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The Gilbert Arenas Fiasco

Posted on: January 6, 2010 5:29 pm
The suspension of Gilbert Arenas was expected. I knew it was coming. Now there is a rumor that NBA Comissioner David Stern may impose a lifetime suspension of our star point guard. That in my opinion is 100% utter bullshit. You cant do that to Gilbert, I have four good well actually GREAT reasons Mr. Comissioner. Please listen, David...

One, Gilbert Arenas never hurt anyone and never threatened anyone contrary to what the media reported that him and inactive guard Javaris Crittenton pulled guns on eachother. First of all, the didn't. Crittenton, well let me say I hate the media for even mentioning him as possessing a gun because he didn't. There you go, thats why you can never ever trust the media these days, all they do is create bad images for everyone they report on. So with that said, Gilbert, according to himself, which i don't know whether to believe or not, didn't point the gun at Javaris so as said before he didn't threaten anyone. Thats my first point

Second, Gilbert Arenas is a great player and has been loyal and faithful to his team all throughout his career. And plus he was only trying to protect himself and had no intentions of hurting anyone.

Third, David Stern this is the most important piece of my four points, so listent closely...The legal process has not even been completed and I thought that the NBA was not going to impose any suspensions until that process was complete. Ok, so your going to lie now? The quote on quote nice, respectful, and loyal comissioner of the NBA is going to lie now? Wow im shocked!!! I never saw that coming, maybe if Stu Jackson was the comissioner i would see that coming (yes I still hate you for suspending Darius Songaila after LeBron punched him in the face during the playoffs two years ago), but David Stern? common Mr. Commisioner, a word of good advice, always stay true to your word if you want to be respected. I am not saying I didn't see a suspension coming, but after the league said no suspension would be imposed until after the legal process was completed and then you turn around and suspend him, what a thoughtless person you are.

Oh, and a side note, today is January 6th, yes its Gilbert Arenas' 28th birthday, I mean, a suspension? on his birthday? What are you thinking, at least wait until a further day and plus were playing the Cavs tonight, let him play in that game and help us beat the Cavaliers. Again, so disrespectful and thoughtless, I'll say it once, and probably again, I no longer have any respect for you as a comissioner, I feel as though you are a liar and are completely thoughtless.

Fourth and finally, Ron Artest...THINK DAVID!! THINK!!! If a lifetime suspension is imposed on Gilbert think about the message your sending about Ron Artest in Detroit five years ago. This is what I think you're message reads..."I am suspending Gilbert Arenas from basketball period...guns are not acceptable in the workplace, eventhough the outcome of the legal investigation may not and probably won't lead to anything serious, also because of my decision to suspend Gilbert, I am saying that the actions of Ron Artest five years ago are completely and 100% acceptable by all standards."

First of all, Gilbert Arenas never hurt anyone at all, never threatened anyone, and yes his antics are unacceptable, neither are Ron Artest's. Ron Artest actually assaulted a fan.....HE ASSAULTED A FAN!!!!!!????? And you let him come back? Think about the message you're sending the NBA and its fans. Yes what Gilbert Arenas did was wrong, but no he didn't assault a fan or a player. He didn't do anything wrong except bring a gun to work.

My final words to the comissioner are, If you're going to make Gil call it a career, kick Ron Artest out of the league for good too.

Thanks for another awful season, Mr. IDIOT Comissioner Stern, I have absolutely no respect for you anymore.

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Posted on: January 6, 2010 5:33 pm

The Gilbert Arenas Fiasco

Oh and don't forget about Latrell Sprewell choked a coach, and you let him play again? Ridiculous, I must admit you really don't like the Wizards all that much do you?

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