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WOW, What A Better Sereis

Posted on: May 15, 2009 11:25 am
I just can't believe how tough of series this was, I give big props to Varlamov, he kept the Caps in this series all the way, without him in net, this sereis would have been over in game 4 or 5, the Pens just fired shots at him like they were in shooting practice and Varlamov made some great saves that not to many other goalies in this playoffs could have made. The other thing that made this a long series was the weak play of Fluery in net, giving up to many soft goals, he is not playing the same intensity he played wiht last year at this time, he showed us just how good he can actually be in game 7 except when he gave the puck away to Ovie and he scored into an open net, if Fluery limits his mistakes, gives up less rebounds and stays focused on the puck he will be just as good, if not better than last years playoff run. Oviechkin played a good sereis, not a great series, only because he did not involve his teammates more in the game play, if he would have looked more to passing the puck to one of his other trailing teammates, they might have been able to get more shots on net and maybe score a few more goals, thats why Crosby is so much better than Ovie, Crosby will look to see if he has a trailer coming down opposite side of him and then look to take the shot on net, Crosby looks to making his teammates better, reason why he has more assist to goals, if I was to have the choice to pick either of the two to start a fanchise with, I would choice Crosby over Ovie because of that. In the end, the Pens just wanted it more than the Caps did, by going out in game 7 and putting a 5 goal lead before the Caps got a garbage goal to get on the board and Fluery actually improved his game in game 7 expect whne he gave up that garbage goal to Ovie. IMO the Pens are just getting things started and the Eastern Conference Finals is just another stretch to the Stanley Cup Championship that they are in search of.

Let's GO Pens... He Shoots and Scores, Buy Sam A Drink And Get His Dog One Too
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