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Small Market Stupidity

Posted on: April 27, 2008 4:38 pm

It seems like every year in MLB there is a small market team that defies the odds and becomes the feel good story.  We're told adnauseum about how their whole payroll is the equivalent of A-Rod's salary.  The David vs. Goliath theme is truly an American institution.  Like countless movies we root for the poor little guy to finally beat up the cool rich kid.  Even a cynical jerk like me can't watch Hoosiers with out welling up.  Being Americans we're suckers for the underdogs. In all of sports there is no greater example of this then in baseball.  Whether it's the Rockies ,Marlins, A's, Twins, Indians or D-Backs, cast as the pathetic lovable losers that finally get to smack around the Yankees,Dodgers,Mets, Red Sox or Tigers.  They're usually younger and hungrier and in the end they fall just short .  We're told by the talking heads that they just didn't have the money to compete with the big boys.  That is complete Bull Sh**.  Yes the big boys  can eat their mistakes better ,ie Carl Pavano and JD Drew, but the smarter baseball organization will generally win.  I don't want to hear they don't  have the money to compete.  Maybe that's the case if we were evaluating an organization over 100 yrs.  First off this is a business if you think these owners aren't making money you're nuts.  Jeffrey Loria bankrupted the Expos, it had to be taken over by MLB,  and then came back to own the Marlins a year later.  If he lost so much money as an owner why would he want back in ?  They all make money!  They just don't want to spend it.  Secondly,  if you build within and then sign them early on ie what the Indians did in the 90's and what the Rays are trying to do,  you'll have your stars during their real productive years and sustain your team's success.    When you're a small market  you're going to have your window for real success( playoffs, championships).  You better take advantage of it.  Are you listening Milwaukee!!  Take a look at the Indians of the mid to late 90's they were very competitive even went to the Series.  Sold out their stadium for years.    Lastly, fans should hold these owners and teams accountable.  There is no reason why the Royals, Pirates,  and Reds should stink.  Except that is for complete incompetence.  These teams try to do everything on the cheap.  They always go after the bargain basement FA and give them big money.  If you're the Brewers why would you spend 10 million on a Eric Gagne ?  For what 5 or 6 Million more you sign a guy that almost saved 50  games for you , Francisco Cordero.   Even if you don't like Cordero why throw that kind of money on a washed up reliever.  Watch I guarantee at the end of the season when they will need to address a need  they'll cry poor us we have no money.  The Brewers are a perfect example of what I'm talking about.  Their window is now.  Sheets will be a FA at the end of this year, Fielder, Braun , Gallardo, Hart, Weeks are all coming into their own.  Right now if they make the smart biz decision and lock up Fielder,Braun and Gallardo they will be competitive for years to come.  Instead they spend 10 million dollars on Gagne who was such a freakin disaster in Boston he's not even allowed to order clam chowder.  Stupid , Stupid , Stupid.

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