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The WVU day of "What If?"

Posted on: June 16, 2008 8:25 pm

What If?....two simple words that describe a moment of thought as to what might have happened if different circumstances would have taken place.

I am talking about Joe Alexander. Any WVU fan or any fan of college basketball has certainly seen his stock rise quicker than most college players will ever see in their whole career. He went from unknown to stud in one season under Coach Huggins. Now the question, "What if he has stayed for his senior season?"

There are two significant scenarios that I can play out in my head. Firstly, if Alexander has stayed. Would Huggins still vastly improve his game. He could have been an All-American/Naismath winner/Final Four participant. Alexander could have went down in WVU history as one of the greatest basketball player ever.(Behind Jerry West and possibly a few others) His potential was unlimited and was as untouched as the oil off the shores of North Carolina. If Huggins could have tapped into them then who knows what would have happened.

Now the other scenario...Listen and feel the agony as the second scenario takes place. Mazzulla with the steal. He passes the ball to Alexander who has a fastbreak dunk ahead of him. He jumps and he throws it in. He lands akwardly and is down on the floor in pain. Alexander leaves the game with a torn ACL and is out for the season. His stock falls off the radar as his once boundless potential and athleticism is taken away from a freak accident.

The chances were too high for him to come back. He will be selected between 7th and 15th. Millions of dollars are there for the taking which will let him live a relatively easy life. But still what if?


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Posted on: June 17, 2008 5:43 pm

The WVU day of "What If?"

I agree BobBob, I think this is a pattern we will see more at WVU as they continue to recruit more of the superstar type of players. I admire Pat White for hanging in all five years he has been here. He could probably have hooked on to an NFL team in some capacity (a slash type role maybe) and foregone his senior year but elected to stay. I agree, I think if Noel has a big year, he 's going to test the NFL waters quickly. He has three kids now to think about too.  I can't fault these kids for leaving with all the money that is out there. I couldn't turn it down if it were up to me and I had that choice.

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Posted on: June 17, 2008 11:55 am

The WVU day of "What If?"

Those are certainly the two scenarios. You have captured the best and worst of what could have happened to Joe nicely. Sunday was definately a bittersweet day to be a Mountaineer basketball fan.

I give Huggins credit, but without Beilien hammering home fundamentals of shooting, passing, and moving without the basketball Huggy couldn't have made Joe into what he is today.

IMO he will still go down as one of the top 5 basketball players to this point in WV history. Only Huggins and his future recruits can change that.

The sobering fact about days like this is that they are going to continue to come around, and likely will arrive more often. If Devin has an amazing season next year, he will not likely be back in 2009. Jones could leave after good two years and wtih some hard work he and Wellington could be sitting together on draft day 2010 waiting for their names to be called.

We must prepare ourselves for a different culture surroudning WVU basketball. It is slightly saddening, but it means that we are on our way towards the upper echelon. We are moving on up.

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