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Fantasy busts for NFL 2009

Posted on: August 13, 2009 11:39 pm
We've all been there.  Holding onto a guy who we just can't let go,....surely this will be the week he breaks out....Here are some of my choices for NFL fantasy busts this year.  And there' even one who I never put on waivers until it was too late......sigh.

Steve Breaston @ Cardinals
Anquan Boldin was banged up, and  made him a waiver pickup that scored fantasy points.  Now HC Haley is in KC scratching his head wondering how his new team could have such a dearth of WRs. 

Darrius Heyward-Bey @ Raiders
JaMarcus Russell now has blazing speed to throw to.  Oh wait, last  year the leading Raider receiver had a total of 366 yards.  For the entire year........Jeff Garcia can manage the game, but can't make the deep deep throws.  JaMarcus can make the deep deep throws, but can't manage the game..........hmmm

Joseph Addai @ Colts
The offensive line should finally be healthy.  And so new coach Jim Caldwell drafted an upgrade to Addai, who has had only one 100 yard game since the middle of 07.  The Colts are a team to watch, but not for fantasy points in the running game.

Matt Cassel, Larry Johnson, & Dwayne Bowe @ Chiefs
I so want for my Chiefs to reach the pinnacle of a .500 season.......hey, got to start somewhere......Let's see: Bowe has been reduced to the third string as of Monday, no other receivers want to, or  can, catch the ball in camp, and Larry Johnson is just that.  He's Larry Johnson.   Maybe next year I keep telling myself.....

Jay Cutler @ Bears
Other than Devin Hester, who's going to consisently catch and make yards after ?  Greg Olsen has riled up many a fantasy player with his inconsistency come game time.  And it's not like the Jay has Eddie Royal or Brandon Marshall to look for.  Or for that matter, the entire AFC West pass defense to go against throughout the year.

Brett Farve @ ?????????
Face it, he's gonna surface somewhere before the season's over.  There's still tears left for another interview.

Terry Holt  @ Jaguars
He's become slow.  And now he's playing for the Jags.  From the Rams to the cowtown, what a fall......

NFC East defenses @ Giants, Cowboys, Redskins
Bench your homey D in the division after Week 10 when Michael Vick trots out on the field for the Eagles

Matt Hasselbeck & T.J. Houshmandzadeh @ Seahawks
They've become old.  One has a bad back.  The other has become slow.   Who picks Seahawks on their fantasy teams anyway.....

What's his name who full of himself @ 49ers
The dude who's huffing and puffing about reentering the draft next year. 

More to come as the season unfolds.  And it's a great time of the year.  College football and the NFL, doesn't get any better than this..................

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Posted on: August 22, 2009 10:25 am

Fantasy busts for NFL 2009

Hey gator!

Thanks for the update on Mr. Jones! Looking forward to great things in that football palace located in Big D!

Now, Reggie Bush. I've had him since his rookie year and am still waiting for a breakout year. Good thing he'll mix in a return TD every now and then and potentially has good receiving totals to make up for his lack of rushing yards.

Getting fired up for some football!

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Posted on: August 21, 2009 3:06 pm

Fantasy busts for NFL 2009

Reggie Bush (franchised after rookie year, in last year of contact)

City, dang it, you just had to mention Reggie Bush, didn't ya...................Innocent

I'll enjoy his talents on my teams this year.  Drew Brees is recovered, the O-Line is rebuilt physically, that's an O machine.  And when Reggie puts on the Saints uniform, he's got those soft hands to catch with........that's a fine fantasy player for this season.

The Raiders are an enigma, but if DM was reasonalbly priced, Garcia loves to hand off. 

Felix Jones, now he's interesting.  Cowboys debated over he and Chris Johnson out of East Carolina.  Had two #1 draft picks.  The Titans discovered that CJ could translate his 4.24 speed into Sunday afternoon jaunts.  While sharing carries with LenDale White.  FJ received more of a backup / mopup role behind Barber, but he shined when he had the opportunities.  Of course, who can forget the head scratching lack of pt in the Redskins game in week four.  A loss to the hated Skins, after FJ had scored in 3 straight games, and the Cowboy fans were besides they should have been.  Oh, and did Jerry Jones and his coach forget that Felix also knows how to catch the 

If FJ can stay healthy, and the Cowboys figure out how to run a screen pass after a couple  of decades, FJ should make you happy with his point production.......but this is JJ's team we're talking about here.

Me thinks the Cardinals will find a way to keep Boldin happy.  There's light at the end of the tunnel for Anquain, and he see's $$$$$$ after this year.


Hope your drafts go well, I've got a few starting this weekend...............Cool

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Posted on: August 21, 2009 12:32 pm

Fantasy busts for NFL 2009

Good list gator..

I play in a partial-keeper league that has been running since 1992. We keep four players each year whose value is based on prior year performances  before the auctions begins. You can also "franchise" one player per year and lock in his salary for the next three years.

This year my keepers:

Reggie Bush (franchised after rookie year, in last year of contact)
Darren McFadden (low salary due to injuries)
Felix Jones (same as above, but I may franchise him this year hoping for results)
Anquain Boldin (will be able to keep him for less than I paid for him last year)

Pretty low risk/high reward strategy. Problem is, all are injury risks and I just have to hope that Boldin doesn't "quit" because of his contract situation..

Should be an interesting year! Keep up the good stuff gatordude.

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Posted on: August 15, 2009 4:11 pm

Fantasy busts for NFL 2009

What do you think about Ladanian Tomlinson

First, let's look at the rush defenses he and the Chargers will face thoughout the year in their division.  It wouldn't be difficult to place the Broncos, Raiders, and Chiefs defensive fantasy value in the bottom of the NFL. 

Mike Nolan's defenses for the 49ers were never overwhelming.  In 08 the Broncos fantasy D allowed the 3rd most points in the league, and the run D was worse than their pass D. Transititioning to a 3-4 scheme, Elvis Dumervile is being moved from DE to OL, two rookies are being looked at for pt in Robert Ayers and Alphonso Smith.  D.J. Williams will be at the Mike linebacker ( similar to Ray Lewis of the Ravens and Patrick Willis of San Francisco ) - he could have a fine year.

Derrick Burgess is gone to the Patriots.  Lots of new faces drafted for D: 3 defensive ends and 1 safety.  Of the three division foes, Raiders had a much better yards allowed ratio, 10th best.  That being said, Al and his walker's picks have been head scratching.  After 2 All-Pro seasons in 4 years with the Falcons, DeAnglo Hall signed a monster contract, and now calls the Redskins his home. He lasted seven games in the silver and black duds.   Gibril Wilson lasted one year, and now calls the Dolphins his home with a very nice 5 year contract.  Make your own call here....

Clancy Pendergast is also switching to the 3-4, with GM  Pioli bringing in vetern talent Mike Vrabel and Zach Thomas to shore up the LB position.  Tambi Hall has been moved, Glenn Dorsey has been moved, and throw in top draft pick Tyson Jackson.  Secondary is a beacon of hope for the future.  That being said, opposing OCs had little difficulty moving the ball on the ground, so why not take the path of  least resistance..... 12 NFL players matched or exceeded the total of 10 sacks provided by the Chiefs D in 08.  

LT was widely regarded as a fantasy bust last season by some.  Sproles came on at the end of the year, he brings a great change of pace to the backfield.  Yet the question to ask might be..........would you want to have the 7th best running back in fantasy points for the year for 08?  In addition, LT finished as the 10th best in points per week for the season.  If one goes into the season with appropriate expectations, then he's a viable player.  Week 2 and Week 4, against the Ravens and Steelers respectively, might be games to start your other options.  Same with the Giants and Titans later in the season.   

If he were hanging around in a late round, I'd pick him up.   But in all honesty, he's probably going to be on the waiver wires after awhile. 
 The instant gratification approach always allows the smart shopper to pick and choose when others fail to diligently do their 

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 10:40 pm

Fantasy busts for NFL 2009

Nice post, I'd have agree with most of your predictions. What do you think about Ladanian Tomlinson, I had the 1st pick in my work league last year and I took him. Due to injuires he had a subpar year. I traded for Sproles to have the Charger RB would start in each particular week. So do you think LT is getting too old to be considered a 1st round pick? I know Andrian Peterson is the new RB stud in fantasy football. By the way all fantasy players, don't give up due to a slow start. I ended up winning my work leauge (my only $$ leauge) after a slow start. Good luck to all.

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 8:04 pm

Fantasy busts for NFL 2009

I have to agree with you absolutely 100% on Joseph Addai. He killed me last year. I selected him in the 1st Round believing the hype that he was going to have that breakout season and put up phenomenal numbers. Was I ever a damn fool?!?! After the first couple of weeks I was figuring he needed time to get the legs under him and then the yards would start piling up. After another couple of weeks he was catching slivers on my fantasy bench. It was a good thing I was able to snatch Titans RB Chris Johnson off of free agency.

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 10:51 am

Fantasy busts for NFL 2009

I like the list as a whole with only a few scoffs that is.
For starters I think Breaston could have a monster year,
also like the bald bastard Hasslebeck and T.J hookin' up in Seattle.
But take this form a newbie of the fantasy front who will probably get killed this year with draft around the corner and me still scrambling for mocks , etc.
I could not agree more with your closing just doesn't get any better than College and NFL football love em' come on fall get here already.

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