft about his offield problems in the past by saying just that...there in the almost reminds me of another defensive player we took after slipping much farther than expected because of marijuana use.....warren sapp.....that one worked out ok......

grade: A-    with the offseason loss of Brian Kelly and the fact that Ronde Barber isnt getting any younger this was a very big need...he is a good fit in our defense because of monte kiffins cover 2 scheme....he likes to take some chances and in this defense he will be allowed to do that at times...

round 2.  pick: 58   player photo  Dexter Jackson         position: wide receiver   college: appalachian state

in dexter jackson the bucs fill another need upgrade an aging wide receiver corps....while Ike Hilliard and Joey Galloway have been very productive its a matter of time before we start seeing diminishing returns from we all saw in the michigan game jackson is a speed guy...undersized but has very reliable hands...played in 1-aa but wasnt intimidated when facing better opposition...will be a slot receiver in the nfl...reminds me alot of Wes Welker...

grade: B+   adding an additional weapon on offense is always a good thing...but Limas Sweed was on the board before the bucs traded down and took jackson...hopefully that will not come back to haunt us.

round 3. pick: 83    player photo  Jeremy Zuttah          position: offensive guard   college: rutgers

lets face it zuttah dominated at guard while at rutgers he didnt allow a sack in his last 2 seasons there....but he doesnt translate as well at guard in the nfl...he will most likely end up at tackle...its more of a depth pick than a need pick...the bucs have done a good job off shoring up the o-line in free agency and in the zuttah they have a guy who will play wherever they want him too and not complain...hes a smart kid with a good work ethic....this is a quality third round pick in my humble opinion...lets face it most great offensive lineman were not considered top prospects coming out of college...zuttah has the luxury of not being forced into action too soon...this will allow him to develope at a slower pace......which will only help him.

grade: A   this pick may ultimately be the best in this years draft...i know i know he isnt that highly tabbed but this kid exudes self confidence and has gotten the job done at every level....sometimes you have to look past what scouts want to see and look at how they perform...this kid will perform.....because he has the drive to do so...

round 4.  pick 115   player photo Dre Moore           position: defensive tackle    college: maryland

you like to gamble????? if you do you will love this pick....moore only started playing football in high school...he has a ton of raw talent that no one is sure will ever develope fully..if it does look out...with his speed and size he could be a hanfull....he isnt exactly albert einstien and doesnt have the best defensive tackle though he doesnt need to be a genius...he does need however to work on his technique...everything i see tells me he gets out of position too this defense that is a big problem....

grade: D    this pick has rick razzano, marquis walker, and larry brackins written all over it...potential...but most likely potentially waived in camp....he could stick but he better do something other than be a potentially good defensive special teams...if not this kid is a waste pick and at best a practice squad guy

round 5. pick:160    player photo Josh Johnson           position: quarterback   college: san diego

i dont think this pick is as much of a reach as dre moore but it still is a going to be honest and say i didnt get to see many of the tererro's games on tv this season....from everything ive read this kid has lots of talent...very athletic and seems to fit the jon gruden mold for what a qb should be....basically if you change his first name to rob.....same guy....ohhhhh least this late in the draft im not shedding to many tears if this pick turns into nothing more than a stump the shwab trivia question....

grade: C-   i realize we kept 14 qb's out of camp last year....its kind of a mystery pick really...if they wanted a name brand qb henne and brohm were there for the not going to say anything untill i actually see the kid play though....because lord knows no one around here has...

round 6. pick: 175   player photoGeno Hayes            position: inside linebacker    college: florida state

dont taze me bro......this guy has had more run ins with the law than al capone...again when it comes to gruden... character issues are not an issue...but lets face it we need a linebacker as much as we need ryan leaf....this pick truly mystefies me....maybe Derrick Brooks will punch him in the face and turn him around...but even if he does why do we need another linebacker???

grade: F-    this pick is truly an enigma....even if he makes the team he wont be anything more than a special teamer....if he is we have some serious issues...and should be able to get a better linebacker than hayes in next years draft.....

round 7. pick: 238  player photoCory Boyd           position: running back     college: south carolina

boyd produced sufficient numbers at south carolina but was never a dominant force... doesnt have great speed but does have decent size...its unlikely he will make the team and seems to be destined for the practice squad at best....may have a chance if he has a great camp and something unforseen happens....hes another guy that had better establish himself early in camp as a guy who likes and wants to play special teams...

grade: C   not  bad pick this late in the i said if the guy shows some want to on special teams he could hang around...i dont think anyone will be clammoring for cory boyd jerseys anytime soon though....could be an Earnest Graham type guy if he sticks....big if....


OVERLL GRADE: B- we filled some needs to be sure...but we did that in the early rounds...if jon gruden were a fantasy football player he would likely draft teams with potential...if they all pan out hes a genius....if they dont he complains that no one was left on the board when he came around to any draft it remians to be seen how good this one actually is...hopefully gruden was on the money with a couple of what if this guy is that good picks.....

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Posted on: April 30, 2008 8:58 am

buccaneers draft recap

Since I'm going to eventually make my way to the NFC South and cover the Buccaneers in my own way, I thought I'd hit a couple of the ACC brethren only. 

With Dre Moore, you absolutely have a project.  He's tall for a DT at 6'4", so his 305 lbs. are not as "low to the ground" as you would like with an interior lineman.  More than likely, the Bucs will try to put 15 - 25 more pounds on that frame.  His size, brain & technique were the least of his problems at Maryland.  While he can be an absolute beast, he took plays off A LOT.  Not sure if it's poor conditioning or out-and-out laziness.  The coaches will figure it out.  With the amount of work he'll need to raise his game and his "laziness" issues, he was a bit of a reach here.

In Geno Hayes, you and I are in complete disagreement.  He did have an altercation with police that was actually instigated by Joe Surratt where he did get tasered (the quote you used, by the way, was from a University of Florida student) and driving with a suspended license.  And why another Linebacker?  1st Team All-ACC and only Brooks, June and (maybe) Nece have more talent at the OLB position than Hayes.  Yes, it could take former Seminole and fellow #10-wearer Brooks to whack him one, but with the #175 pick of the draft the Bucs could have done a lot worse (and have).

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