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Posted on: January 11, 2010 9:38 pm

My Chiefs have picked up Charlie Wies off waivers.  Conditions of the contract are still pending, but it has been leaked that the Arrowhead Charter for team travel is removing two first class seats for accomodations.  Imagine if Romeo Crennel is brought aboard, could both be seated togther ?

Dwayne Bowe needs to go. 

The hammer is being lifted out west in the sun drenched beaches of California.  Mike Garret is bumbling around seaching for Pete Carrol's shadow, could it be the one and only Jack del Rio of the bumbling Jacksonville Jaguars ?  Garret's track record for football hiring has more blemishes on it than a computer screen being corrected by a blonde with whiteout.  Yet, Jack is a Trojan man, and he wore it well many years ago.   But, the hammer is being lifted....

Dwayne Bowe needs to go.

Pete in the land of Starbucks and Seahawks seems interesting.  Two first round picks in the first 14.  His division foes have QBs that include Alex Smith of the 49ers, Matt Lienart, and whoever that other guy is.  Future Hall of Famer from the Cardinals will be retiring.  It's a division that can be won with some luck and fortune.  Then again, the Seahawks need a franchise RB, a franchise WR, a franchise TE, and a defensive makeover that would make Hollywood starlets blush.  Seems like a much nicer place to be as the hammer is lifted.....

I am not a fan of the Raiders.  That being said, Tom Cable should get at least another year.

I am not a fan of the Broncos.   That being said, they deserve the HC they hired.

I am not a fan of the Chargers.  That being said, it would be nice to say our division included the Super Bowl Champions.

Dwayne Bowe needs to go.  Of course, history tells us that wherever he lands, he'll be All-Pro within a year.

Did I mention something about a hammer being lifted.............

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Posted on: January 13, 2010 9:48 pm

random musings.......

D2M, I honestly have no idea where Tim Tebow will end up in the NFL.  He's stated on numerous occasions his goal of being involved with non-profit organizations to help and assist those with needs.   I, and many others, will remember him as a fine young man who developed into an above average college football player with outstanding leadership skills for someone his age.

As for the Cardinals and Saints this weekend, I find myself wondering where the New Orleans D went.  Bourbon Street perhaps ?  If they don't show up, it could be another shootout this game day.  I like the Cowboys against the Vikings.  Tony, in his last six games, has 1,794 yards with an 11-2 TD / INT ratio.  The Vikings aren't opening holes for Adrian this year, yet some of that should be shouldered by Mr Peterson also.

Interesting hires, and to be hired..., these past couple of days.  Romeo Crennel comes to my Chiefs, bringing the experience of coaching in 6 Super Bowls and being fortunate to be on the winning team in five of those.  Texans hire Rick Dennison as their new OC.  He's never played or coached outside the Broncos organization during his career in the NFL.  Quite an achievment considering he walked on as a free agent with Denver out of Colorado State.

Could we imagine seeing Steve Mariucci back as the new coach of the Raiders ?  Oakland Tribune thinks so,  Al trades out coaches more often than Lane takes coaching jobs.  Lack of stability as usual in the Bay.   Little wonder Roger Goodell wants a team back in LA.  Who do you like in the Chargers / Jets matchup ?

Colts vs Ravens, closer than most folks think I fear.

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Posted on: January 12, 2010 6:22 pm

random musings.......

Nice musings gator.  I really want Dwayne Bowe to make it big here in KC.  Just hope he matures next year and gives the Chiefs the big play reciever they need to take the burden off Matt Cassel and Jamaal Charles.

It is funny that Pete Carroll decides to head for "sunnier" skies in Seattle about the time the hammer might come down on USC football and basketball.  Pete's getting out while getting out is possible.

Agree with your AFC West assessments.  Even though the Chargers, Broncos, and Raiders are our rivals, i want the whole division o be good so when KC wins, and climbs back to the top of the pile, it means something.  Being the king of the manure pile holds no joy for me anyway.

As long a Charlie Weis and Todd get along, great.  Hope the offense rolls in 2010 and KC finds another reciever plus a running back to help Charles out.  some more talent on defense wouldn't hurt either.

Gator, where does Tim Tebow end up in the NFL.  Do you think some team will give him a chance.  What about the Raiders?  Tim could not be any worse than JaMarcus Russell.  He would have to be better would he not?

Finally, good to see Kurt Warner have some success late in his career.  Can the Cardinals upset the Saints this weekend?  Might be possible.  Should be another good old fashioned shoot out in New Orleans.

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