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vanderbilt blowing it again

Posted on: October 28, 2008 4:04 pm
well it looks like another disappointing season for the commedores, since chris nicksons injury the offense has looked brutal, with nickson in the offence is average at best when he is playing at the top of his game, but since adams has come in, and i dont want to put all the blame on him, but they have looked terrible scoring one touchdonw to duke is aweful,the defence should be applauded, they have won at least two games for the dores this year,   again we get off to a great start to the season only to watch as this team fails down the strecth, the have done this for a few years now, hopefully with a week off maybe nickson can get back in and win a couple pf games and save a season where the bowl game was a lock, if not then its another disappointing season that looked so promissing for the commerdores this year heres to hoping    
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Since: Jul 30, 2008
Posted on: October 28, 2008 4:09 pm

vanderbilt blowing it again


I have to respectfully disagree with those who say Vandy's season is over and that we will not be going to a bowl game this year.  I am just as disappointed by the terrible loss to Duke as everyone else but we have to keep backing the team and hope they can turn this thing in the right direction again.  I still believe that we are going to a bowl this year and here's why... 

Let's take a look at the SEC and their bowl tie-ins:  Independance Bowl on 12-28 v. Big 12; Bowl on 12-29 v. Big East; Music City Bowl on 12-31 v. ACC; Chick-fil-A Bowl on 12-31 v. ACC; Capital One Bowl on 1-1 v. Big Ten; Outback Bowl on 1-1 v. Big Ten; Liberty Bowl on 1-2 v. C-USA; Cotton Bowl on 1-2 v. Big 12.  That's 8 bowl with direct SEC tie-ins.  There are 5 BCS Bowls and only the Rose Bowl (Big Ten v. Pac10) bars an SEC team.  The Sugar Bowl has an SEC tie-in.  That bowl and the Fiesta and Orange Bowls have a BCS at-large slot in each one.  The BCS Championship game is also open to SEC teams(obviously).  Presumably, barring a meltdown of epic proportions, 'Bama (BCS #2), Georgia (#6) and Florida (#8) will be in the running for the Championship game and the at-large bids.  That means that, in all, there are 7 slots in "minor" bowls and 7 slots in BCS bowls.  Translation, there are more than enough slots for Vandy to go to a bowl IF we can get to 6 wins.  Granted, bowls are not required to take any team but you can't tell me that Vandy, who hasn't been to a bowl in almost 25 years, wouldn't travel well.  Fans would come out of the woodwork to get to that game. 

So let's look at the SEC as it stands now.  The locks for bowls are 'Bama (8-0), 'Dawgs (7-1), and Gators (6-1).  I almost put LSU (5-2) in there as a lock but at worst they are a very likely.  Now to the rest of the possibles - Vandy (5-3), 'Cocks (5-3), and UK (5-3).  I guess you could stick Auburn and Ole Miss in there at 4-4 but they aren't looking that strong at this point in the season.  With a 3-2 SEC record Vandy leads the "possibles" pack and is 3rd in the SEC East.  SC and UK both have sub-500 SEC records right now and if that doesn't change, it hurts them.  Where does that leave us?  'Bama likely in the BCS Championship game, UGa and UF with at-large BCS bids, and LSU, Vandy, SC and UK making a bowl trip.  The SEC sent 9 teams to bowls last year and had an impressive 7-2 record.  I think the SEC sends at least 7 this year.  What bowl doesn't want rabid SEC fans filling it's stadium.  Please.

That said, Vandy needs to step up and get that 6th (and possibly 7th) win.  Then it's a lock baby.

Go 'Dores Go!!!

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