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Mayo did wrong, but he isn't the problem

Posted on: May 12, 2008 2:14 pm
I'm not going to say that Mayo didn't do anything wrong here, but the line between right and wrong is really blurring in sports. Mayo wants to make it big. Money, fame, the works. He knows people who have made it big, and I'm sure some (or most) of them did some shady things like this. Mayo was probably pressured into this deal. Think he just walked up to this guy, saying "Hi, I'm a budding basketball superstar! Wanna sell merchandise of me?" People who run these behind-the-scenes deals seek out these players, get to know them enough to influence decisions, then rake in the cash. If EVERYONE is doing it, why shouldn't Mayo? The problem here isn't Mayo, its the people who got him to do this. It's not like this is an isolated case, either. Many, MANY players do this and never get caught, and its because of the culture of sports today. Kids are being contacted by people in AAU by people who tell them that they can help them "make it big." Every junior high kid THINKS they can make it big, but when someone tells them that they could make that dream a reality...THATS the problem here. And until the real issue is addressed, You'll see more and more Mayos every year...
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