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West Coast Biased

Posted on: June 4, 2008 5:12 pm
I could rant and rave about how great John Smoltz is and how much of an asset to not only the Braves but the whole city of Atlanta...the state of Georgia... he has been since he got here in the early 90s but there will be plenty of that over the next few days.  For now I am going to concentrate on how all professional sports screw the east coast fans.  I am not a fan of the NBA, lets just get that out of the way now.  I will watch it because it is a sport but I really do not like it.  That being said you have one of the most historical finals in the history of the game and you aren't starting game time until 9pm est. thats crazyness.  It has always annoyed me that no matter what the sport no matter who was playing (heck it could be two east coast teams) once it got into championship series time the games would not come on until around 9.  Recently the NFL has changed that with the super bowl and baseball always has been decent at there start times 8pm is a good time to start.  But what the hell is with the NBA?  David Stern is ALMOST a worse commish of his sport than Bud is of baseball, start the game at 8pm everyone can be happy not that hard.  What is 5pm to early for people to watch it in California, if anything it is better after work head to the local bar with some friends catch dinner and the game be home by 9.  Instead you decide to totally disenfranchise not only the east coast but the future fan base of your sport (kids) just because you think you might squeeze out an extra million in ad dollars.  Well here is the kicker  TiVo now your going to see a drop in ratings because so many people on the east coast will just record the damn game.   Eventually you have to stop chasing the dollar and realize people have jobs and school and a life to get to each morning...
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