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How the Yanks bought loss in New Stadium Opener

Posted on: April 16, 2009 10:59 pm
Edited on: April 16, 2009 11:21 pm

I'm sure you could imagine one reason why the Yankees bought a loss today(CC Sabathia), but that's surprisingly not the main reason.

The Main Reason(s)?

The treatment of their own fans and citizens.

ESPN's Emmy nominated Investigative Sports Journalism show, E:60, reported last season that not only were the Yankees "stealing" money "under the table" from New York tax payers to fund unexpected costs of the New Stadium construction but they were destroying a popular Inner City Park where kids are able to get away from New York street life to build part of their stadium attractions.

One Yankee representative asked to respond to the local outrage said, and I'm paraphrasing: There's two other parks in the area the kids can go to.

These two other parks the guy was refering to are miles away from the neighborhood spoken of and the kids would have to cross busy streets and dangerous neighborhoods to get to the other parks.

Also, in addition to the mistreatment of the local neighborhoods and New York taxpayers(IMO), they also made the "mistake" of having 1000 seats be in an area of "obstructed view". So, congratulations loyal Yanks fans, you just shelled out a major chunk of your paycheck to watch a poll an a wall for 3 hours.

I've also heard the New Stadium, even without the unessecarily large JumboTron in Center Field(seen below), is way too extravagant and it almost takes the mystique out of Yankee Stadium. Couldn't confirm that, but it's what I've heard...Having a big glaring luxurious stadium souped up with everything imaginable in the middle of one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country isn't a good situation in my opinion. Having said that though, the locals probably feel it's a good thing to have...takes their mind off the economic struggles maybe. Still though, I've heard it's too extravagant.

Finally, having David Wells, along with Yogi and the legends, take part in the pre-game pitches was a bad decision. You're asking to lose when you let a guy throw out a pregame pitch, who has openly criticized your team and your team's owner. Stupid and he shouldnt be up there with the Legends...

Now to the actual Baseball Reason:

CC Sabathia - When you give a guy a record contract that totals more than some teams cost and then you schedule your New Stadium opener against his former team and have him start that game...You are asking to lose!!


Now, having said that, they took Sabathia out too soon. Maybe you're thinking the season is far more important than just this one game, no matter how big it is, so save CC's arm...BUT...let him pitch till he wants to come out. It's the first game in the new stadium, he's pitching against his old team. Let him go longer than that...

That's all I got.

Yankees: 5-5 so far this season. Here's to them not making the playoffs...


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