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April: The Golden Month for Cincinnati Sports

Posted on: April 29, 2008 2:20 pm
As much as I love to be cynical and pessimistic about my teams, I'm an optomist at heart. Every year, I honestly believe the Bengals/Reds/UC basketball will finally make a turn-around (yes, in the case of UC, they haven't been down long, but their situation only contributes more...). And every year, it's pretty much shot down after a few months. That's why I love April every year. Baseball has just started; I can look at the Reds' young, talented pitching and home run sluggers and say that they have a legitimate shot at the playoffs this year. I can pretend that the trade for (insert washed-up veteran several years out of his prime) will be well worth giving up (insert young talent) and was a sound investment. The draft comes for the Bengals, and I can imagine our first round pick being that defensive leader we've lacked for so long that will lead us to to a championship. In April, I can get myself to believe that the character issues that (insert Bengals 3rd-7th round "steal" draft pick) has are in the past. I can look at the UC schedule and say that of course UC, member of the mighty Big East will beat (insert small conference/D2 school), and that (insert undersized junior college player) is going to be a bigger difference maker than most think. Lately, I've even been able to watch the NBA. LeBron has the Cavs in the playoffs now, and (insert Cavs player other than LeBron) is going to step up and help James lead his team to the Finals. April is great. Come fall, Bronson Arroyo will be making new JTM commercials while his former teammates win the World Series, LeBron will ask for an actual team to play with, and Marvin can blame his season's downfall on injuries/suspensions. But not in April. April is great for Cincinnati...

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Posted on: May 12, 2008 1:51 pm

April: The Golden Month for Cincinnati Sports

I totally agree, I see the NCAA tournament coming up this season. But I also "saw" the playoffs for the Reds this year. And I "saw" the playoffs for the Bengals last year. Guess I just don't trust my instincts anymore. Hopefully UC will be different, though, their tradition of winning isn't as far off as the Bengals or Reds...

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Posted on: May 10, 2008 9:32 pm

April: The Golden Month for Cincinnati Sports

nice blog post. cant say too much about the bengals, as i dont follow football.

trust me man, da bearcats are coming and they are coming strong. look what mick did with what he had. most of those guys would be the last man in on any other b.e team.

mixk showed me he can coach. won da ville game going to a 1 3 1 zone on the last play, and rick drew up a play for man to man. mick is great at getting his kid to play great d and play hard. it took them intill the xavier game to show it, but when i watch that game i had 2 thought, one was, where had it been all year, and 2, he got them playing hard nosed, dive on the floor, and dont give up basketball.

we will be dancing this year, get your shoes out of the closet!

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