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Danica's Debut

Posted on: February 6, 2010 8:07 pm
Those people who don't think Danica Patrick can drive a stock car need to find another reason for her not to make a move to NASCAR.

Patrick couldn't have been more impressive Saturday night at Daytona in her stock car debut. And it wasn't just her sixth place finish in the ARCA 200 that was reason for even her most stout critics to stand up and take notice.

It was how she got there.

Patrick ran near the front of the field for most of the race and at times showed the patience and prowess of someone with several years of stock car restrictor plate racing rather than a driver making her first appearance at "The World Center of Racing."

Patrick used the draft, hugged the yellow inside line and even applied a little bump drafting technique in the first night on her new job.

Oh and she even got a little taste of crashing, well almost crashing anyway.

Patrick and Nelson Piquet Jr., a Formula One veteran making his stock car debut as well, made contact coming out of turn four on lap 54. The impact sent Patrick on a wild ride down the frontstretch and finally through the infield grass before she was finally able to right the ship and remarkably head back top pit road with very little damage.

Her JR Motorsports crew changed tires and made a few minor repairs and after restarting 17th, Patrick was able to again draft her way to the front and finally take the checkered flag in the sixth position.

All the while the crowd seemed to ooh and aah with her every move on the race track and she was by far the focal point of what turned out to be a typical ARCA "Crashfest" at the 2.5-mile track. The race was punctuated by several scary-looking wrecks and proved once again that running these mostly inexperienced drivers at such high speeds at a mammoth track like Daytona probably isn't the best idea in the world. By the grace of God no one was hurt.

Patrick came away unscathed and although it's only one race in a clearly lower level series on a restrictor plate track proved that she has a shot at figuring out the stock car game. Whether she makes her NASCAR debut in next Saturday's Nationwide Series race has yet to be announced but the feeling around the track is that will come on the heels of her performance tonight.

Patrick had every reason to say "I told you so" to a lot of people after she climbed out of the car Saturday night. 

She didn't.

But her smile and look of accomplishment spoke volumes.
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Posted on: February 10, 2010 12:40 pm

Danica's Debut

Just curious where she ran in relation to Nelson Piquet Jr.? She is obviously from a few levels in racing above the other ARCA racers, so her performance should be judged by how she and Piquet finished.

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Posted on: February 8, 2010 11:32 pm

Danica's Debut

I am not a huge Danica Patrick fan.  But there are a lot of NASCAR drivers that give crappy interviews and can't talk well.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. would be a good example.  My guess is that she is pretty close to as a good a driver as he is and better than a lot of the other dudes that are field fillers.  No, she will probably never win a championship or maybe not even a race at the top levels of NASCAR.  But at least give her a shot.  Who knows how she will do in NASCAR.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 4:48 pm

Danica's Debut

Danica is an excellent car race driver.  She has a lot of talent to drive on Super speedway.  I watched the whole car race through Speed Channel.  She has gained a lot of experience from ARCA driver.

Most of ARCA drivers are slow driver which forced Danica had to be patient because she was waiting for open space and plenty of room so that way she can able to pass the slow driver.

Within 8 laps to go, Danica was doing her full speed to gain more position because she passed a lot of slow driver until Car Number 60 and Car Number 51 blocked her because they don't want to get beaten by her which danica had to be patient to finish up the race rather than knock Number 60 or Number 51 out of the race  she was very good sportwomanship.  

If Car Number 60 or Car Number 50 give her some space and let her go  then she might win the race. Who knows?

She was so poilitely to make good comment about her race experience.  She mentioned about slow driver situation.  I got her clue.  She said thanks to ARCA gave her an opportunity to gain her experience on Super speedway.  Now she is ready for next level  Nationwide next week because her chief crew recognized her talent and skill on Super Speedway. 

Remember Danica has a lot of experience on Indy Car race.  She has driven over 220 miles per hour.  She is not used to slow driver on ARCA Super Speedway.  She learned how to be patient and stay back to search for open space and more room because she made sure that she don't get involved in major car crash.   She gained that kind of experience which helps her a lot because she is well prepared for next level and what to expect going happen next week.  She loves to challenge.  Remember she won one Indy Car race. She is only female driver to make an accomplishment.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 4:36 pm

Danica's Debut

Who cares if she is or isn't over hyped? She is a babe and she can drive. How is that bad for a specator sport?

Glad she did well.

So which one of us EVER paid attention to this level "Nascar" event before yesterday? How many of us used to say "A..." what? And they race at Daytona?

The attention she gets is good for racing.

Get over it. She is here to stay and she deserves to be there. Ask the drivers who came in from 7th on down to last.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 3:39 pm

Danica's Debut

So please then, watch less. Better yet don't watch at all.  If you claim to be a race fan in public, you make the rest of us look bad.  Not because you are slamming Danica, that's your right, it's because you don't understand the nature of the beast. You blame NASCAR.. What does NASCAR have to do with it.  Jr Motor Sport hired her.  Probably as part of a condition with the GoDaddy people. OK, so now we know NASCAR didn't hire her.  Does NASCAR control the media?  Do they tell the media what or who to cover?  Nooo they don't.  So again, how is this a marketing stunt controled by NASCAR?  It's not a beauty contest?  Have you never seen an F-1 race?  Why do you suppose they have half naked woman all over the place,, hmmm hard one there.  Why does the NFL still use cheerleaders??/ Hmmm hard one there. 

 So here is the million dollar question.  Who deserves the ride more than her?  Who is unemployed with 5 years open wheel experience or anything that would equate to running the INDY 500.  And don't give me the car is different stuff.  I know that but yesterday she proved to me that she had the car control to handle herself.  I am by no means saying she is ready for Cup.  Nationwide, why not? You need to understand the business of NASCAR.  Drivers, men or women, are getting rides based on what sponsor they bring with them.  It has become as equally important as talent.  The fact is, without sponsors, there will be no NASCAR.. If you have been a fan for 25 years you should know that. Anyone that has watched 25 minutes of a race knows it.  Hey why does that car have M&Ms all over it? Watch, don't watch, no one really cares but if you are going to publically complain about something, at least know aht your complaining about.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 2:30 pm

Danica's Debut

Feipe Arantes gets it.  It is racing, not a beauty contest.  That is my point.  Judge her by her performance, not her appearance.  The media is to blame and if they choose to overexpose and devote most of their attention to "Danicamania", it just cheapens the sport and makes this fan want to watch less, not more.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 2:05 pm

Danica's Debut

Hey Nimrodman56 - Do you know anything about restrictor plate racing on tracks like Daytona or Talladega?  It is quite common for drivers to gain (lose) many positions in a single lap.  And to accuse me of being sexist douche bag really just speaks volumes about your inane opinion and lack of class.  If a sport needs a pretty face to sell it's product - the product isn't that good to begin with and it's not really that much of a sport, now is it?  Talk to me when she has actually accomplished something.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 1:55 pm

Danica's Debut

I agree with your comments regarding Dale Jr - he has horrible interview skills and he is as over-rated and over-hyped as Danica.  But, the rest of your post simply proves my point.  Danica's sexy... Danica's Beautiful...Tell me, what does that have to do with racing?  If NASCAR feels they need to exploit the situation to put people back in the stands - whatever...It just further distances NASCAR from the real sports.  If I want to see half-naked women spread across cars, I'll pick up a hot rod mag or a playboy.  This is racing and I've been a fan for 25+ years.  I don't need the sideshow.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 1:44 pm

Danica's Debut

Danica Patrick is over-hyped, over-rated & over-exposed.  Go ahead - Argue with that.  And just because I choose not to jump on the Danica hype wagon I'm Archie Bunker?  You are an idiot.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 1:37 pm

Lucas Oil 200 or Danica Patrick's 200?

That was the worst part or the story. Speed Channel, Darrell Waltrip broadcasted Danica Patrick's 200 at Daytona last afternoon. It was sad. There was threats to the first place and they were talking "Danica is recovering" Really boring. Maybe this is why people tends to hate her. Treat her like just anoher driver. Has someone noticed Alli Owens? She had been better than Patrick most of the time and now that the race is over, no one says she had a great race a great shot to win the race.
Please Stops Danica overhype!!!! 

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