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The "Surly" Eagle Returns

Posted on: February 4, 2009 12:25 pm

It has been too long since my last blog entry. I never actually did anything for the Super Bowl except correctly pick the Steelers to win AND the Cardinals to cover in a thourghly entertaining game, especially in the fourth quarter. But while I wasn't blogging, I had a list of things that generally ticked me off throughout the past few weeks. So in no particular order...

Sacramento Kings

Firsrt, no King was selected to play in the All-Star game, which isn't all that surprising for one of the NBA's worst teams. What is surprising is that no Kings will be at All-Star Weekend. Yeah, the whole thing. My new NBA team got the shaft here, more specifically, my boy, rookie PF Jason Thompson and sophomore C Spencer Hawes who both had legitimate chances to make their respective rookie-sophomore teams. For the record, the rookies are loaded and Hawes has missed time with injuries, but still, how about a little reward for two guys who have busted it all season on a crummy team

Second, the Kings lost to the Pheonix Suns by 48 earlier this week. It was the 4th worse loss in franchise history and it came after a home OT win against the Thunder. Yes the Kings have been hurting and they aren't exactly deep, but pros shouldn't lose by 48. Ever.

Super Bowl

I'm just going to list them, there's too many...

James Harrison went from an MVP to an idiot when he was flagged for unnesacary roughness during a kick. How did he not get tossed? I hate to say it, but this was the second Super Bowl in which the Steelers got a lot of questionable/tit-for-tat fouls (the other was against Seattle, and Seahawk fans are still bitter about this). For the record, the penalties went both ways but the zebras seemed quick to throw the laundry. James Harrison did score on that interception (he never hit the ground, just Fitzgerald) and the refs should have reviewed that last Warner fumble. Even if it stood, it needed to be reviewed at the very least. Larry Fitzgerald showed up a little late, but was spectacular as usual in this postseason. Pittsburgh is awful in the redzone and should have won this game by the 3rd quarter. I hate Gatorade's "G" campaign because I had no idea what the product was until I actually bought a Gatorade and figured it out.

There's probably more, but let's move on...


Overall, a solid day for the Super Bowl network. But I have one question...


Sure, he used to be a TV guy, I get that. But the people of Detroit have suffered enough. I hope the ratings in Michigan were around 0.1 when Millen was on the air.

Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb are coming back. And I'm not surly about this, I'm glad and so should everyone else in Philly. I understand that the diehards were calling for blood earlier, but two things to disprove that idea. One, Kevin Kolb is not ready. He might never be ready, I don't know. What I do know is that there are at least 10 teams that would sign Reid and/or McNabb to coach/quarterback their team in the NFL. And that's right now. Reid has one of the best records of the decade for an NFL coach, yet everyone sees the 1-4 in NFC Championships...

UConn Huskies Basketball

Both the UConn men's and women's teams are ranked No. 1 in the country. The women are undefeated and have beaten just about everyone, including then No. 2 North Carolina by 30, at UNC. The men are the newest No. 1 in a revolving door at the top spot on the men's side and just knocked off a solid Louisville team. I'm starting to cheer up a little here...

Okay, so maybe it wasn't an entirely bad couple of weeks. My budding NBA fandom is still stalling a bit, I watched a fantastic Super Bowl after thinking it would be a blowout at halftime/3rd quarter and I'm ready for a fantastic run of college basketball to March Madness. And I found time to post a blog for the first time in two weeks.

- Eagle


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Posted on: February 11, 2009 8:30 pm

The "Surly" Eagle Returns- Philadelphia Eagles

5 stars on your first blog back.

You are absolutely correct with everything you said regarding the Eagles. Everyone says "eagles fans want Donovan McNabb gone"... but the fact is, most of us Eagles fan want McNabb back. He's been in Philly, he'll stay in Philly because hes the bast man for the job hands down, if that wasn't true there wouldn't be over 45,000+ on the season ticket waitlist. He still has several years under his belt, and kudos to what you said about Kevin Kolb, because i've said the same.

Kolbs no where near ready to start, and he showed that in the 3 games he appeared in (primarly the Ravens game). Seeing him play makes me question the Eagles selecting him after all, unfortunatly upstairs is treating him like hes the next Payton Manning, stating hes a "starting caliber" QB like McNabb...wrong. I just hope we make SOME move at WR this offseason, sign Housh or look at Boldin if Arizona doesn't come thorugh, because recently it sounds like not all is happy there.


Along with your Eagles facts, i also completely agree with your Superbowl analysis. my thoughts exactly. only difference is i felt the Cards played to win it more, and that the amount of calls made the game unenjoyable for me to watch.


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