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Game 6 Embarrassment

Posted on: June 18, 2008 3:38 pm

I have a quick thought on last night's Game 6 of the Finals:

While a 39-point beat-down at the hands of the Celtics and a complete defensive collapse by the Lakers (if there ever actually was a "defense" to collapse) is embarrassing, NOTHING was more embarrassing than watching Michele Tafoya's post-game interview of Kevin Garnett. This interview gave us two adrenaline-packed, testosterene-filled gems from the elated Garnett: "Michelle, you look good tonight, girl", which was soon followed by "Anything is possible. ANYTHING IS POSSIBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!"

Now, I can't fault the guy for being stoked after completely deconstructing the Lakers en route to winning an NBA Championship, but I'm just guessing that once he got home last night, flipped on SportsCenter and saw the video of his interview that was capped by his best Howard Dean impression ("Byaaaaaah!!!"), he had to say, "Wow, that was a bad idea."

And yes, Laker fans, like any serious fans who just witnessed their team endure one of the most painful losses in recent memory, will have the memory of an elephant and should greet Garnett in his next trip to the Staples Center with chants of "You look good tonight" and "ANYTHING IS POSSIBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!"

Until then, the Lakers and I will be working on our defense.

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Since: Feb 26, 2008
Posted on: June 19, 2008 3:45 pm

Game 6 Embarrassment

Game 4 killed me. Even if the Lakers had miraculously won the series in 7 games, I do not know how I would've reacted. It will take me months (and hopefully a Gold metal in the Olympics) to get over the game 4 loss. It is obvious the Celtics had a much better team. They had depth, toughness and resolve, all of which the Lakers lacked. With that said, the Lakers had the one thing in my opinion that would overcome whatever Boston had...Kobe. What happened to The Mamba?? He seemingly had his way with Denver, Utah and San Antonio but he could not get anything going in the Finals. I don't know what to say about him other than he had better unleash the fury on some Euros this August and he has some making-up to do with Lakers fans.

Since: Apr 29, 2008
Posted on: June 19, 2008 12:07 pm

Game 6 Embarrassment

Actually watched part of that last game and came away with this.

1. Basketball is a circus and is pointless to watch.

2. Anyone who wears a basketball jersey (other than women) should really take a look at themselves and wonder why they chose to look so stupid.  By the way.  Anyone other than hot chicks looks like a fat piece of crap in a jersey.  Jerseys are lame!

3. There is never such a thing as defense in pro basketball due to the illegal defense rule.  It is just a pick up game of 1 on 1 all over the court.  How can anyone claim there is defense played when the final scores are well into the upper 90's or 100's. 

4.  Games are fixed, and the refs are lame.  Take a look at what transpired this year.  Wasn't there a ref busted for fixing games?  Guess that makes Basketball on par with WWE.  How about the ref that challeneged Tim Duncan to a fight.  It is embarrasing that refs have become a major part of the game that belongs to the players. 

Glad I did not waste my time watching this ridiculous series.  So glad I'm not much of a basketball fan anymore.  I just have to ask that you all put away your stupid jerseys. 

I can't wait for hockey season again.  Even there I still hate the fat slobs in jerseys.  There should be a man rule that only hot chicks should be allowed to wear jerseys.


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