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Quarterfinals for the Best Shows in Television

Posted on: July 6, 2008 11:23 pm
Well we have now reached the quarter finals and the match ups get even tougher. Once again the results of the last round are listed first with the vote totals and the winning show in bold type. You will notice that for the first time I have made a quick comment regarding the results of each match up. Once again not all the match ups have the same amount of total votes. Some voters have left out a few or even not voted at all for certain genres. The match ups for the quarter finals follows. Please feel free to vote even if you have not yet done so. Remember to tell your friends to vote also. As always I will only vote in case of a tie in any match up. I will also do my best to keep my choice a secret if I do need to vote. I did not vote in the last round.

(1) Gunsmoke 33 vs. (16) High Chaparral  0   No surprise here
(2) Bonanza 26 vs. (15) The Lone Ranger 7    Nor here
(3) The Rifleman 29 vs. (14) Branded 4    Chuck Connors had to win here
(4) Rawhide 28 vs. (13) Wanted : Dead or Alive 5    Clint kicks McQueen's butt
(5) Wagon Train 12 vs. (12) The Wild Wild West  21   James West just way too cool
(6) Deadwood 22 vs. (11) Bat Masterson 11   Sex Violence and Cursing wins out
(7) Have Gun, Will Travel 8 vs. (10) Maverick  25   One of Jim Garner's 2 wins
(8) The Big Valley 19 vs. (9) The Virginian 14   Linda Evans way too pretty lose yet

Drama Bracket:

(1) Hill Street Blues 31 vs.(16) Law and Order SVU 13    To me this would have been an easy call
(2) NYPD Blue 24 vs. (15) Law & Order 19   NYPD beats longest running cop show ever
(3) Hawaii Five 25 vs. (19) House 19   McGarrett has  Dano book drug addicted Doc
(4) The Sopranos 31 vs. (13) E.R. 11  Mob snuffs out Docs
(5) Miami Vice 16 vs. (21) The Twilight Zone 27  Rod Serling's masterpiece with another upset win.
(27) Magnum PI  26 vs. (11) Perry Mason 15  Perry loses a case
(7) C.S.I.  25 vs. (23) Dallas 17  J R taken down by lab geeks
(8) Rockford Files 31 vs. (9) CSI Miami 13  Garner beats a wooden David Caruso

Comedy Bracket:

(1) Seinfeld 41 vs. (16) I Love Lucy  8  Jerry's friends are funnier than Fred and Ethel to most here Surprised by the margin of victory
(2) Cheers 39 vs. (15) Friends 10  Cheers bar friendlier than Monica's apartment
(3) M*A*S*H 35 vs. (14) WKRP  14 Who knew War and Army life could be funny.
(4) All In The Family  28 vs. (20 )Night Court  21 Archie and his family too classic for Judge Harry Stone and the loons that paraded thru his court
(5) Married with Children  24 vs. (12) Sanford and Son 23 Polk High's Football Hero wins a nail bitter.
(6) Simpsons  26 vs. (11) Honeymooners 23 19 years of cartoon too much for 39 episodes of Ralph and Norton
(7) Andy Griffith  29 vs. (10) Happy Days 21 Barney, Gomer, Otis cool off the Fonz
(8) Barney Miller 17 vs. (9) Taxi 32 Louie, Latka, Rev. Jim etc. wackier than Barney's off beat cops. Jim would have eaten all the brownies Wojo bought in by himself.

Here are the match ups for the quarter finals.

Western Bracket:
(1)Gunsmoke vs. (8)The Big Valley
(2)Bonanza vs. (10)Maverick
(3)The Rifleman vs. (6)Deadwood 
(4)Rawhide vs. (12)The Wild Wild West

Drama Bracket:
(1)Hill Street Blues vs.(8)Rockford Files
(2)NYPD Blue vs. (7)C.S.I.
(3)Hawaii Five vs. (27)Magnum PI
(4)The Sopranos vs. (21)The Twilight Zone

Comedy Bracket:
(1)Seinfeld vs. (9)Taxi
(2)Cheers vs. (7)Andy Griffith 
(3)M*A*S*H vs. (6)Simpsons
(4)All In The Family vs. (5)Married with Children

I want to thank all of the participants so far for making this blog, so much fun for me to do despite all the work involved. It has bought back a lot of fond memories for me and I hope it has for you too. Some of the comments made were almost as good as the shows you are voting on.

Please remember to rate your fellow posters contributions as I am sure they will do the same for you.

Voting this period ends on Sunday July 13 at 11PM est.
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Posted on: July 7, 2008 6:45 am

Quarterfinals for the Best Shows in Television

It must just be the way that the shows are falling, but this week is actually much easier than last week. The only one I'm a little torn about is MASH vs. The Simpsons. The Simpsons is pretty much my favorite show of all time, but MASH was just fantastic. As much as I absolutely hate to do it, and simply would not if the pairing were any different, I'm going to have to give the nod to MASH over The Simpsons.

vs. (9)Taxi
(2)Cheers vs. (7)Andy Griffith
(3)M*A*S*H vs. (6)Simpsons
(4)All In The Family vs. (5)Married with Children

I find it fairly entertaining that the top 7 all got in, followed by #9. Though, it could just be that I'm easily amused.

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Posted on: July 7, 2008 3:26 am

Quarterfinals for the Best Shows in Television

-I'll begin by saying "Great Job" again, Yank!  Also enjoyed your wry wit exhibited in the comments-  keep it up!

-Alrighty, again, I'm bowing out of the Westerns-  I've very little basis upon which to comment- so here goes with the Dramas and Commedies:

Drama Bracket:
(8)Rockford Files  -For pure enjoyment, I had to go with this one
(2)NYPD Blue -a great show
(3)Hawaii Five -Same stomping grounds, interestingly, so Dano didn't have to go far to book Magnum-  only had to catch the Ferarri
(4)The Sopranos

Comedy Bracket:
(9)Taxi -Seinfeld had some wonderfully absurd moments (the "Kenny Rogers Roasters" episode was priceless with the red light coming out of Kramer's keyhole, lol...), but overall, I wasn't a huge fan
(2)Cheers -Great show...   The departure of some key cast members did little to diminish it...  And, well, like Mj, I'm also a BoSox fan, lol...
(6)The Simpsons  -Toughest pick of 'em all.  M*AS*H in it's early years, especially, was pure genius, IMO-  I didn't see it for years until I watched some re runs a few years ago and it stunned me how great a show it was, but The SImpsons keep on truckin', double the seasons of MA*S*H, and still about as funny as ever.  And that, folks, is genius as well...
(4)All In The Family -No contest here for me.  Great cast, great writing, and Caroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton were simply brilliant.

-Thanks again, Yank.  You've set an unsurpassed standard with this stuff...


Since: Jan 3, 2007
Posted on: July 7, 2008 12:50 am

Quarterfinals for the Best Shows in Television

Again, eschewing the westerns category:


Hill St
Hawaii 5-0
The Sopranos


Seinfeld- Taxi has finally met it's match, although I'm surprised it got this far.  Seinfeld has so many memorable moments, it's hard to go against it.

Cheers- I guess in it's time Andy Griffith was very funny, but I don't think it stood the test of time.  Cheers is still funny and always will be

The Simpsons- This is the first time I really voting with my heart and not my head.  MASH broke so much comedy ground, but I think that in it's latter years it wasn't nearly as funny as it had been earlier.  The Simpson's 19 year run (and it doesn't look like it will end any time soon) is historical.  The catchphrases the show has spawned rivals Seinfeld.  D'oh actually made it into websters.  A great show that appeals to a broad range of ages and tastes.

All In The Family- My choice for best comedy of all time. 

Once again, great job Yank.

Since: May 6, 2007
Posted on: July 7, 2008 12:11 am

Quarterfinals for the Best Shows in Television

(9)Taxi     (Easy pick.  Seinflop was horrible, I've voted against it every round)
(2)Cheers    (Boston beats out Mayberry, but not by much)
(6)Simpsons     (War comedy is rarely funny...  M*A*S*H no exception)
(4)All In The Family    (I loved the Bundys, but the Bunkers changed television forever)

Still voting in comedies only...   Never watched westerns, watched almost no dramas.


Since: Jan 17, 2008
Posted on: July 7, 2008 12:05 am

Quarterfinals for the Best Shows in Television

I just went back to see how my 10 original nominated shows in comedy and drama were doing in the brackets. I had 7 of the comedies that made the last round of 16 and 5 of them are still around.  My drama picks haven't done as well but I still have 3 of them alive.

Since: Oct 15, 2007
Posted on: July 6, 2008 11:50 pm

Quarterfinals for the Best Shows in Television

Once again Yank, a round of applause to you for your diligence on this blog.  Thanks again for all the effort you've expended.  Once again, I will abstain from the Westerns.  Although it seems counterintuitive, my votes are getting easier as things far.

Here we go:

Drama Bracket:
(1)Hill Street Blues
(2)NYPD Blue 
(3)Hawaii Five  
(21)The Twilight Zone

Comedy Bracket:

(4)All In The Family 

The only really tough choice for me was Cheers vs, Andy Griffith, and as much as I enjoyed Andy Griffith(in reruns), Cheers is in my wheelhouse, and I relate to it more(it doesn't hurt that I'm a BoSox fan).

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Posted on: July 6, 2008 11:34 pm

Quarterfinals for the Best Shows in Television

Tremendous job once again yank!
A few surprises mixed in with the expected.
Now it really does get tough. Nothing but quality shows left now.
Well, here are my votes:

Western Bracket:
(2)Bonanza v
(3)The Rifleman
(12)The Wild Wild West

Drama Bracket:
(8)Rockford Files
(2)NYPD Blue
(3)Hawaii Five 0
(21)The Twilight Zone (can they pull another upset?) (I'll give them an early lead)

Comedy Bracket:
(7)Andy Griffith 
(4)All In The Family

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