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3rd Colt Mock - The Over-reaction Edition

Posted on: December 6, 2010 8:00 am
Went to my first home Colt game last night.  It was a fantastic game, and I enjoyed it thoroughly until ANOTHER PM interception in OT.  Looking at what's going wrong: it seems to me that the lack of any sort of running game has given PM an impossible task.  (Plus, I wouldn't be shocked to hear years from now that Manning is battling a painful injury of some kind.)  I believe that other teams are putting eight men into coverage, and the Colts STILL can't run the ball.  That's an OL problem, plain and simple.  Don't be fooled by the fact that Peyton's not getting sacked - the OL is doing awfully.  We need to get some hosses in there and get our running game going.  While a bruiser RB like Mikel LeShoure might be tempting, I would add bulk, power, and talent to the line and hope they can get going soon.  So, here's my over-reaction mock with three OL in six total picks:

1) Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin.  A big strong man to take over for Ryan Diem, who's just not cutting it any more.  He's thought to have LT feet, but I'd put him on the right side.  CJ still gets a long-term contract IMHO.

2) Benjamin Ijalana, OL, Villanova.  I see him as a Jake Scott-like starting OG, who is also the top back-up tackle.  Short for a tackle, but with long arms.  His good feet also make him a possibility at RT.  At a time when we need to add general talent on the OL, he's a cog that will start early somewhere on this line.

3) Cedric Thornton, DT, S. Arkansas.  Very quick and active for his size.  Has the heighth and frame to bulk up and improve run defense. 

4) Brian Lainhart, S, Kent St.  Added depth to help ensure we don't have Aaron Francisco starting next year.

5) Zane Taylor, OG/C, Utah.  Golden-boy, high school student body president, leader-type.  At 6'1", 309 pounds, he's short and squat, and generally Jeff Saturday-like.  The Pollack/Richard/Devan/etcetera experiment has produced no future cogs, so let's keep bringing in new talent until things improve.

7) Jonas Mouton, LB, Michigan.  LB is one area I feel fairly good about.  I think Angerer and Conner will be good, though they're making their share of mistakes as rookies.  There's a reason the Colts have rarely started LBs as rookies, but I'm sure that these two will be better off for the experience.  Generally, the Colts have drafted a LB per year for succession reasons - every year a LB leaves, so you have to add one per year to keep up.

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