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SEC and BCS Overhyped and Overrated

Posted on: December 5, 2009 8:42 pm
Edited on: December 5, 2009 11:49 pm
I can't believe I just spent the last 4 hours of my life watching that. CBS should want their money back, because that was dreadful.

Kudos to Alabama, for crushing Tim Tebow and Florida to win the SEC and almost certainly earning a spot in the BCS National Title Game.

But that was a dreadful game to watch.

The Big East crowned a champion today. Gregg Doyel wrote about it. It's a great piece. I'd love to see him write about the SEC Championship game, because I'm sure he'd have problems with it. Anyone would.

Tim Tebow will probably be remembered for his worst outing ever at Florida. Mark Ingram will probably win the Heisman, which he doesn't deserve after his dismal preformance against Auburn the week before. That honor should go to Stanford Toby Gerhart, but it won't. Because everyone in the country is in love with the SEC. They say it's the toughest and hardest conference to win. I think it's the most top-heavy of all the conferences and that neither Bama or Florida should have had a shot at the BCS Championship if they'd won this game.

That's right, you heard me SEC fans. Rip me all you want. But at 8:10 PM EST as I write this, your conference will likely put up the worst game of all the Championship games this week. The Civil War in Oregon for the Roses -- classic. The MAC Championship -- the Central Michigan LeFevours took care of Ohio. The defacto Big East championship -- another Instant Classic on ESPN premiering right after the Civil War.

The SEC game, with all it's hype and glamour and undefeated powerhouses was a dud. Total, stinking, dud. And it wasn't even close. Florida can pull out every excuse in the book. They're best defender was suspended for a DUI, Tebow is human, blah, blah blah. Someone else should be playing TCU or Cincy or Boise in Janurary for all the marbles. Instead, we have an Alabama team that scheduled one legit non-conference game (at Va Tech) and three cupcakes (FIU, N. Texas, Chatt.) in the BCS Championship. Can't we kick them out based on RPI or something? Same for you Texas, your non-conference schedule is a joke too, La.-Monroe, Wyoming, UTEP, UCF. All wins by at least 30 points. Florida, you have one ACC opponent, Florida St., and three cupcakes too! Maybe we wouldn't have so many undefeated BCS conference teams if they actually had the balls to schedule a non-conference opponent.

And this is supposed to be worthy of a National Title?!?!

TCU won two games at ACC opponents, even if one of them was Virginia, that's two more BCS teams than Texas scheduled. Boise State beat Pac-10 champ Oregon to open the season and it's not their fault no one wants to play them and they're in the WAC. Cincy beat Oregon State, Fresno St. and Illinois non-conference and survived the Big East gaunlet, which is twice as hard as the SEC considering it has 6 of 8 teams bowl eligible (it's really 5, Rutgers has the biggest cupcake schedule of them all).

You want to know why everyone loves the Pac-10, Big 12 and SEC? Because they're best teams (USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Bama) are flashy. They look good. No one wants to see real football in this country, otherwise they'd appreciate the competitiveness of the Big East or the Big Ten from week to week. The Big East had ZERO teams in the preseason Top 25 and it just produced arguably the best "championship" game of the week. Between two teams in the Top 15. The SEC had two teams in the Top 2 and couldn't do that.

The BCS is broken. The preseason vote has too much influence over the system and there's no way the three top teams in the land, Bama, Florida and Texas, should be rewarded for eating cupcakes all season. And I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the NCAA and the talking heads who help drive this garbage. I'm sick of the so called little guy not getting a chance, and that includes the March Madness Tournament too. How about letting the non-BCS conferences and the mid-majors have their day in the sun.

But that's not going to happen. No one has the balls to want it. Instead, I'm stuck with a nation of talking heads and voters who hate the Big Least conference and anyone who could throw a wrench in the BCS like Boise or TCU. And it's a damn shame.

And I hope that Boise, TCU and Cincy all go out and crush their BCS bowl opponents. Because the BCS deserves the scrutiny for having 5 undefeated teams. Two of which will likely play for the BCS title game.

The least two deserving, undefeated teams in the country.

-- Eagle

UPDATE (11:45 PM EST) -- Texas and Alabama are projected to meet in the BCS National Championship, although Nebraska did their best to throw a gigantic wrench into the mix. Give the Huskers' a lot of credit, they played great D all day, but they imploded after taking the lead late in the 4th. Kickoff out-of-bounds, horse-collar tackle gave Texas a chance with one second left (which the zebras correctly put on the clock) to kick the FG. Hats off to Colt McCoy and company as well as Nick Saban and the Tide.

Doesn't mean I like it, but hey, it's the system we have.

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 2:15 pm

SEC and BCS Overhyped and Overrated

SPC Avinger - thanks for your service for our country. I work for a company that does support work for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I have spent time on military bases (CONUS, Asia, Europe).

It seems that the tide are peaking at the right time and playing with confidence - it should be a good game.

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 12:34 pm

SEC and BCS Overhyped and Overrated

eventhough 'bamas schedule was a little mediocre
I find it hilarious that you would say that when they have the #4 Strength of schedule.  WOW, try researching before you comment. 

I will agree with most of you that the BCS system is garbage.  Even as an Alabama fan with nothing to complain about.  I have always hated that a team wins every game on their schedule and then doesnt get a chance to play for the title.  It happened a few years ago to Auburn....Last year to Utah, now to TCU, Cincy and Boise.  The ONLY System that would work is a Playoff.  Yes even if we did the top ten or use how we select the BCS bowl games now we would have outsiders looking in, BUT the fact of the matter is that we would have a clear cut winner.  With 5 undefeated teams this seems to be the only logical way to decide the champion.  I'd rather hear the argument of why the 11th rank team in the nation didn't get in than we have a chance for 3 undefeated teams at the end of the season.

And Its hilarious to see the point of view when its your team that plays a close game.  I've seen continuous posts about how Bama barely beat Tennessee and Auburn.  But these same people complain that the SEC Championship was a horrible game because it was a blow out and the Big 12 Championship was a great game.  WOW!!!!  Well isnt that similar.  You can only have it one way fellas.  I personally think having a few close games makes you a better football team.  It shows you that you can pull a tough one out.  Texas pulled a tough one out against Nebraska and A&M, just as Bama did at Auburn and with Tennessee.  Amazingly enough all of these games came against conference rivals.....hmmmmmm but I gues its different huh??  Make a decision and stick with it guys and stop contradicting yourselves.

and..... ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 5:43 am

SEC and BCS Overhyped and Overrated

I fully understand the original point of view on ths. I'm not a HUGE college fan but the SEC has pretty much dominated the BCS for some time. Out of the past 17 years, they have 7 Champions. I also agree that the the Bama/Florida game was a joke compared the Husker/Texas and Pitt/Cincy. Both of those games had some true football appeal while the A vs F game fell short. I mught be a bit biased being a Pittsburgh fan but I like to see more crash and less flash. I want a ame where the teams are scratching for every inch. Where the Offense is almost afraid of he Defense and vice versa. I'll sit through a game with 500 yards of total Ofense morethan I wuld a game with 1000. Its just my opinion folks...

There are a lot of posters talking about a "playoff". I think its a great idea. But how do you set it up? "The computer ranking system sucks" do you fix it? There are soooo many variables that puts a team high up in the rankings. Strength of schedule, strength of wins, opponents schedule, etc...come on!! I mean..we can say "let them play out the game on the field. we do a seeding type scenerio like the pros. Take the top 10 teams and make them fight it out. #1 and #2 get a first round bye. The others play out the bracket...#3 vs #10, #4 vs#9, and so on. But how do we decide who is in the top ten??? We still have to go back to the aforementioned "variables". Until we find away to get the right teams into the "playoffs" we're stuck with what we have.

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 1:35 am

SEC and BCS Overhyped and Overrated

This looks pretty good... except that the Pac-10 is at number 5 instead of number 2... talk about the most underrated conference. You'll see when the bowl games are done... the pac-10 will probably only have one or two losses.

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 12:30 am

SEC and BCS Overhyped and Overrated

Couldn't agree more, I live in Texas, big 12 country, and frankly, the big 12 is WAY down this year, didn't think they were too good last year. Everyone seems to be crazy inconsistent. Anyone who watched the big 12 north saw basically MWC talent. That's pretty much where these teams are from, anyone worth anything from these states go out of state to play. Nebaraska won by default, we all saw Texas scrape by Wyoming and then Wyoming turn around and beat Colorado, badly. When Texas played Colorado, they were out played, just not out quarterbacked... I don't understand where Texas got it's SOS, they beat OU without any of it's top players as well as a highly overrated OSU. other than that, name ONE top 40 team. Look at Cinci's schedule, in my eyes, 10 fold better... everyone raves about team like S Florida and Uconn, how good the coaching is, until they get beat, then the Big east is overrated b/c the preseason picks lost. And seriously IOWA?????????????????

one thing about these bowls that are so SACRED we can't get rid of them, didn't we just CREATE  new bowl last year? A new BCS game? but it was National Championship game, so that makes the others mean as much?? 6-6 is an achievment? If we can't get a playoff, could we PLEASE have less than 20 bowl games, this is turning into congratulating mediocrity, who watches these crappy games anyways? no one cares, no one watches, the stadiums are empty, can we create some HOLIDAY MADNESS with like a 12 team playoff where the top 4 get byes. Seems we will have 4 undefeated teams minimum from here on out, Texas & Florida I think are the first teams to figure out the "campaign" for a National Title, three keys...

Get in BCS conference - check
Schedule teams no one could even name the mascot for - check
scrape by a weak conference schedule to take it home - check

your quarterback turns into the Heisman since he gets to be on TV, Mccoy threw maybe 12 deep passes all year, I watch every Texas game, he is an option quarterback with GREAT recievers in a spread passing team, I think even the mediocre QB's could complete 5 yards stop routes and then watch Shipley run every where...

Sadly, these football seasons are turning me to soccer


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Posted on: December 7, 2009 9:49 pm

SEC and BCS Overhyped and Overrated

I was not aware LSU had those teams in their upcoming schedule. Good for them. I still stand by what I said about their recent schedule though.

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Posted on: December 7, 2009 9:08 pm

SEC and BCS Overhyped and Overrated


LSU picks on the bottom feeders from major conferences. Sure, they took on Va Tech 2 years ago, but the rest of their "solid" teams for the last 4 years are Washington, Arizona St, and UA. Meanwhile, Oklahoma gave BYU a shot this year and paid for it, Clemson took on TCU and lost (a close game, but a loss nonetheless), half of the Pac-10 has played at least one of the top 3 MWC teams in the last 4 years and they have a losing record to show for it, and in bowl games just last year #4 Alabama and #9 Boise St lost to Utah and TCU.


I won't speak for the others but I will for LSU when this sort of argument is introduced.  LSU seems to be a team that others like to beat up on because they "only schedule cupcakes and are afraid to travel".  But looking at things with "reality" glasses might put this in a clearer light.  Recently (in the last 7 years), LSU has travelled to Seattle (you have to give us credit for travelling that far), Tempe, Tuscon, and Blacksburg.  They have played VT (twice), Arizona (twice), Oregon St., Arizona St., and Washington.  I don't care what you say, that it not too bad considering those were probably not "cellar dwellars" when they were scheduled, or at least not all of them were.  We can't help it if they can't measure up in those contests when they take place.  And, in the future, we have the home game against Washington, NC at a neutral site, and H&Hs against WV, TCU (for all of those who say that everyone is afraid to play TCU, here's for you!), Arizona St., NC State, and Oklahoma in the coming years.  Again, not too bad for an OOC schedule.  So, in light of these opponents, why would LSU need to schedule more BCS opponents.  Everyone likes to point to USC and OSU scheduling each other but they also have their cupcakes as well.

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Posted on: December 7, 2009 7:31 pm

SEC and BCS Overhyped and Overrated

I agree w/ the statement that the SEC is overhyped.  However, the Big East is deservedly disrespected.  West Virginia tied for 2nd place in that conference, and came w/in a few points of winning it (almost beat Cincy on the road just 4 weeks ago).  West Virginia also lost to Auburn.  Auburn, as we all know, was a bottom-of-the pack SEC team.  They went 3-5 in conference.

I agree that Cincy attempted to play a good non-conference schedule (@ oregon st., illinois at home, and fresno st. at home).  However, Illinois turned out to be terrible, fresno is a little above average in the WAC this year, and oregon st. was pretty good, but not great by any means.  Cincy plays absolutely no defense - I realize they lost 10 starters from last year's defense, but last year's defense wasn't very good either.  Even though UF's offense is not nearly as good this year as it was last (mainly b/c Harvin was the best player on that offense, and Murphy was very good too), they will surely put up 35+ on Cincy in the Sugar Bowl.  I doubt Cincy's offense will manage to score at such a high pace that they are accustomed to.  Florida is still a top 5 defense in the country, even after Bama took it to them.  I hate Florida's cockiness, but they will dominate UC.  I also hate Cincy, so either team losing makes me happy... but UC will lose, and probably by 21 or more.

Boise St. and TCU play each other so we won't get a true gauge of how good they are.  I think it's clear that both teams are very good, but are they deserving of a national title?  We won't find out b/c we don't have a playoff.  If TCU was playing GT and Boise St. was playing Iowa, we'd find out more.  B/c if either GT or Iowa won those games, we'd know that neither of them could likely beat Bama, Texas, or even Florida.  We'll find out for sure whether Cincy could compete w/ Bama and Texas, and as I addressed in the paragraph before, they will most likely get blown away.

The Bama/Florida game may have been boring to you... the Texas/Nebraska game may have been boring to you as well.  But to the educated fan, a great defense is fun to watch.  Bama, Florida, Texas, Ohio St... these teams win games w/ defense.  That's why they are consistently in the top 10.  Cincy, Boise St., and TCU are winning w/ offense - TCU w/ some defense too (but against MWC teams and 2 ACC teams).  These 3 teams will not consistently be able to put their names in the national championship picture.  They may go undefeated when a good QB allows them too, but when they reload w/ a young qb, they'll lose 2, 3, 4, or more games.  I even think UF will drop off and lose 2, 3, 4, or more games w/o Tebow.  I don't think Tebow is the best player ever, but he is a very good college player.  And, back to the collective frame of mind of the country, the SEC is very tough.  It's overrated, but b/c many teams in that conference play pretty good defense, UF should struggle in some games next year.  Texas, Ohio St., Bama, USC... these teams always play good defense, and thus they are consistently good now. Bama is just getting back to this status, but they used to be there in the past too.  USC lost some close games this year w/ a true freshman qb, but they  had won 7 PAC-10 titles in a row before this year.  OSU has won 5 Big 10 titles in a row now w/ 3 different QB's.  Good defense allows you to consistently win championships.

So don't get mad b/c you can't appreciate the art of defense.  If you don't like it, then you're going to get bored by seeing these same teams always in the top 10... always competing for national championships.

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Posted on: December 7, 2009 6:13 pm

SEC and BCS Overhyped and Overrated

you must not know what real football is if you think sec is overated are you a idiot?

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Posted on: December 7, 2009 5:52 pm

SEC and BCS Overhyped and Overrated

If your suggestion was acted upon, programs like Boise St., Cincinnati, and TCU would NEVER have become the programs they are becoming/have become. Universities must be given a chance to raise money by going into a large program. The economic benefit for a small school is immeasurable considering the exposure. Having said that, your opinion does hold water in the sense that conferences as a whole should convene and discuss a multi-year plan to play one another during the regular season. However, many of the bowl games were originally created to serve this purpose. This brings me to my final point. It is not up to the "BIG" colleges to change their methodology. Instead, the non-BCS conferences and "less respected" schools must raise their own bar by adding a quality game or two to give an argument for them to be considered in the near future.

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