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USA Womens Olympic Basketball

Posted on: July 21, 2008 8:11 pm
So there I was in front of ESPN watching sports center and they started to talk about womens basketball.  Now normally at this time I leave the room to go get a drink, and thats what I did.  When I came back though they were going on and on about a player on the Russian national team that was fast tracked to gain citizenship so she could play basketball in China for them.  I found this strange not because it happened (heck we do it all the time, I give you Freddy Ado) but because ESPN was reporting it.  Then they went back to an interview with the girl (I can only assume they introduced her when I was in the kitchen), and she spoke with a mid western accent.  The chick is from like Texas or something, so then after that all the USA womens basketball coaches/players/organizers got interviewed and said basically this girl (I wish I could remember her name...) was the Benidict Arnold of her time, and no one should "abandon" her country like that.  My initial thought was in agreement with them, I mean after all there commies.  Then they started showing this girls stats, she is better (BY FAR) than three of the five starters on the USA womens team, a WNBA all star but apparently that was not enough.  Russia totally pulled a USA, they paied her a base of 2 million to come play womens basketball in Russia, and if she leads them to gold she gets another 2 million bonus.  I am the BIGGEST USA fan when it comes to Olympics, I am that crazy guy starting the USA chant at like womens equestrian horse racing.  That being said I want Russia to beat the USA in womens basketball this year, I cant help but think that politics played somehow into her not getting on the team I mean she had amazing numbers but still got snubbed.  I love how Russia did the one thing we usually do and threw money at someone to get there services and I love even more how the girl in response to all the "your a traitor" talk was just like "its my job there paying me, besides you had your chance and you didn't want me on your team.  Did you expect me to just sit out?"  Like I said I only saw the last half of this on ESPN, so if anyone out there knows the girls name or has any more insight into why she was left out of team USA please let me know.  In the mean time though I will be cheering for Russia in one Olympic sport this year.
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