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The Jays

Posted on: May 24, 2008 2:37 am
Well nice win tonight. I am a little tipsy as i had a few drinks tonight so forgive me if i make any mistakes. I think i am sober enough to write this blog.

The Jays have IMO the strongest rotation in the American league. How many teams have 5 strong in the rotation. Halladay is the epitomy of an ace. McGowan is a little inconsistant but has the stuff of a future ace. Marcum is just incredible, he mixes his pitches well, Litsch is just somehow good, he doesnt have to much STUFF but he is decent, and Burnett looks like the best pitcher in Baseball somedays but then he could look average sometimes.

The Bull pen is almost lights out and Ryan has been incredible since coming back.

The offense is where it all goes horribly wrong.
Stewart- Has been good lately but is not hitting for tyhe average i was hoping for. He has also shown almost no power.

Hill- He is just doing terrible. He has shown NO power lately and isnt hitting for average.

Rios- He is our best player and my personal favourite. BUT that home run derby really screwed him up. Hes only got 4 HRs since (I THINK). Also i got a problem with the way he swings. He shouldnt bend his knees so much it takes away from his power swing. I realize it makes the strike zone smaller but, it cant be comfortable.

Wells- Was doing alright but is now injured.

Rolen- Has been doing pretty alright, id like to see some more power but he is doing what i expected.

Overbay- Has been a complete dissapointment since we got him but has been hitting lately. But he doesnt do offensively what a 1b is supposed to do.

Scutaro- My new favourite player, not only is he Italian but he is clutch and doing well for a utility player.

Zaun- My least favourite player, he should be the 1st to go at the end of the year.

My Idea's for improvement.

New Catcher- We needan upgrade both offensively and defensively. I saw the minor leaguer JP Arencibia(Last years 1st round pick) is hitting for power and average and should be ready not next year but probably the next. So i would love for him to be our starter either next year or the year after but if not i think we should go after a vet catcher that is offensively capable. Or go out and try to get Jarrod Saltalamacchia. He is a great young catcher who is being wasted on the bench.

New 1B- Overbay is good devfensively but not offensively. We could move Matt Stairs to 1b and find a new DH or just find a 1B. That Travis Snider is ripping up the minor leagues and he is probably a DH or 1B in the majors and will probably be ready by next year and should be given a shot at LF or 1b. OR we could go get Adam Dunn who has been shopped for a while and move him to 1B or DH. Instantly adds a power lefty to the lineup. Or we could try for Ken Griffey, he is also being shopped.

Future SS- We have no good SS in the minors and the way Ricciardi drafts we probably will never have one. So the way i look at itwe need to go out and grab olther peoples prospects. The Marlins just signed Hanley Ramirez longterm whhich was who i wanted, since he would have been a FA i think. I think we could get a good SS prospect from a team like the Mets who have Reyes for a long time, relatively easy. Whatever it is we need a young Shortstop.

So trades or Cuts.

Overbay and David Purcey for Adam Dunn and a mid level pitching prospect. 1B solved

Zaun, Ricky Romero and some mid level pitching prospect for Jarrod Saltalamacchia. C and then we could either move him or Arencibia to 1B sooner or later. (Because Dunn is short term.)

Robinson Diaz and Adam Lind for some 5 tool type short stop. We could also add in Accardo for a really goodprospect. I think Accardo is good value with what he did last year to some team that needs a closer. Maybe a NL east team (Because they all got sick SS so they must have no need for the good SS in their minors.

Well thats just my idea, i think this will improve the team a ton not only short term but longterm
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Posted on: May 25, 2008 12:55 pm

The Jays

The Blue Jays do indeed have a very strong staff but IMO this staff is better

  1. Rich Harden
  2. Justin Duchscherer
  3. Joe Blanton
  4. Dana Eveland
  5. Greg Smith
This staff has the best Team ERA for starters in the league and has pitched some great games. Harden does have some injury problems but is healthy atm. If he does go down agian they can insert Chad Guadin into the rotation and he is a solid starter as well.

The A's Bullpen has also been Top notch this year as well. In fact they are Second in the league in ERA to none other the Blue Jays. So while i think the these are the best staffs in the league i think at this point in the season the A's have the edge.

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Posted on: May 25, 2008 10:42 am

The Jays

but you want to completely throw away our farm

no i want to completely throw away Ricciardi's farm. He id a terrible drafter and that is why our minor leaguers suck.

We have a couple of future MLB players there such as Arencibia, Ahrens, Snider and there is a pitcher in AA thats ripping it up. Purcey is also good.

Your right with the overbay, Overbay and Purcey for Dunn isnt really worth it. But we NEED an upgade at C as a number 1 priority. The day agter i mention Jarod Saltalamacchia he hits a grand slam. He is being wasted on the bench and i think we could pry him away with Ricky Romero (Bust IMO) and Zaun and maybe a mid level Pitching prospect.

And i do believe we need a future star at SS and i would be willing to give up Adam Lind for that. He is going to be good but by the time he is ready we will already have Snider near MLB ready. And plus Lind has shown nothing this year.

IMO this should be the line up at the moment
Lind or Wilkerson
I would rather have Lind in then Wilkerson and can some one tell me why in the heck we have Mench, he is garbage and i would much rather have Lind up here.

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Posted on: May 25, 2008 10:04 am

The Jays

lol good thought mancini, but you want to completely throw away our farm, can;t agree with that. as for overbay, the way he's been hitting lately means we shouldn't be thinking of moving him, he's on a real tear. we do have the best rotation in the majors (coming from a cubs/jays fan, so i have a lil less bias) and zaunny is AWFUL. mike wilner of the fan thinks hes top 6 in the al, but here are at least 6 i would rather have. 1.) kenji johjima (better off. and def.), 2.) mike napoli (great power, hits for same avg., younger and better arm), 3.) kurt suzuki (he's been doing well for oakland, and he's really young), 4.) jorge posada (no need to explain why), 5.) dioner navarro (great youngster who is showing he can hit this season), 6.) A.J. pierzienski (even though i hate him, he's tons better than zaun), 7.) victor martinez ( nuff said, probably he best catcher over the last 3-5 years), 8.) jason varitek (betterleader, hits a little better, and definitely has more power). i am forgetting some but that is plenty. i am not saying we have to get one of these guys, but i am just trying to show just how bad zaun is.

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Posted on: May 24, 2008 7:59 pm

The Jays

Hmm, the Jays win 9 of 12 after Vernon Wells goes down. Wow, what a shocker [sarcasim alert]

Ricciardi deserves to lose his job based just on the Wells signing. I mean yea he's screwed in so many other ways, but that was the biggest screw up of all. Why not trade him after a career year and get some great young, blue chip prospects in return?


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Posted on: May 24, 2008 3:17 pm

The Jays

Halladay and Burnett could be a 1-2 punch for any other team. The Jays rotation is terrifying. Mancini, I can't blame you for wanting Ozzie Guillen. As a Cubs fan, I just want him to get fired so the White Sox stop being competitive!

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Posted on: May 24, 2008 2:32 pm

The Jays


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Posted on: May 24, 2008 2:27 pm
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Posted on: May 24, 2008 2:01 pm

The Jays

Wow i madethe front of the community page. I am impressed with myself. Even though after reading it this morning i realized i didnt once complain about the manager or GM. These are the 2 worst in baseball. J.P Ricciardi has ruined the Jays once great minor league depth.: Chris Carpenter, Shannon Stewart, Vernon Wells, Halladay just to name a few. He is given a very large payroll and he buys the wrong players. He also is reluctant to fire John Gibbons who has shown that he sucks at winning games but can lose them rather easily with his stupidity. I cant wait for the day Ozzie Guillen gets fired because he is what IMO the Jays need. I mean look what he's done with the ChiSox. They arent nearly as talented as the Jays yet are in the division lead.

Wellall in all i cant wait for Ricciardi and Gibbons to get fired and also that other bum Godfrey.

Oh and the guy that commented im sorry i forgot your name.

Is the best staff in the AL. Red Sox only go Three deep (Lester hasnt at all been consistant same with buckholtz) The Angels have a pretty good staff but they have also paid for it more so than the jays who have 3 guys making nothing. And i agree Arizona probably has the best staff in MLB but thats why i said AL.

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Posted on: May 24, 2008 12:29 pm

The Jays

I think that the Blue Jays have an excellent pitching staff. It is one that many teams would like to have. I have to disagree that it is the best staff in the majors. I think that one could argue that Boston, LAA, or Arizona have better pitching staffs. I would say that TOR has a top tier pitching staff, but not the best in the MLB.

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