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Farve just needs to go away.....

Posted on: July 29, 2009 3:06 pm
Well, Brett Farve has finally found another way to stick it to the Vikings.  Granted, he has the right to retire at his discretion.  And in doing so this year, dragging the process out in a public spectacle he has plopped a quandry on Childress, his coaches, and his players.  Oh, and the fans.  Who knows what the mind set of the QBs left behind in this debacle is.  Probably isn't positive.  And how about the rest of the offense.  Defense perhaps ?

Oh, and the Vikings.  I didn't think they could, or would, pull a Lions move.  Or a Buccaneers move from the 80s.  But they did, and did it with all the public airing similar to a Tri-Delt Kegger in Gainesville in the early 80s.  Just seems like a major disservice to their fans.  You know, the ones who shell out $$ for hotel rooms, tickets, tailgating before and after the game.

Farve needs to go away as a player.

The Vikings can't go away.  But they can take a quick cruise to wash away the bad taste this has left................

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Posted on: July 30, 2009 9:34 am

Farve just needs to go away.....

He's pulled the old in and out so much over the last year plus that he might just be considering a career as an adult film star, Gator. 

At least women may now be freed of the stereotype that they are the ones who cannot make up their minds.  From now on, indecisiveness can be refered to as "Pulling a Favre."

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