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Comments on Wizards-Cavaliers Game 2

Posted on: April 22, 2008 12:14 pm
OK, first of all. Lead official Rodney Mott needs to be fired by the NBA. You cant give Gilbert Arenas a technical foul for a small push off on Wally Szczerbiak just because of the history of these two teams. Its just not a fair call. Gilbert Arenas would never be the one to start a fight. He isnt that kind of player. If anything, Gilbert would be the one to stop a fight from breaking out. It was an unfair and unwarranted technical foul.

Second of all, Brendan Haywood is no way shape or for should be suspended. It shouldnt even be discussed because it shouldnt have even been called a flagrant-2. THIS IS THE PLAYOFFS! its a hard foul. I HAVE SEEN MUCH WORSE! Although Brendan may have not had a clear intention to go for the ball, he didnt try to hurt Lebron. No player does. Thats just not what the NBA is about.

The bottom line is, this was a very controversial game and alot of calls are going to need to be questioned. However I do support my opinion strongly that Rodney Mott should be fired for calling that worthless and unwarranted technical foul on Gilbert Arenas.
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