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Gov. Ed Rendell and the all PA Super Bowl

Posted on: January 14, 2009 9:44 pm
Edited on: January 14, 2009 9:59 pm
Ok, so I was browsing the web when this story from the NY Times about Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell catches my eye. You see, it is common for Mayors and Governors to have a bet over the Super Bowl. But Gov. Rendell is a season ticket holder for the Eagles and the former mayor of Philadelphia, so we obviously know who he is rooting for.

But if the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles meet in the Super Bowl, he's already arranged a bet. Against himself. Assuming that the Eagles and Steelers beat the Cardinals and Ravens respectfully in this weekend's Conference Championship games.

If the Eagles win, Pittsburgh would donate sandwiches from the Primanti Brothers to a homeless shelter and senior center in Philly. If the Steelers win, Philly would donate Pat's Cheesesteaks to a shelter/senior center in Pittsburgh.

This essentially leads to a win-win for everyone, regardless of the Super Bowl outcome, in the state of Pennsylvania. And essentially, isn't that what sports is for. I already thought the idea of an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl, and now I have a real reason to root for it. Other than I'm and Eagles fan anyway.

I'll have my preview/picks entries later in the week, and maybe something random for tomorrow. Just wanted to get this story out there for everyone to see. Thanks for reading.

- Eagle

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 9:56 pm

Gov. Ed Rendell and the all PA Super Bowl

As much as I would love the idea of the Super Bowl in Happy Valley, it's not going to happen. Commercialism still rules the Super Bowl and I'm actually glad it gets a warm weather site so no team can say use the weather as an excuse.

As for the Steelers flag in Philly, I feel your pain. I'm an Eagles / Atlanta Braves fan living in Fairfield County, CT. I'm pretty much hated here 24/7, so I know how you feel. Good luck to the Steelers and of course, to the all-PA Super Bowl.

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 8:33 pm

Gov. Ed Rendell and the all PA Super Bowl

Great post J-Eagle, and here's hoping our teams can pull it out on Sunday to set up the much anticipated Turnpike Tussle!  As a Pittsburgh native now living just outside of Philadelphia and married to a devout Eagles gal, an Eagles-Steelers Super Bowl is kind of like my ultimate dream and nightmare wrapped into a fortnight.  I have flown a Steelers flag safely at my house for five years now, and I fear a mob coming to torch the place down by the end of January should this matchup occur.

But my fears aside, our Governor is indeed a great sportsman.  Many years ago I worked in the Phillies ticket office (summer internships during '93 and '94 seasons while I was still in college), and Rendell was mayor of Philly at the time.  He had great Field Box seats right behind home plate at old Veterans Stadium.  A lot of times, my shift in the ticket office would end well before a home game was over, and I would go to his seats and many nights he was too busy to go to the game and his seats weren't being used otherwise, so I would occupy them.  Plus I got to know the ushers and userettes anyway and they'd kind of signal that it was okay to use the "mayoral box" for a few innings, as we called it.

We'll have to see what else the Commonwealth will have in store should the Eagles and Steelers meet in Tampa.  Maybe Rendell can do a Steelers Polka if they win or he could sing Fly Eagles Fly like I'm sure he always does after Eagles victories?

My best thought however is something that would never happen, but in a perfect world, an all-Keystone State Super Bowl should be moved by the NFL to Beaver Stadium in State College/University Park, smack in the middle of the Commonwealth!  JoePa could do the coin toss, the Penn State band could play the National Anthem (and the State Song, whatever it might be?), Springsteen (half of his songs seem to be about woes of living in Pa. in the 70's anyway) would be amazing in possibly sub-zero conditions during the halftime show, the stadium holds close to 100,000 people, so 25,000+ more people could attend than at the New Sombrero, and we could all drive and tailgate from our homes instead of the lucky few who sell their farms to get a ticket to ride in Tampa Bay.  I mean, the folks down in Tampa would need a considerable payoff, and are in no hurry to do favors to help a Philadelphia team after the Phillies topped the Rays in the World Series, but they do owe us a small favor from when the Lightning beat the Flyers en route to their Stanley Cup about five years back or so.  Moving an all-Pa. Super Bowl to Penn State is an interesting thought for sure even if totally unrealistic, and certain to be local fishwrap column fodder for the two weeks leading up to the game should it become Steelers vs. Eagles.

  Because of the WWII, The Steagles (Steelers-Eagles) played as one team in 1943 and the Steelers and Chicago Cardinals played the 1944 season as Card-Pitt.

Not to mention the storyline of Ken Whisenhunt and his top assistant Russ Grimm both being spurned by Pittsburgh in favor of Mike Tomlin after the 2006 season ended.  So that enhances a Cardinals-Steelers matchup.  The Eagles-Ravens matchup of course would feature former Andy Reid assistant John Harbaugh facing his mentor.  The only matchup that seems to lack this level of intrigue is Ravens-Cardinals.  But I haven't really dived into the possibilities for that one too much, so maybe someone else knows of a hidden connection there.  I mean, one thing that ties the teams is the fact that they left (at least) one city to play in another, and in both cases a team sprouted back up where they left.

Anyway, here's hoping it's all-Pennsylvania.  Although it will be huge regionally here in Pa., I think it will be a big national draw as well.  The Steelers are wildly popular nationwide and the Eagles have been a regular at the top for the better part of the last decade.  Unlike the Mets-Yankees subway series in 2000 which drew the lowest TV ratings in World Series history to date ("topped" only by the all west coast Angels-Giants two years later), I think the nation would be drawn to Eagles-Steelers despite both teams being in the same state.

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